Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photo Art Friday, March 1st - 2nd

Welcome to the 'vintage' version of Photo Art Friday! 

If you are new here and would like to participate, just click on the Photo Art Friday tab under my header for the guidelines.

You are always free to hang any piece of your photo ART in our virtual art gallery, and every week there is an optional theme or challenge that you can embrace if you choose.  As previously stated, this week's optional theme is 'vintage'.

Here are my 'vintage' contributions:

(Click on image to enlarge)

Next week for the March 8th, 9th version of Photo Art Friday, the optional challenge is to:

Create a piece of abstract art using
only pdpa textureS

 *** Addendum:  After a few emails asking for clarification about next week's challenge, I have decided that making an abstract from only textures is probably a bit too ambitious.

So the challenge is now changed to:

Create a piece of abstract art using:

*  pdpa textures (as many as you please)
* one of your own images or photos  

The key thing to remember as you create is that we have no 'theme police' walking our virtual gallery to issue fines for 'theme infractions'.  You are free to be creative!  

Think out of the box!  Embrace the edge.  Experiment!  Be unpredictable! Why you can even be outrageous (within in the PG-rated realm of respectability, of course)

Try things you don't think will work - you never know what you will discover - and if you don't like what you discover - simply undo it.  Some of my best composites have resulted from some very weird combinations that should not have produced anything worthy ... but surprise, surprise ... they did!  

Be willing to try something new ... again ... and again ... and again. Otherwise you keep on doing the same old thing again and again and again!  Where's the learning or development in that?  

Above all - be wonderfully, uniquely and artfully YOU.  And ... there may be way more to the artful you that you have yet to discover!

Here's a free texture that some of you might like to use (you do not have to) as the base or canvas for your PAF March 8th/9th abstract:

To download pdpa PAF Gift texture, click HERE.


  1. May I put my link here?

    Thank you for hosting and thanks for your vintage photos.

  2. Bonnie- I saw your work pop up in my google reader and I just had to come see for myself. WOW- truly beautiful - I love all the effects and nuances of it- plus the tone is so warm and it just drew me in. Thank you!

  3. Love your images this week, especially the barn...I have a thing for barns...guess I should be a farm girl. Thanks for the texture. Your generosity is appreciated!

  4. Lovely edits, Bonnie...and your encouraging words are greatly appreciated. I look forward to next week's challenge, and thank you for the free texture! Sending good thoughts that your husband continues to recover from his surgery...have a wonderful weekend!

  5. These are gorgeous Bonnie, the fountain is beautiful. Hope all is well at your house.

  6. Gorgeous and exquisite, Bonnie. I love the "feel" of the barn one, the sense of time long ago yet even Now in the fountain, and the little walkway path in amongst the trees is so inviting. Your words, too, are such a treasure. I really love that about PAF and how you make it such an open, welcoming, and gentle place to play, to learn, and to BE inspired.

    Thank you so much for your generous encouragement. You have made, and you continue to make, a gloriously wondrous difference in my Life & my little World.

    Sending healing and happy thoughts to you and your husband...

  7. Such great edits for vintage Bonnie, and thank you for your continued encouragement for all of us to stretch ourselves. Hope this finds much healing in your house!!

  8. First piece is my favorite. I like the way some of the details in the picture bleed through a bit more. Vintage is probably one of the hardest themes for me because I always feel like I’m trying to squint through the haze to get to the image. It’s a neat effect, but one I keep instinctively trying to undo. Thank you for the texture and the challenges. So far, overall, it’s been a lot of fun.

  9. I love the fountain image! Those statues look so historic, perfect for a vintage look. I agree, the way to grow as an artist (or as a person), is to try something new and different. I'm still learning about textures and have a way to go, but it sounds like something fun to experiment with. Thanks for hosting and lovely post, as always :)

  10. Wow, Bonnie ... I simply love your photos - the first one Barn buildings are superb in this texture and the fountain is the very best .. and really looks like it is from the last century :D - Thank you so much for your gifts - I am doing textures as well but not near your quality .. Thanks!!!

    My contribution is here:

  11. Bonnie your vintage art is just lovely! Especially love the barn. Hope your hubby is doing very well at his scrabble! and healing nicely

  12. Fabulous work Bonnie. I am so loving that lovely fountain.
    Happy to hear your hubby is doing well.
    Thanks too for the great textures.
    Do I understand that we are only to use textures for our abstract next week or can we use photos with them?

  13. Great vintage pieces, Bonnie! I really love that second one. And what an interesting challenge for next week. Hmmm ... must head off to PSE and get started!

  14. Bonnie your work is such an inspiration. -Thank you again and hope your husband is doing well. Mr Linky gave me trouble this week in a big way- and I see my image does not link - Here is the url:

    I had a lot of fun with my image this week- I could not make myself drain my image of color - so it is not very "vintage". I am so glad there are no pixel police. xoxo teri

  15. Yes, I love, especially the third, pure visual Oesía. Beautiful photos.

  16. beautiful soft vintage images.

    thankyou for another fantastic texture. For next week do you mean use photos plus only pdfa textures or no photos, just the textures?

  17. You really managed to create an adorable vintage look to your pictures!
    Happy weekend!

  18. Hi Bonnie: Glad to see your hubby is on the mend. I loved the technique in the fountain photo with the ragged edge. I have seen a tutorial on it somewhere. Must find it. Valerie

    1. Vintage is a path to memories and your art has taken me on a lovely stroll. I look forward to next week's challenge. I have a hard time getting myself all the way to "abstract", but maybe without photo's I will get there. Be well Bonnie and Bonnie's Husband ...

      Andrea @ From The Sol

  19. Bonnie your images are inspiring!

  20. LOVE your images! Thank your for the free texture. I'm fairly new to using textures but look forward to having fun playing around with them. Thank you for hosting! I'm joining in for the first time.

    I hope your husband is on the mend! Blessings ~


  21. Wow..Bonnie, I really like your artwork! I hope all has calmed down in your part of the world. You indeed are inspirational and have been so helpful to cause me to get out of the box..Thank you!

  22. Love the first picture!

  23. This was right up my alley! I love VINTAGE! Thanks, Bonnie!

  24. Hello Bonnie,
    I will catch up soon tonight on comments and reading ;) Thank you.

  25. I really like #2 photo.. All wonderful vintage look..Thanks for the texture paper!!


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