Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Texture and PAF

Just a quick post to remind you that Photo Art Friday opens its doors for your artistic creations in about 1 week -  on Friday, October 4th to be exact.

A few folks missed PAF in September and their comments helped me see that I should leave the virtual gallery doors open beyond Saturday.  So the inlinkz button will remain operative for the entire weekend each month.  Of course, regulars know that the doors always open on Thursday for early birds.  So in reality you can share your artwork from Thursday, October 3rd to Sunday, October 6th - four full days!  Hope you early birds come back during those four days to enjoy some of the other contributions.

The optional theme for your photo art for October's edition is SKY.  SKY any way that you wish to represent it in your photo ART.

I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that summer 2013 is over here in the northern hemisphere - although brisk morning temperatures are hard to ignore!

A mini rant about cancer (which you are free to skip, however, do scroll down to pick up a free texture):

Thursday, this week, I will be leaving one of my teeth with the dentist (an extraction!) in preparation for an implant.  Oh joy.  While I'm not looking forward to it, I'm able to keep it in its proper perspective when I think of my husband's recent colon cancer surgeries, my non-smoking daughter's major surgery for lung cancer, and now a son-in-law's upcoming surgery for a tumor (with possibility of being cancerous) in the bladder.  (Daughter and husband are doing well now.) 

What's happening with all this cancer everywhere - and in so many young people too??!! 

I've had blogs for a few years now, and during that time 5 bloggers that I followed and exchanged comments with have died of cancer! 

Seems every time I turn around I'm hearing about someone else I know who is battling this pervasive disease!  It just was not so prevalent 25 or 30 years ago.  Really - what's happening?!!!!  

It makes me quite suspicious about all the prepared foods we consume - the genetically engineered wheat in our breads, the unnatural breeding practices with chickens*, the liberal use of hormones and chemicals in our meats and dairy products, etc.   Not to speak of the for-profit greed that governs all the decision-making in these monolithic industries that control the 'science', evolution, growth, harvest, preparation, packaging, shelf-life and distribution of our food.  It seems large industries are willing to sacrifice the quality and duration of all forms of life if it means more profit.  (*Did you know that chickens only need to be allowed out of their cages for a minimal period of time each day to be called "free range"?)

And is it simply a co-incidence that huge pharmaceutical companies have a pill for every and any ailment that might be a result of what we consume?  And is it just a co-incidence that U.S. insurance companies and  health-care companies are fighting to keep health care as a for-profit industry that mops up the mess made in our bodies by the foods we consume?  

Yes, when everywhere I turn someone else has come down with another form of cancer, I do get a little suspicious ... sort of.  :-/

Okay, the rant stops.  I feel a little better now ... sort of.

On a less sombre and frustrated note .... here is a free texture for you. :)  I may have released a similar version of this before, but I think the warmer tones and pared down script will please you.  Enjoy!  (If you do appreciate these free textures I design for you, you can say thank you by following this blog if you are not a follower already.)

no longer available

Photograph of gerbera daisy with the addition of texture pdpa parfums de paris processed in Linear Light at 70%.  Poster Edges Filter was added with opacity reduced to 60%.

I'll have an eye out for you next week in the PAF virtual gallery.  See you then!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Photo Art Friday, September 6th - 7th

Hello my Lovelies!

It's time to prepare and hang your digital photo art in our virtual art gallery, aka as Photo Art Friday or PAF.

If you are new to Photo Art Friday, you can read the guidelines for participation here.

Please remember that the central focus of this linky party is to showcase photographs that you have digitally manipulated into a piece of photo ART.  While you may feel (as I sometimes do) that your photo is more beautiful than the artistic version of it, we still want to see your digital ART work here. The great thing is you can always display the photo your art piece was created from, in your post. That way, we get to enjoy both!

The OPTIONAL theme for this month's Photo Art Friday is "WATER".  You can share photo art that contains any form of water, if you choose to go with the theme/challenge. But you always have the option to share any piece of your photo art.

If you need a texture with some water droplets on it to make your piece of photo art, I released a free one for you here.

I chose to 'artify' photos of plants/flowers with droplets of water on them:

This photograph of variegated leaves does have droplets of water on it.  However, because the texture was blended in Difference they appear green.  After the texture application I ran this piece through RadLab and used the stylets, Boutwell Magic Glasses and Cool As A Cucumber.  A soft application of the filter Photo Edges completes the artistic manipulations.  You can see the components that make up this piece in the spread below.

 The photo art, one of my pdpa script textures and the photograph of leaves with water droplets.

A macro shot of a nasturtium flower with water droplets, transformed in Photoshop without any texture or RadLab application this time.

The next edition of Photo Art Friday is scheduled for the first Friday in October - the 4th. As always, I will give you a little 'heads up' warning a week or so before.

The optional theme/challenge for October will be:


Your photo art should contain some element of sky (clouds, sunrise, sunset, rainbow, blue sky, etc) ... easy peasy!  :)