Tuesday, February 26, 2013

... my 'vintage' macho-man ...

Hey!  How are you?  Well I hope!

I've been trying to keep my DH off his feet (after surgery last week) by watching movies with him and playing Scrabble.  However, macho-man that he is, he ignored doctor's orders and my exhortations and tried to return to the normal pattern of his days. Yesterday, that included some heavy lifting (NO, not me!) ... and yes ... last night his surgery incision was bleeding.

Anyway all is well today.  The incision seems to have healed again (aren't our bodies wonderful?!!) and today he is quite contrite, realizing he brought this scare upon himself with the unnecessary (and forbidden) heavy lifting.

So ... my DH - stretch out on the sofa and let's play some more Scrabble.  NO, you do not have a choice!!!  (As you know, macho men would prefer that no one know they play Scrabble - so please don't tell anyone.)   ;)


As a nod to the optional theme for PAF this week, I thought I would try and give this image a vintage feel by adding my new texture, pdpa Antique Me.  I added it once blending it in Hard Light and then  duplicated the texture layer and blended it in Soft Light. Added a Layer Mask to remove some of the texture from the center of the image.  Kind of like it.

 Added one of my linen-like textures (twice) to this version.  It gives a slightly more subdued vintage look to the piece.

A new marbleized-looking texture was added here to achieve the desired vintage feel.  Looks rather old and a bit moldy to me.  Does that qualify as vintage?  :)

Have you prepared your vintage image to hang in our virtual gallery on March 1st and 2nd?  That's only a couple of days away!


  1. My hubby had surgery before Christmas and did the exact same thing and suffered with bleeding for weeks. Tell him to stay put!!! Enjoy your games:)

  2. Well, I'm so glad he is better today, and good thing our men have us to take good care of them. I love your scrabble photo, who knew scrabble could look so good! :)

  3. Oh I hope he is feeling better soon!

  4. your vintage image is clever -- it is so cool to come up with stuff like this and make it looks SOOOOOOOO vintage.. I am working on my today -- hoping it great look of vintage..and thanks for the texture paper - I think I will use it on my image for Friday..

  5. Old and moldy = perfectly vintage! :)

    I'm glad your man has you to keep an eye on him - enjoy the Scrabble games! I'm sending him well wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

  6. oh Bonnie I am so glad that that surgery is done!!!! What alot of waiting you have done. Glad that your husband is feeling more willing to stick with Scrabble after misbehaving yesterday. Sure that he will be willing to behave better now. It is very easy not only to open a wound, but also to later get a big hernia and have to have surgery again. Tell him all of your blog friends are very strict and that he MUST pay attention to your instructions. Very lovely new texture, and will look forward to Thursday night . Vintage it is! Hugz and blessings from Texas!

  7. Hi Bonnie, my husband broke the tibia in his foot and had surgery a week ago today. He is still at the VA hospital. I might have to tie him down when he gets home because he wants to do too much.. Anyway I haven't been around to check out photo art friday posts just yet but thank you for textures you have given us..Take care!

  8. Oh that testosterone will be their undoing ... Do they never listen. I see Nurse Jeanne has pointed out the risks so if he starts pushing him limits again, let him read her comment:)It sounds like you might have things under control at this point ... Good for you and Good for him.

    Love the scrabble ... it is definately vintage these days and even if it weren't, it sure looks it in your version. So when you are playing with your husband, spell out the work "compliant" for him. Maybe he will get the hint:) So glad all is going well ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. Bonnie- thanks for the update. I am glad he is back to playing Scrabble and healing. Your vintage images are really cool. As always thanks for the textures and inspiration. See you Thursday. stay well!

  10. So sorry to hear about your hubby!!! hope everything will get back to normal very soon.
    warm hugs

  11. It's hard to keep those silly men down when they should be! Hopefully, everything will be okay!
    Love your Vintage Scrabble game pictures and clever you with the PAF and VINTAGE!! :)

  12. Definitely hard to keep a macho man down. A little contrition will hopefully go a long way towards a speedy recovery. Fun how you transformed a contemporary boardgame into a piece of vintage-looking photo art.

  13. my favourite from your work is the fountain.

    Re my image. Removing texture from her face was not an option as the images had different tones. And, a true vintage goes troughout the image. Removing texture from her face it would no longer be vintage. Just texture work. :) IMO

    Thanks for hosting. :)


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