Thursday, October 3, 2013

Photo Art Friday, October 4th - 6th


It's time for the monthly showcase of digital photo art, aka
Photo Art Friday.  

The doors to this virtual gallery always open Thursday to give our international participants an equal amount of hours to link up their art.  From this edition of PAF on, the inlinkz button will remain up until Sunday evening, giving you approximately four days to 'hang' your art in the 'gallery'.

The optional theme for this month is the word SKY.  Your photo art can optionally feature sky in any form you choose.

We're having a lovely autumn here in Eastern Canada.  Many of the trees have changed colors and many are already shedding their leaves.  Such a gorgeous time of year!  I always feel so thankful for the sweet, warm, colorful days of this season.

The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is always the second Monday in October (the 14th this year) - the perfect time for gratitude for the year's harvest.  I also like that that leaves a good 7-8 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas - time to recover from one holiday feast before the next arrives!

Here are my photo art images that are of or include SKY:

Stretched out on my deck last week, I raised my camera and took this photo of my little piece of sky. Amazing to capture such beauty with so little effort!  :)  Treating the photo in Photoshop gives it a nice abstract feel ... and that was easy-peasy too.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Love the abstract design in this plant caught my eye during a walk.   I had to really crouch down to get the sky as a backdrop - allowing the design to shine.   A few manipulations in PSE make it a little more 'artsy' than it already is naturally.

 Again, sky as backdrop for nature's designs.

Same as above!

Next month's PAF will be Friday, November 1st.  As mentioned above, however, you can share your photo art beginning Thursday, October 31st and the inlinkz button will remain up until Sunday evening, November 3rd.  I will remind you a week or ten days in advance.

The optional theme for November's edition of PAF will be:


Use the word 'embrace', or its meaning, in any way that pleases you.  If you feel that the photo art you submit incorporates some form of embrace (whatever the stretch) it is okay by me.  Keep in mind that our themes do not require a literal interpretation - but rather YOUR unique interpretation.  Of course, it goes without saying that all photo art showcased here should be family friendly ... right?  :)


  1. I'm happy to participate once again, Bonnie - your images are beautiful. I especially love the pine tree! I agree that creative time does so much to heal the spirit.

  2. Hi Bonnie, so glad to meet back up here again. Love the simplicity and the motion in that first one. Because I love the beach so much, it reminds me of waves too. That last one has such a happy feeling to it.

    Not sure how I almost forgot, but remembered last night and was disappointed I didn't give myself more time...I have so may great sky shots, but just ran out of time to peruse all my folders. Love next months theme, must give myself some time for this one.

  3. It's interesting how your shot of the sky makes me think of the sea... There are some similarities there, I think.
    The second shot is my favourite. The pink, green and black againt the blue sky - just amaxing!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  4. Those are gorgeous, Bonnie! I love their simple beauty...

  5. Yes, very nice pictures, gorgeous colors! is great! Greetings!

  6. How nice to see you create art with your camera. :) My favourite is the second one with the berries and red color on the plant. :)

  7. I absolutely love skies! What a wonderful prompt, Bonnie. Great sky images--I especially love the first and last, gorgeous :)

  8. I think some men feel that the sky is the backdrop put their to set off his creations... but look at the simple beauty. Man could never do that ... nature is the master artist and you have done a lovely job at capturing it, Bonnie. Another fun prompt ... see you in a month :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. Stunningly beautiful photos, Bonnie!! Thanks for another month of Photo Art!

  10. It is great to be back Bonnie. I am sorry about your recent sadness...but I am sure your art..and everyone else's, will perk you up! Thanks for this great challenge.

  11. Lovely to be back. And thank you for hosting, again.

  12. I think your photo of the flower is breathtaking - it's almost see-through by the way the light from the sun shines on it WOW -- LOVE it!


  13. Very cool photo's. I love those berries, they are so weird looking and the way you captured the blue sky above them is awesome. So pretty. Your first shot of the clouds has a great abstract feel to it.
    This was a fun theme.

  14. Found your site by following Inspired by June from her blog. I added my link and grabbed your button for my site. Love the capture of the flower from the underside as well as your beautiful Sky ones. Lovely. :)

  15. Such a fun theme to work with, Bonnie. I love your clouds piece and all the angles in the plant stem on the second piece, All of them are very interesting to spend some time with and letting them speak to me.

  16. Beautiful images! My favourite is the second one - love the pattern and colours. The gallery is looking gorgeous, too!

  17. so happy to be joining in just in the knick of time~!
    am looking forward to seeing some of the participants beautiful images.

    LOVE that second image Bonnie~!!~WOW


  18. Great Shots...especially love the berry plant one! Aloha...and thanks for first one!

  19. I'm glad you're back, Bonnie. Are you only hosting Photo Art one weekend a month now?

  20. First of all,- thank you for your nice comments on my blog, I really appreciated that:)
    I read your last post, and I know exactly how the days are,- I have lost two in cancer and now it is my husbands turn... to fight back.
    Nice to see you back and I really like the first one. I love to "cut" out pieces of the sky like you have done here, and I like the processing you have done to your images.
    Best wishes:)

  21. Hi Bonnie, I always enjoy coming here, I love your photos. I wished I could of participated this month, but I was in the hospital having surgery. But if you wish you can check out my butterfly:


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