Wednesday, October 23, 2013

PAF reminder & free texture!

Hi!  Just dropping in to remind you that Photo Art Friday's next edition is coming up in a week or so - Friday, November 1st to be exact.  You can, however, showcase your photo art here from the Thursday to the Sunday surrounding Nov. 1st.

The optional theme, if you care to create a piece of photo art using it, is "EMBRACE".
Can't wait to see the artwork using this theme!

If you need a new texture as a starting point for your photo art creation, I have a free one for you:

To download your free high-res version of this texture, pdpa Aged Vignette, click HERE.

See you next week!  :)  xo


  1. thx for sharing, Bonnie! You know, I love your textures.
    LG Hannelore

  2. Thank you for this lovely texture Bonnie. I have written it LARGE on my calendar, I can't miss you again!!

  3. thank yo again for continuing to share your beautiful textures with all of us. you are very generous. genie

  4. Such a lovely Texture Bonnie, and always appreciate these. I will look forward to the next edition of PAF. I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your note the other day. Was in the middle of my abbreviated work week, and just now got the time to answer. I am working on wrapping my mind around this illness,but over all am doing well. Plan very strongly to accept what ever comes along with grace, but for now, am working on just appreciating each moment. Blessings and hope that you and your husband are both doing well, and that you are enjoying your art! Hugs from Texas


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