Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Texture and PAF

Just a quick post to remind you that Photo Art Friday opens its doors for your artistic creations in about 1 week -  on Friday, October 4th to be exact.

A few folks missed PAF in September and their comments helped me see that I should leave the virtual gallery doors open beyond Saturday.  So the inlinkz button will remain operative for the entire weekend each month.  Of course, regulars know that the doors always open on Thursday for early birds.  So in reality you can share your artwork from Thursday, October 3rd to Sunday, October 6th - four full days!  Hope you early birds come back during those four days to enjoy some of the other contributions.

The optional theme for your photo art for October's edition is SKY.  SKY any way that you wish to represent it in your photo ART.

I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that summer 2013 is over here in the northern hemisphere - although brisk morning temperatures are hard to ignore!

A mini rant about cancer (which you are free to skip, however, do scroll down to pick up a free texture):

Thursday, this week, I will be leaving one of my teeth with the dentist (an extraction!) in preparation for an implant.  Oh joy.  While I'm not looking forward to it, I'm able to keep it in its proper perspective when I think of my husband's recent colon cancer surgeries, my non-smoking daughter's major surgery for lung cancer, and now a son-in-law's upcoming surgery for a tumor (with possibility of being cancerous) in the bladder.  (Daughter and husband are doing well now.) 

What's happening with all this cancer everywhere - and in so many young people too??!! 

I've had blogs for a few years now, and during that time 5 bloggers that I followed and exchanged comments with have died of cancer! 

Seems every time I turn around I'm hearing about someone else I know who is battling this pervasive disease!  It just was not so prevalent 25 or 30 years ago.  Really - what's happening?!!!!  

It makes me quite suspicious about all the prepared foods we consume - the genetically engineered wheat in our breads, the unnatural breeding practices with chickens*, the liberal use of hormones and chemicals in our meats and dairy products, etc.   Not to speak of the for-profit greed that governs all the decision-making in these monolithic industries that control the 'science', evolution, growth, harvest, preparation, packaging, shelf-life and distribution of our food.  It seems large industries are willing to sacrifice the quality and duration of all forms of life if it means more profit.  (*Did you know that chickens only need to be allowed out of their cages for a minimal period of time each day to be called "free range"?)

And is it simply a co-incidence that huge pharmaceutical companies have a pill for every and any ailment that might be a result of what we consume?  And is it just a co-incidence that U.S. insurance companies and  health-care companies are fighting to keep health care as a for-profit industry that mops up the mess made in our bodies by the foods we consume?  

Yes, when everywhere I turn someone else has come down with another form of cancer, I do get a little suspicious ... sort of.  :-/

Okay, the rant stops.  I feel a little better now ... sort of.

On a less sombre and frustrated note .... here is a free texture for you. :)  I may have released a similar version of this before, but I think the warmer tones and pared down script will please you.  Enjoy!  (If you do appreciate these free textures I design for you, you can say thank you by following this blog if you are not a follower already.)

no longer available

Photograph of gerbera daisy with the addition of texture pdpa parfums de paris processed in Linear Light at 70%.  Poster Edges Filter was added with opacity reduced to 60%.

I'll have an eye out for you next week in the PAF virtual gallery.  See you then!


  1. Oh my goodness Bonnie, I remember when your husband had surgery I just had no idea it was for that...or your daughter, but I am sooo glad they are both doing well. I will be praying for your son-in-law as well! No, I don't think any of those things are a coincidence and I believe that there are cures for things but they wouldn't dare let anyone know, after all the Health Industry all the way around is big business. And as far as the son is on one for his Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that can cause infection that could lead to hospitilization and or death...and there is also a risk of lymphoma...makes me sick (he is just 16). I'll just stop here, because I could go on a rant as well! ;)

    Thank you so much for the beautiful texture!

  2. Oh, the cancer of greed is far greater than that ... look at our politics, our economy ... where has all the wealth of this great country gone ... straight up to the top! to the 1 % who are strangling our choices, our democracy all in the name of profit. Who would have ever dreamed that our Supreme Court would make a ruling that states that Money is Speech ... opening the doors to allow all of the million and billionairs buy our elections and pass laws that keep people from being able to vote or have control over their own bodies. I am so sorry for your husband, daughter and Son-in-law ... they like many are victims and thankfully they have survived the onslaught of cancer. And I couldn't agree with you more ... all that you said is so clear and so true and so frightening because no one seems to be willing to take a stand against it. The masses are being silent and allowing this to happen. At my age I feel stymied ... I don't know what steps I can take except to speak out and to vote ... vote against those who don't care about the people only the profit. Sorry, you got me started and, like you, I need to let it rest before it consumes me. Thank you for saying it out loud so others could hear you ... we all need to do more of that.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. Hi Bonnie, thank you so very much for the texture. It's beautiful! Just this afternoon my husband talked about how we would be penalized if I don't have medical insurance by the time we do our taxes. I have not had it for years and years,, thank God!! that I am healthy, but now am forced to get it regardless if I am healthy or not. I think you are right and I think that way about Autism too..Why?

  4. Bonnie...I agree with everything you have said and the paragraph about the foods we eat and the one about the pharmaceutical companies really hit a home run with me. When are we going to do something about the disease. Now I am seeing former 6th grade students of mine fighting and dying from it. Plus I lost my sister to it and her daughter has fought it 2 times and has beaten it both times. genie

  5. Sorry for all the cancer floating around in your life and having your sweetheart having cancer on top what a concern. My husband had the same cancer your husband had -- back in 2009 he is cancer free still..
    Sorry for youe daughter too and the issue with your son inlaw.. I have the same paranoid cause in 2008 my father, brother and brother inlaw all had cancer - my father's was to late to fix but he lived until Nov 2013 as for my brother and brother inlaw they got it in time all is clear of cancer still..
    I agree something is fishy is and has been going on..
    I've been away in designing and such but now I am back again see ya in Oct..

  6. Dear Bonnie, I am sorry to read about cancer in your family. There are not many it doesn't touch these days. Thank you for the texture and that Gerbra is beautiful

  7. The daisy pic is fabulous!!! And I missed September totally....sigh!! And October I will be on a plane...heading to Key West!!! Darn

  8. Bonnie, I couldn't agree with you more! We reap what we sow, and sadly we have stopped sowing natural, healthy, unmodified seeds for profit. I have had to go gluten free because of severe issues that resulted in trips to emergency. All that genetically altered wheat is out of my system and I'm symptom free. We hear all the scary things about the big industry's farming of our meat sources and you consider going vegetarian until you realize that the veggies are all GM too. 'Nuf said!

    Thanks for the beautiful texture!

  9. Wow - such cogent comments! We have the information - if only we had the influence!!! Thank you for affirming my thoughts folks.

  10. Sorry to hear about all the cancer in family and friends. But you are right it seem to be increasing. :( But I don´t think it is only the food but also the air we breathe is poluted and spoiled. Take care!

  11. Bonnie, thank you so much for the beautiful texture! Im so sorry to hear about how cancer has ravaged your family! My husband is also battling advanced prostate cancer, but it has already spread to the lymph nodes. Your are so right about the seeds we sow! Everything we put in our mouths has been processed, fertilized, steroid boosted and more! Also all the meds doctors so generously put us on only adds to the list of poisons. I have celiac and trying so hard to stay gluten free, but that stuff is in everything! I will pray for you and your family and may God Bless us all!

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  13. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones, Bonnie.Such a difficult path to walk. I am in agreement as well, that the foods we eat and the drugs we take play a huge part in our physical well-being. I think it is getting much harder for the perpetrators of these food and drug crimes against humanity to hide now that such a high percentage of the population has access to the internet and can do the research and connect with people and hear their story's.

    I find that in my own medical journey with chronic pain I am often able to distract myself with creative photo play and for that I thank you. Thank you for the inspiration, for hosting this linkup and for all the free textures you have passed on to us. Blessings your way, today and always.

  14. Thank you for the beautiful texture!! Unfortunately sad things happens... I´m cancer surviver and a few of my family too. It´s hard, really hard with this disease, but life goes on.. day by day. Hugs for you!

  15. Thanks for the texture. I hope to post this month. Sorry about the health issues you've had to deal with. You are right in what you say.

  16. So sorry to hear about the health issues surrounding you. Or maybe, i s hould say, surrounding us all. Because cancer seems to be spreading and I'm sure it's got everything to do with the kind of food we are eating. It's so hard to choose healthy food when most of seem to be either manipulated or contaminated.
    My very best wishes for everyone!

    PS Thanks for the lovely texture - I'm looking forward to PAF!

  17. Nice motives in a roundabout way :-)
    Yes, cancer seem to hit on everybody these days. It has probably always been here, but lately the medicine has been able to distinguish different cancer forms at an early date and put a name to it.
    Just finished my radiation. Now starts the waiting game, but I've got plenty of time . . (and a camera! )


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