Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo Art Friday, March 15th - 16th

If it's Thursday, that means it's time for Photo Art Friday!  Sounds like a mistake, right? Well, it isn't.  The doors to PAF always open early ... each Thursday.

You can showcase ANY piece of your photo art that pleases you, OR you can participate in our optional weekly theme.  This week the optional theme is:  PORTRAIT.

Here's my contribution:

This is my daughter's Bernese Mountain dog, Maya.  (The one who ran away and stayed missing for 36 hours when we were doggy-sitting her while my daughter was in Italy ... and the one that I was playing with when I fell and broke two bones in my wrist ... yes, that one!)  She is one big dog, but not to worry, her temperament is gentle and sweet and in spite of our bumpy history, I adore her.  Although you can't see her beautiful face, nor her lovely coloring, my daughter loves this purposely non-traditional portrait.  (Don't forget that you can click on the image for a larger view.)

So ... we need an optional theme for next week (March 22, 23) ...  I'm thinking ...


Now don't dismiss the idea of a self-portrait too quickly!  If you are camera-shy when it comes to yourself, or want to keep your image off of the Web, why not consider a really imaginative interpretation of the challenge 'self-portrait'.  

We do not need only 'full-frontals'! ;)  Your self-portrait can fall anywhere in the range between traditional to super crazy, out-of-the-box, creative self-portrait.  Who knows ... maybe you will end up creating a self- portrait you will want to use as an avatar on your blog!

So put on your creative thinking cap and wow us next week with your self-portrait.  Can't wait to see how YOU portray yourself!  :)

P.S.  (14/03/2013 - 4:00 p.m.)   Some of you have posted self-portraits for this week's PAF of 'portrait'.  NOT TO WORRY!  The theme was not specific so any kind of portrait is just fine.

I should have realized it would be best not to choose 'self-portrait' right after having 'portrait' ... but let's just leave it as is.  If you are sharing a self-portrait this week - perhaps you can challenge yourself to share a new and different one next week!   :)

Frankly, everything you showcase here pleases me immensely.  This is supposed to be fun, not a source of frustration or aggravation ... so, again, self-portraits are welcome this week, as well as next!


  1. Thanks for the party Bonnie, have a great weekend!

  2. Just found out I'm a bit too early... Self portrait is for next week.... ; )
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. well my goodness... I thought for sure portrait = self-portrait, though in my travels I found many good "other subjects" for portrait, but I am sort of glad Now that self-portrait is next week BEcause it has been an adventure quite unexpected to dig into flashes of me... Now there is a good reason to continue the Journey.

    loving yours, Bonnie. Maya is a BEauty I can tell!! looking forward to seeing what others have been up to this week.

  4. I think Maya is very beautiful.

  5. I love your portrait. Funny that we both did dogs. I was considering a self portrait, but I'm glad I didn't go that way. I'll try one for next week!

  6. Lovely monochrome Bonnie :)

  7. Well - doing this all of myself (making the photo today) then playing with my filters was kind of fun. I am not sure if you feel the same ;) Thanks anyway
    My contribution to this theme are at

    Thanks Bonnie for showing yours I think it is a fun photo as you can't see what it is at first if you don't know. thihi

  8. I see now there is no self portrait this week? Strange - How can I misunderstand that. Oh well I make something new to next time maybe ;)

  9. Maya looks like a lovable girl. At least she came back. In the picture, what is she looking at?

  10. I enjoy seeing your choice of portrait - very black dog and crisp looking next to the white white snow - Love it sorry about the wrist -- I had fun doing this challenge -- when I read the word Theme - my mind thought of Portrait of a Culture.. so that's what I did.. Thanks for all your tips and again for making such awesome texture paper...

  11. Of course I had to do our new and first gran baby!

  12. Nice portrait of Maya.
    Thank you for hosting.
    Mormor Norway

  13. What fabulous offerings this week!! Cool challenge!

  14. It is always a joy to come see all the beautiful art that is shown here...have a great St Pats Day!

  15. Very striking portrait of Maya. What effect did you use to get the sort of blurred edges? - I'm a bit "scared" of Self-Portrait but I'll see what I can come up with.

  16. Great nontraditional portrait! I love big dogs.

  17. what a lovely piece, Bonnie!

  18. Hi Bonnie,- been away for a while.... but finally:) what å great portrait of the dog! Next week....self portrait...
    I don't know... far beyond my comfort zone.... so maybe I have to show something else:) Have å wonderful weekend:)

  19. Yes, that dog has been very intriguing.

  20. cool portrait. :)
    Re my cat´s eye. I have added an explanation to the post as more people asked. :) If you are interested you can take a look.

    Thanks for hosting.

  21. I like that kind of portrait, too! Sometimes what's left unsaid is more interesting than what's in plain view... I's a wonderful portrait!


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