Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photo Art Friday, March 29th - 30th

Welcome to the best little virtual photo-art gallery ever!  

If you would like to share a piece of your digitally edited photos that you think is worthy to be called 'art', Photo Art Friday is the place for you. You can read the guidelines for participation here.

This week our optional theme/challenge is to create a piece of photo-art that contains some sort of graffiti.  It can be a photograph of graffiti that you have digitally edited or a photograph upon which you have applied text to look like graffiti.  As always, any piece of photo-art is welcome.  Following the optional challenge is not obligatory - that's why it's optional!

In my last post, I shared a few ideas to help you with the graffiti challenge, one of which where I suggested you might wish to create a piece of graffiti that makes a statement YOU have long been wanting to make ...  Can't wait to see the ones that embrace that option!

Here are my photo art contributions for this week:

This already edited photograph had a fence just crying out for a little graffiti ... and ... why not promote one of my favorite things ... TEXTURES.

This piece is an effort to illustrate one graffiti artist replying to another.

I shared a version of this in a previous post, but thought the 'vital' statement bears repeating.  :)

Next week's Photo Art Friday (April  5th, 6th) 
will have the optional theme or challenge:



 [kuh-lahzh, koh-]  Show IPA noun, verb,col·laged, col·lag·ing.
a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface various materials not normally associated with one another, as newspaper clippings, parts of photographs, theater tickets, and fragments of an envelope.
a work of art produced by this technique. Compare assemblage ( def 3 .
an assemblage or occurrence of diverse elements or fragments in unlikely or unexpected juxtaposition: The experimental play is collage of sudden scene shifts, long monologues, musical interludes,and slapstick.
a film that presents a series of seemingly unrelated scenes or images or shifts from one scene or image to another suddenly and without transition.
verb (used with object)
to make a collage of: The artist has collaged old photos, cartoon figures, and telephone numbers into a unique work of art.

The above definition should spark some ideas, create a jumping-off point, etc. for you.  Have fun making a DIGITAL photo art collage!


  1. you are having fun, Bonnie!! I liked this as it reminded me of a bunch of photos I'd taken of graffiti, which I still don't seem to spell correctly at least half the time...

  2. Oh, I love your images...they're wonderful and so creative! I'm amazed at how many free "graffiti-like" fonts there are, too - it made this prompt so much fun. Thank you, Bonnie - it's good to be back (I missed a couple of weeks). Next week's prompt sounds REALLY exciting - so many possibilities! Have a great weekend.

  3. Those are great Bonnie! Very realistic :)

  4. Cool - and neat-O your examples -- Well Bonnie this has been a huge stretch for me -- I don't think I totally captured the graffiti look but I gave it a try..

  5. That first one really is terrific! I'd love to se that *as* graffiti - painted huge on a city wall :)
    All your suggestions really helped when my first idea just never went where I wanted it... you bring the fun back in!
    Happy Easter, Bonnie!

  6. You're right Bonnie, this IS the best little virtual art gallery ANYWHERE!!

  7. Well, I have concluded I will never reach fame doing Graffiti ... but I have to admit, it was fun trying. Your pictures make it look so easy and it is not. I am moving on to next week and will someday return to try Graffiti again when I think I have grown enough to add it to my repertoire :) Have a wonderful Easter Weekend, Bonnie ...

    Andrea @From The Sol

  8. Love the very creative ideas that you have for photo art and your creations are fantastic ~ Enjoy ^_^

  9. Hi Bonnie, I love the second image and the words! Well, I'm here now :) I'm sharing an interesting mural--hope that counts as graffiti! Enjoy!

    1. Loredana suggested I submit my Poetry Jam entry this week to your blog .. I used Photofunia and an image of me to 'create' the graffiti wall art.

    2. Great, Helen! So glad you joined Bonnie's meme. I thought your photo was perfect for this prompt! :)

  10. Very fun edits, with your witty messages incorporated! I'm especially fond of "save a photo, add a texture". Maybe you should print up some bumper stickers. Love the urban feel of the pix, just crying out for graffiti. Such fun to play along; thanks for inspiring us all, Bonnie.

  11. Yes it is the best virtual photoart gallery and always inspirational thanks to your examples, textures and themes. Happy Easter to you Laura x
    p.s. love the 2nd graffiti message best

  12. This is an excellent challenge, although way beyond my own capabilities. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and work with us.

  13. Your work is so creative and interesting. The bridge one is cool.

    I could not figure out how to add text like that to my photo using the programs I edit on. I found some great Graffiti fonts but didn't know how to incorporate them into my piece.

  14. I like Your first picture very much, it is so nice.

  15. I got a much needed smile from your first photo - save a photo, add a texture! ;)

  16. great examples Bonnie~!
    I've had fun promoting one of my favorite causes using this theme as a platform. thank you.


  17. I LOVE grafitti, and I shoot walls whenever I have a change:) So for this theme I have chosen a piece straith out of camera..... just some cropping:)
    But you have some really inspiring pieces for mixing text and photo! That I will have in mind:)
    Have a wonderful weekend:)


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