Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are you ready for Photo Art Friday?

Hi dear friends!

Hope all is well with you.  All is good with me - still painting my little fingers to the bone - trying out different paint mediums, tools and styles.  Some of my painting experiments are decent ... most - not so much. However, the occasional success keeps me trying for more.  I'm quite enjoying the mess and unpredictability of it all!

Have to admit that if I have the choice of making art on my computer screen or art on a canvas, I prefer the canvas ... for the moment, anyway.

But I certainly do not want to forget all the programs, techniques and digital manipulations I worked so hard to learn, so I am still taking photographs and editing the occasional one into a piece of 'art' so as not to fall too far behind with my digital art-making skills.

If you are interested in creating art from your photographs, I'm sure you have many photos of flowers in your archives.  If you have been following Pixel Dust Photo Art for a while, you must have several of my free textures in your archives.

That being the case, you are all set to create a piece of flower photo art to share in our up-coming virtual art gallery called Photo Art Friday!

The next edition of Photo Art Friday is Friday, August 2nd - 3rd.  However, the in-linkz button will be up and ready for your photo art submissions (as always) on Thursday, August 1st!  That's just eight (8!) days away!

While you can always share any piece of photo ART with Photo Art Friday, we also have an optional theme for each edition.

The August 2nd optional PAF theme is:

A piece of FLOWER photo art made using any Pixel Dust Photo Art texture.

Here's an example of flower photo art using one of my pdpa textures and a bit of manipulation in a digital editing program. (This is not the one I will feature in the Aug. edition of PAF .)

If you are in need of a texture to create your art piece for PAF, you can find a free download of one called "Sky Love", in this previous post.

I do SO hope you will be back here on August 1st, 2nd or 3rd to share a piece of art created with your photographs!!  Can't wait to visit you and see what you have been up to ...  :)

If you are in the market for some of my unique textures, the 25% off sale continues until the end of August.  Check out either of my shoppes by clicking on them on the bar under the header!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Texture Sale and the next Photo Art Friday

Hi Friends!  Hope this post finds you well.

I'm enjoying my time away from the computer - still painting, gardening and enjoying all things 'summer'.

Just wanted to alert you that a 25% discount is being offered on all texture sets in both of my shoppes.  This discount will automatically be applied to your total purchase when you buy at least 2 texture sets for the rest of the summer.

Photo Art Friday is still scheduled to resume on August 2nd and will appear once a month, on the first Friday of every month from here on out.

I've reconsidered the optional theme for August 2nd.  What I suggested in my last post just seems way too ambitious for these lazy, hazy days of summer.  Soooooo ...

The new optional theme or challenge for the August 2nd Photo Art Friday is:

Flower art made with a Pixel Dust Photo Art texture.

Looking forward to linking up with you in the Photo Art Friday 'gallery' in August!