Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Checking in ...

When I look at the calendar, I see that I have not posted anything here for a couple of weeks.  Have to admit I've really been enjoying some time away from blogging.  In fact, I really had to talk myself into sitting in front of the computer today.  My body balks at sitting and my mind demands that I go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

But here I am ... because my heart tells me I must maintain my connection with all you wonderful people.  Right now, YOU are what I miss about blogging.  I hope you are all well.

First, let me say to Photo Art Resource Cache subscribers that the full subscription of textures is up and waiting for you to download.  If some of you had trouble with the downloads recently, the problem has been fixed.  The site will close on May 15th, so grab your textures while you can and enjoy!  

A couple of you asked for a peek at my work (paintings) and my studio - so here goes ... Now don't get too excited ...  My studio is a just a portion of our large, finished and well-lit garage and my adventures in painting are definitely more therapeutic than artistic ...

Here is where I play with paints, brushes and spatulas.  I love texture (you already know that!) and find using spatulas (more than brushes) suits what I like to do (and am capable of doing).

This is the same collage as above, but with some text added to it.  The canvas in the upper left of this collage is now a painting hanging in a stairwell in our home.  The painting of two women was framed given to my eldest daughter for her birthday.  The two red pieces have evolved since this photo was taken and are waiting to be framed and hung.  The empty blue canvas laying on the table has been finished and is waiting for my son to pick it up. (You might be better able to read some of the words in the collage if you click on the image to enlarge it.)

Not the best photograph, but it gives you a bit of an idea of what became of the canvas in the upper left of the previous collage ...  I intended for the edges to look scuffed and textured.  Really ... I did!  This painting is really much brighter and more dynamic than this photo shows.  Really ... it is!

Canvases in various states of completion.  The blue one is one requested by my son - 'wide, narrow and full of blues' were his words.

 Here's a clipped view of the finished Pollock-esque piece for my son.

The black figure on a red background above is a study of a famous painting by Matisse and I am calling it, 'Etude Matisse'.  The one with a similar figure to the left of it has been claimed by my middle daughter and her partner and is now set off in a great gold frame with white matte.

Do you see the remnants of wool Berber rugs on my studio floor?  My husband installed them so that my feet would not get cold.  The garage is heated and rugs are totally impractical, but I don't complain when he is so thoughtful!  :)

Here is the painting for my middle daughter, sitting on a table in poor lighting in the studio, waiting for her to pick it up.  I saw a little something in it I wanted to adjust, so she could not take it home when she first saw it.

So ... as you see I just try my hand at different styles of painting and see what happens. And, yes, because I am a neophyte painter and have not yet discovered my own style, I sometimes copy master works to try and get a feel for their style. That is a common technique of art teachers, btw. (It can be a very demoralizing exercise, however!)

Right now I am trying my hand at some Rothko-style pieces.  It looked like it would be really easy, but as with many things, appearances can be deceiving.  I am finding it to be much more of a challenge than I anticipated.  You can see examples of Rothko's paintings here.

If I can paint, anyone can and I highly recommend giving it a try both as a creative and a therapeutic endeavor. If you love the form, color, texture and self-expression of photography and digital photo-art why not dip your toe in the waters (colors)?  Be warned, however, there are no 'Undo' buttons!  :)

Here's a free texture for you.  It does great things to skies, hence its name 'Sky Love'. The download button will be removed in a couple of weeks so download it while you can.


  1. BEautimous, Bonnie!! I love the peek inside your World and see lots of happy there!!

    Thanks, too, for the nifty texture. I have been enJOYing lots of giraffe fun and collaging giraffes and then digitally fiddling with them!!

    This break is good for me. I still come to the computer for my writing and daily digital fiddling, but I am reading a LOT more, drinking tea and staring out the window with Gracie BEside me on the chair and a half, listening to music, and generally soaking in each day's deliciousness.

    EnJOY and stay well!!

  2. You paint nicely. I especially like the painting with two women. I paint too, but can not paint freely or abstract, but I try sometimes. You inspire.

  3. What a beautiful and creative space - I would never know it was a garage! Your art pieces are wonderful...I'm so glad you stopped in to share with us. Thanks, Bonnie - you are missed but how awesome that you're getting such creative time in. I should really do the same! I hope you continue to enjoy your time away from the blog world. :)

  4. Thank you so much for the peek into your creative space and for the gorgeous new texture. I am hoping you won't be at your screen for too long, you promised yourself a break :)

  5. Thanks for the new texture -- missing our challenging photo Fridays but hey I understand -- and your work space - great lighting and what ever works that's what counts -- I could be very messing with that space - and not having to be concern if I spill on the floor - know matter how careful I am I always spill my paint on the floor..wink!

  6. Wow don't sell yourself short you are n artist I love your work...thanks for the texture....

  7. it's fun to see your paintings as well as the space that you use to create them.
    i'm happy that you are feeling freely creative. enjoy. enjoy. ENJOY.


  8. Bonnie, it's easy to see how happy you are in these paintings! Your exuberance is very contagious. I especially love the red one, it really speaks to me...may I ask if it's for sale? You can email me at

  9. How fun, and what a privilege, to be allowed into your world, Bonnie! I loved seeing your studio and getting a sense of how and what you create. What a treat!

  10. Great to hear from you Bonnie. Your studio looks like a great place to work and the work you're doing is wonderful. I'm glad you're enjoying your break from the computer. Thanks for yet another wonderful texture!

  11. what a beautiful place, your studio!

  12. talented. I love the one to your son and your daughter, amazing. Thanks so much for sharing a little part of your world with us and also for this fabulous texture. Enjoy your time creating, playing outside and photographing.

    Capture life,

  13. I've thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your little piece of heaven. Your paintings are better than the originals! :-) I'm glad you are having a good break, we all need that. Blogging takes a LOT. Enjoy and thanks for the gorgeous texture!

  14. Oh, you are one talented lady Bonnie!! Thanks for a peek into your painting world. I have some blank canvases that have just been waiting for me for such a long time...I just need to step into the water! So good to hear from you!

  15. Wow- that is completely awe inspiring! I've wondered where you were- and yet am always hopeful when bloggers step away it truly is because they are simply "living life." So glad that is the case with you- living well, I might add. Enjoy! Thanks for the peek inside!

  16. Nice to hear from you and that you are enjoying your time away. Of course you are missed but we are all patient...Thank you for the texture! It's a beauty...

  17. Loved seeing your space, but more then that, loved seeing your other art. wonderful and exciting!!
    thanks for the texture!!!

  18. lots of great stuff aroudn where you work. I love the blue one for your son. It looks a bit like a couple of photos I took on water in a stream. A lot of ripples reflecting a yellow building and a red one. And some other stuff. :) I hope your son loves it.

  19. I love the last painting. It is very mystical and spiritual. Beautiful and calming work.

  20. I love the last painting. It is very mystical and spiritual. Beautiful and calming work.

  21. What can I say? - It is so wonderful and inspiring to see your paintings and I really do wish I have room to do just a little - but it is ok for now - I am happy to hear from you and I love to use your free texture :D Thanks for sharing and hosting:

  22. amazing and brilliant art, I loved seeing your work!

  23. Thank you! For some reason, just seeing your work always reminds me that true art comes from freedom, not from constraints. It's magic! :)


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