Thursday, October 31, 2013

Photo Art Friday, November 1st - 3rd

Welcome to the November, 2013 edition of Photo Art Friday.

 P.A.F. is a virtual art gallery where you can hang photographs you have digitally enhanced into an art piece.  Not only can you showcase your art, you can view and comment on the work of many other digital artists from around the world.  The great thing is they will also view your work and hopefully leave a comment on your site.

Each month we have an optional theme that you can use to create your photo art.  This month's theme is "EMBRACE".  Are you going to 'embrace' the theme???

In my last post I have a free texture that you can use (if you wish) to create your art for this or any venue.  If you missed the free texture, you can download it here.

Here are a couple of my digitally manipulated photographs created around the theme "EMBRACE".

 An image of a couple greeting each other in a park.  I added one of my textures and gave an 'Orton effect' to blur the image and protect their privacy ... somewhat.

 Yes, I seem to be stuck on the most obvious form of an embrace!  Here is a couple embracing across a tavern table in Old Montreal.  While the couple sees no one but the other, we can see the reflections in the windows behind them and the quaint, cobble-stoned streets.  A few digital manipulations give a bit of a 'poster' feel to the image.

 Same image as above, further enhanced with warm tones.

Warmed version of the photo with the free pdpa Aged Vintage texture applied.  The texture was blended in Pin Light at 85% opacity.  I applied a layer mask and using a large soft brush made one click over the couple's embrace to accentuate the focal point.

The next and last edition of Photo Art Friday for 2013 will be on Friday, December 6th.  The optional theme for that edition is:


You can apply the theme open in any way you please - the word can be applied in so many ways - can't wait to see how you use it as a prompt for your photo art!

Next Monday The Eagles are in Montreal and my kids bought DH and I tickets for their 'last tour before we croak' performance.  Can't wait!!!  "Desperado ... why don't you come to your senses ..."   :)

Not to worry, I won't be throwing any of my under garments on the stage.  ;)  "Dignity and decorum" will be my mantra for the day.  Oh, it's so hard to act my age and I really don't manage to do so often  ...  Can you relate?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

PAF reminder & free texture!

Hi!  Just dropping in to remind you that Photo Art Friday's next edition is coming up in a week or so - Friday, November 1st to be exact.  You can, however, showcase your photo art here from the Thursday to the Sunday surrounding Nov. 1st.

The optional theme, if you care to create a piece of photo art using it, is "EMBRACE".
Can't wait to see the artwork using this theme!

If you need a new texture as a starting point for your photo art creation, I have a free one for you:

To download your free high-res version of this texture, pdpa Aged Vignette, click HERE.

See you next week!  :)  xo

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Photo Art Friday, October 4th - 6th


It's time for the monthly showcase of digital photo art, aka
Photo Art Friday.  

The doors to this virtual gallery always open Thursday to give our international participants an equal amount of hours to link up their art.  From this edition of PAF on, the inlinkz button will remain up until Sunday evening, giving you approximately four days to 'hang' your art in the 'gallery'.

The optional theme for this month is the word SKY.  Your photo art can optionally feature sky in any form you choose.

We're having a lovely autumn here in Eastern Canada.  Many of the trees have changed colors and many are already shedding their leaves.  Such a gorgeous time of year!  I always feel so thankful for the sweet, warm, colorful days of this season.

The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is always the second Monday in October (the 14th this year) - the perfect time for gratitude for the year's harvest.  I also like that that leaves a good 7-8 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas - time to recover from one holiday feast before the next arrives!

Here are my photo art images that are of or include SKY:

Stretched out on my deck last week, I raised my camera and took this photo of my little piece of sky. Amazing to capture such beauty with so little effort!  :)  Treating the photo in Photoshop gives it a nice abstract feel ... and that was easy-peasy too.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Love the abstract design in this plant caught my eye during a walk.   I had to really crouch down to get the sky as a backdrop - allowing the design to shine.   A few manipulations in PSE make it a little more 'artsy' than it already is naturally.

 Again, sky as backdrop for nature's designs.

Same as above!

Next month's PAF will be Friday, November 1st.  As mentioned above, however, you can share your photo art beginning Thursday, October 31st and the inlinkz button will remain up until Sunday evening, November 3rd.  I will remind you a week or ten days in advance.

The optional theme for November's edition of PAF will be:


Use the word 'embrace', or its meaning, in any way that pleases you.  If you feel that the photo art you submit incorporates some form of embrace (whatever the stretch) it is okay by me.  Keep in mind that our themes do not require a literal interpretation - but rather YOUR unique interpretation.  Of course, it goes without saying that all photo art showcased here should be family friendly ... right?  :)