Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo Art Friday Reminder

Hello my dear photo art companions ...

Here we sit on the cusp of a new year!  Hope it was a good one and sets the stage for an even better year in 2014 for you and yours.  

I am also hoping that we will connect throughout the new year by sharing our photo art creations in the link-up Photo Art Friday!

Yes, Photo Art Friday will continue as a once monthly link-up - happening the first Friday of every month.

For January, 2014 the first Friday is this week - the 3rd day of the month!!!  So it's time to prepare now!

The doors will still open early (on Thursday) for those who like to get a head start hanging their art in our virtual gallery.

If YOU have been thinking about joining in to showcase your photo art here ... please do. Everyone is welcome.  You can read the guidelines for participation HERE.

The optional theme/challenge for January's link-up is to showcase a piece of photo art that features a word you would like to use as inspiration for 2014.

If you are not into 'guiding words', you can, as always, showcase any piece of art you have created from your photographs.

And, it occurred to me that as 2013 closes we could also have another option of showcasing our favorite piece of photo art from the year, or a collage of some favorite pieces from 2013.

Again, let me wish you a new year full of joy, inspiration, connection and health!

I'm so looking forward to seeing your photo art contributions at the end of this week!  Until then have a wonderful new year's celebration ... in whatever way you choose to celebrate.


  1. Wishing you a Happy New Year as well Bonnie...beautiful texture, thank you!

  2. Happy 2014 to you! I hope to play here more often. Love this site!!!

  3. I wish you a wonderful New Year, Bonnie!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you Friday Bonnie, and may you have a Joyous year in 2014

  5. I try to get a photo in this meme, but usually don't remember. Do you think you could send out reminder the week before the meme is up?

  6. A happy new year to you too.

  7. Came to see the rationale for your word- not sure I am in the right place? But will see if when you post the new Photo Art Friday sometime today if it will appear then :)


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