Thursday, May 23, 2013

Help ... I can't stop ...

Hi Everyone ...

Hope all is well in your little corner of the world.  I'm missing connecting with you through Photo Art Friday and seeing all your creatively-edited photographs.  I'm still planning on bringing PAF back for June 14th (June 13th for early-birds).  The optional theme or challenge for that date is at the end of this post.

In the meantime, I'm still caught up in a painting frenzy - experimenting with as many new styles, tools and techniques as I can manage.  I tend to get a little obsessive when it comes to my creative outlets.  Hope to have it under control soon!  :)

 Here's a view of the studio from a couple of days ago.

 Backgrounds done ... now what?  Creates a lot of excitement and even a bit of anxiety as I face the 'blank' canvas!  :)

Here's an easy one that's finished.  While easy, it does take thought and time to choose the right colors and divisions.  The thin black line was suggested by my personal art consultant (my supportive DH!) and it adds just the right touch in my opinion.

Here I took a little 'walk on the wild side'.  I knew I wanted to pair shocking pink and a vivid orange, but it took a while to get the proportions devoted to each color the way I wanted them.  On an impulse I mixed paint with a special pouring medium and let it flow down from the top.  Probably ruined the entire piece.  But I'm learning what I like, what's possible and above all I am slowly learning that I have to know when to stop!  It's a bit like learning when to stop adding ingredients to a favorite dish!  Knowing when the piece is complete and that I need to STOP seems to be my biggest challenge right now!

If you take the time to add a comment to this post, I'd love to hear what you have been up to of late.  Please take a moment to share!  :)   I'm happy I took some time off but I'm really feeling out of the loop.

Here's a lovely little texture for you:

To access your free download of pdpa Eau de Cologne texture, just smile and click here!

So, since Photo Art Friday link-up gallery returns in only three weeks (June 14th), we need an optional theme or challenge for the photo art to be showcased ... Hmmmm ... how about:

Dreamy or Ethereal

Looking forward to seeing all your submissions to our virtual photo-art gallery in June!


  1. Although I haven't been very active in PAF, I miss seeing you here with all your followers. Love you textures and hope to jump on board when you're back up and running. Work is zapping me of much need creative expression, but now that I've been on the job four months, I hope to reclaim my time and vision for new artwork. Thanks for checking in with us peeps, Bonnie.

  2. First...thank you for 'eau de cologne'! Second...I see some wonderful blue pieces that speak to me. ;-) Finally, I'm playing with textures created by Ruth West; I seem to go in spurts with my textures because I have so many files. I know that adding textures is one of the most enjoyable things I can do, and I manage to accomplish anything else once I start.

  3. Been doing.
    Watching; birds, flowers, rain and falls going wild.
    Playing with colours and canvases. And words.
    Take care :) and I'm looking forward to PAF :)
    Best whishes. Mormor

  4. I seem to go in phases of thinking I need to know when to stop and then phases of thinking I stop too soon.

  5. Thank you for the texture Bonnie and for stopping by your blog. I am missing PAF! I can't stop looking at the first piece you have here. I have been playing with digital abstract and collage, practicing being 'right brained' ;)

  6. Beautiful texture Bonnie, thank you. Wow, the art looks awesome and so glad your creative stream is flowing so well. I miss Photo Art Friday and look forward to June. Take care and blessed be.

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  8. Interesting direction your painting is going--the earlier ones were more flowing and energetic, but i do like the restrained quality of these new ones, especially the red and black one.

  9. Your painting frenzy is leading to some beautiful results!
    Thanks so much for the new texture. Eagerly awaiting the return of PAF!

  10. I've missed the challenges of PAF but I'm enjoying a break away from the computer for a while too. I'll have to get my thinking cap on for June. Dreamy or ethereal sounds the perfect prompt

  11. Awesome new texture, "Thanks!" - Your work is so interesting and fascinating. I like the dramatic feel of the Red piece and thought the dripping paint on the 2nd piece was rather cool looking. - Can't wait to link back up for PAF. In fact I was working on a piece the other day that will fit the theme quite nicely so I'll be saving that one back for the return of PAF. In the meantime I have a piece on my blog today for (Orange You Glad It's Friday) where I used a texture from Lenabem-Anna that worked so well with the photo I used if you want to check it out. Life has been busy and school will be out soon so there will be much going on over the summer but it's always a pleasure to stop by and say hi!

  12. Glad to see you surfaced for air . . . and thanks for the lovely new texture. Great to see what you have been up to.

  13. Bonnie, your art work is truly beautiful! I have been so busy with real life lately that I've done very little creatively. It's going to be a busy summer. I will try my best to participate in PAF and look forward to its return!

  14. So great to see you here! Looks as if you are having so much fun with your art, and all of it is great. Lovely new texture that you have up here. I have still been "suffering through" these last weeks at this job I have, with many 12 hour days yet. Am looking forward ( an understatement) to completing the next 3 weeks, then I am done. I have a WHOLE month off from work and plan a trip to chicago to visit with my sister for awhile and just relax, then back to work again , but fewer days. So looking forward to getting back to having more blog and photography time. So glad you are enjoying your break, and looking forward to your restarting PAF. Miss you so much! Best to you

  15. Wow- so nice to see uninhibited art everywhere! Even if you go to far. You are sharing with everyone permission to create and permission to learn that it is ok to learn what you like. I am so very glad to have stopped by tonight. Thanks for the texture, and the inspiration.

  16. You, Bonnie, are crazy talented. I would love to feel the exhilaration that I can see in your artwork. Frenzy is certainly the right word and in a very positive way. Don't panic that you have to get all of this painting done before you start PAf because we would love to have you continue, not only to do it, but to share it with us in between PAF projects.

    I have been busy and couldn't tell you what I am doing. That is what happens when you get to be my age ... everything seems to just fly by. I had a friend lose her husband in an automobile accident and that has consumed much of my time and energy. My art, projects when I get to them, have served as a bit of an escape from the pain that I am witnessing. I have also been doing some fun meme's with my pets. PAF is coming back at the perfect time, because there are only so many ways you can photograph the same cat or dog and make it interesting. I am ready ... and already chewing on your prompt. Welcome back ... you were never out of the loop. You are always a big part of what all of us do.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  17. Loving your paintings and looking forward to PAF again! Stay creative.


  18. Hi Bonnie! Missed you and your community building challenges. Just finished my first engagement photo shoot with the most adorable couple. Hmmm, wonder if I can use on of those shots in next week's challenge.

    Love the painting with all the rose hues!

    As for this moment...I'm enjoying a rainy Monday off, soaking my feet, trying to convince myself not to hunt down the chocolate pieces I know my husband has stashed around here somewhere. ;)

  19. I am looking forward to 14 june. Yuo are so creative and clever. Ha de gott.


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