Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo Art Friday Reminder

Hello my dear photo art companions ...

Here we sit on the cusp of a new year!  Hope it was a good one and sets the stage for an even better year in 2014 for you and yours.  

I am also hoping that we will connect throughout the new year by sharing our photo art creations in the link-up Photo Art Friday!

Yes, Photo Art Friday will continue as a once monthly link-up - happening the first Friday of every month.

For January, 2014 the first Friday is this week - the 3rd day of the month!!!  So it's time to prepare now!

The doors will still open early (on Thursday) for those who like to get a head start hanging their art in our virtual gallery.

If YOU have been thinking about joining in to showcase your photo art here ... please do. Everyone is welcome.  You can read the guidelines for participation HERE.

The optional theme/challenge for January's link-up is to showcase a piece of photo art that features a word you would like to use as inspiration for 2014.

If you are not into 'guiding words', you can, as always, showcase any piece of art you have created from your photographs.

And, it occurred to me that as 2013 closes we could also have another option of showcasing our favorite piece of photo art from the year, or a collage of some favorite pieces from 2013.

Again, let me wish you a new year full of joy, inspiration, connection and health!

I'm so looking forward to seeing your photo art contributions at the end of this week!  Until then have a wonderful new year's celebration ... in whatever way you choose to celebrate.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Just popping in to again wish each of you a very happy holiday season!  May all your preparations unfold smoothly and may you each find a little time to rest, reflect and count your blessings.  (Even in the midst of difficult times, there are blessings to be found.)

One blessing that is high on my list is the connections made with so many like-minded photo artists during 2013.  Your creativity and generosity truly touch my heart.  May our interest in making art from our photographs continue to bring us together in 2014!

Here are a couple of pieces of photo art made from one photograph of a poinsettia.

This version had a levels adjustment, was sharpened, the filter 'poster edges' applied and text inserted using the font 'Papyrus'.  I always make a couple of calendars each year using my photo art creations and this image is found in one of them for the month of December, 2014.

The recipe for this second version is as follows:

*  levels adjustment
*  gradient adjustment using soft pinks and greens
*  sharpened
*  run through Rad Lab using stylets 'Oh Snap', 'Vario-Tone', 'EZ-Burn' and 'Rusty Cage' and reduced the overall 'strength' of the Rusty Cage stylet by 15%.
*  reduced the opacity of the whole Rad Lab application by 20%
*  merged layers
*  duplicated resulting layer
*  applied Filter>Artistic>Poster Edges, adjusting sliders to 0, 0, and 3. Reduced opacity of the   poster edges to 85%.
*  applied text using 2Peas Gift font

I like both versions, but probably favor the second.  Since I made it just a few minutes ago, it does not appear in my second calendar.  Oh well, maybe for one of my 2015 calendars!

If you have a moment in your busy schedule, please mark down the date for our first Photo Art Friday in 2014.  It is January 3rd to 5th.  Early birds will find the doors open to our virtual art gallery on Thursday, Jan. 2nd!  Looking forward to seeing you then.  (Scroll down to the previous post to see what the optional theme is for the 01/14 edition of Photo Art Friday.)

P.S.  Did you sign up for the Photoshop Artistry course?  I did and am really happy with it!  You log in and watch as many of the instructive videos as you please - whenever you please.  Can't get more convenient than that!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Photo Art Friday, December 6th - 8th

Hey Everyone - it's time again for PHOTO ART FRIDAY, our monthly virtual photo-art vernissage - an on-line gallery where you can 'hang' your photo art and then 'hang out' to enjoy the work of other digital creatives like yourself.  If you have never linked up - please join us!

The gallery doors always open early (Thursday), so you have about four days during which you can link up.  That gives everyone time to create a piece of photo art, if one is not ready right now.

Before we get started, I just learned about a new course on how to use Photoshop (CS or Elements) to create "stunning photo art", by Sebastian Michaels and want to give you a 'heads up' about it.

The course is "Photoshop Artistry".  While I love grunge artistry, if you are not 'into' it don't worry about the word 'grunge' in the name of the course (see image).  From the example images on the Photoshop Artistry page, it seems to me that you will be able to create any style of photo art that pleases you after taking the course.

One of the blurbs about the course says:

"Go from merely editing your photos to creating awesome photo-art compositions fit for print and canvas.  This cutting edge course will awaken your creative genius and reveal the secrets the pros use to create stunning works of art."

It sounds like a really comprehensive video course that gives you lifetime 24/7 access, plus lots of bonus textures, brushes and frames for your photo art creations.  Best of all it is being offered at 1/2 price ($147) for the next few days.  And - even more, Sebastian offers a 60 day, money back guarantee! Get all the details HERE.  

While I would love to take this course, I have not taken it ... yet* ... and so cannot yet personally vouch for it, but it sure sounds like something that would be great for aspiring photo artists.  I believe it has been offered before, so if any of you took it or are taking it now and wish to review it in your comments - please do!  And, if you sign up please tell me and tell Sebastian I sent you!

*Update:  I'm signed up for the course now and what I have seen so far looks fabulous!

The optional theme for December's Photo Art Friday is OPEN/OPENING/OPENED.  Of course being December, one could think of 'opening' presents, but the presents aren't opened yet - in fact, if you are like me they aren't even wrapped!  So I chose to share a couple of images from my archives that fit this theme:

An image of a restaurant in Old Montreal with its door open, beckoning weary tourists to come in and relax a while.  The original photo before digital editing and addition of a couple of my textures is below.

Love the red fire hydrant and the red industrial equipment under the window that match the trim paint and the awning in this pic!

An image of an open-armed woman procured from the web, placed upon one of my textures, and finally, digitally manipulated to create a blurred Orton effect.

Did you know that someone, somewhere did a study that showed seeing open arms has a strong, positive physiological and psychological effect on humans.  So when loved ones arrive at your door this holiday season, why not open your arms to welcome them. That way you'll assure that they'll be feeling good before the festivities even begin!

Here is a texture for you that fits with this month's theme of all things 'open'.  It's a vintage looking cluster of notes and envelopes. You could use it to make a piece of photo art to feature here, if you want!  However you choose to use it, feel free to add it to your personal collection of textures.

To download your complimentary copy of pdpa Dear One texture, click HERE.

Our next Photo Art Friday showcase will take place in 2014  -  January 3rd - 5th.  Since many of you follow the blogging tradition of choosing a word to inspire and motivate you through each new year, how about having an optional theme of:

An image that features the word (or phrase, if you prefer) that you want to guide, inspire or motivate you through 2014.  

If you are not into 'guiding words' or optional themes you are always welcome to share any piece of photo art that pleases you.

Wishing all of my participants and readers the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons.  I look forward to sharing our Photo Art Friday tradition with you in the new year!