Thursday, January 2, 2014

Photo Art Friday, January 3rd -5th, 2014

Well ... we have traveled a long and lovely photo-art path together ... right into 2014.  How amazing!!!  And how delightful to have had your company on this learning journey!

Can you imagine the photo art we will create and view in the year to come?  I am excited and inspired just by the thought of it!!

Before we get started with showcasing our art, allow me to offer you a free texture.  I tried to set it up for you to download in my previous post but the download seemed to lead to a private file (?!), so I removed it.  Let's try again. This sweet texture that can give a little linen-look, old world charm to your photographs:

To download a free copy of pdpa Old Tablecloth texture, simply smile and click HERE.

An example of one effect you can achieve with this texture.
(Click on the image for a larger view.)

It's time for Photo Art Friday.  Are you ready?

You can post
* any piece of photo art here each month.
You can use the creative prompts/themes/challenges that I offer each month, too.
We have more than one prompt to kick off the new year.  They are:

*  A piece of photo art that contains a word you have chosen to guide you through 2014.

*  A piece of photo art from 2013 that is one of your favorites (or a collage of favs).

***NOTE:  Dear Kim from Picking Poppies kindly reminded me that I omitted to share the theme for February's edition of Photo Art Friday.  How about:


(I'll release a texture to help you with that theme a week or so before the first Friday in February, the 7th to be exact.)

I find myself a little resistant to choosing just one word to guide me through the year ... not quite sure why.  Maybe it's because my real motto from last year is leaking into this year: "I'd rather be painting!"

Last year I did formally choose the word "presence". While being "present" to my inner process, as I negotiated my way through 2013, it was evident that I spend a lot of time doing exactly what I am doing now - resisting what life, duty, inner and outer expectations, traditions, etc. call on me to do.

I discovered that I consistently resist the simplest of things - the mundane, little duties of life such as grocery shopping, making phone calls, using new gadgets and new purchases (e.g. Lightroom, CS6), spring cleaning, writing new posts for my blog, etc. etc.

I've also noticed how much energy goes into that seemingly automatic resistance and how valuable time is spent groping for evidence to justify and support said resistance:

E.g.:  "People are too busy on the weekend to read my post - I'll do one during the week."  

"I'll work out of my Lightroom files next week, it's so much easier to just grab photos out of Picasa."  

"I love the challenge of making a good meal from whatever rations can be found in the cupboard."

 "I don't want to phone him now and interrupt him at work."

With the energy spent resisting and procrastinating, I could have accomplished many of the tasks twice over - but resisting seems to be an insidious, long-standing habit.

Sooooo - while gathering justifications about why I should surely resist settling on just one word in 2014, it occurred to me that I might benefit from thinking about the word - (drum roll please) - Ta Daa: 
"non-resistance"  How clever obvious!  ;)

I am not talking about social/political non-resistance but rather my personal, inner habit of resistance to what is.  I just want to stop over-thinking what I am called to do by the way life unfolds, and simply do it.  Yes, I'm thinking of that old Nike phrase too!

Without further ado (resistance!) here is my photo-art featuring a word I need to be reminded of during 2014:

I've used a piece of photo-art that includes an abstracted image of myself so that I cannot resist the evidence of who should be contemplating non-resistance!

The above image is a composite of a photo of myself with some of my textures, a photograph of one of my painted images of a face, and a photograph of a painting found in a gallery window of a rather intriguing face that I edited in PSE. (So those shadowy areas really aren't entirely my eyebrows, mouth or nostrils!)  Some of the elements used in the above composite can be seen in the collage below.

These may not be my favorite pieces of photo art from 2013, and weird tho' they may be, I had so much fun placing image on top of image, adding textures and seeing what warped portrait emerged!

The last image (just above) only has one of my abstract paintings applied to it.  All features visible are mine! :)


  1. Interesting your self portrait, and also a beautiful and evocative representation of wine!

  2. Ok you wrote your post with in mind, amazing. Boundary was my word for last year, could not give myself any so I am using a phrase this year.

    These are fabulous pieces of art Bonnie. Wishing you success with all you set out to accomplish in 2014.


  3. Happy new year, Bonnie! And thanks for hosting - it's always great fun!

  4. Ahhhh- truly its a more sophisticated version of my own "embrace" concept for last year. But yes- the constant "shrinking back" or resisting, when leaning in was ever so more productive. I love "seeing" you in your artwork- truly between your words and the physical features you've allowed to show- I feel like I'd recognize you anywhere!

  5. striking portrait!
    You were talking about me! Seeing it printed hits home!!! I am a scarlett o'hara
    ...tomorrow, I think about it tomorrow. thanks!
    I'll be back with a photo!

  6. Happy New Year! I don't think in themes, so I tend to skip over such discussions....wishing that I DID think creatively, now and then. Thank you, thank you for that beautiful texture---and for the inspiration of the still life set-up. I've decided that I'm going to work on still life this year in my photography.

  7. So that's what it is called ... resistance. Hmmmm, it seems ever so familier to me, your description of it, that is. Maybe I am resisting rather that being lazy (from my post). I like your word better and Non-resistiance works for me too. Hey, Bonnie, I think you are on to something :)

    I love your art work ... I loved that picture of you when you posted it last year. I think this years version brightened it up a bit and seems to say more about you. You are the best ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  8. you could be talking about me too. The resistance to grocery shop, or learn my elements...yep I really get that. That is a great word, one I will add to mine. And I love that you put your word with a photo of yourself and love how they turned out. I forgot to say, but I used your new free texture on my photo. I struggled to find the right photo to go with my word, not very artsy this month with mine. Speaking of which, what is our theme for next month? Happy New Year to you Bonnie.

  9. Happy New Year, Bonnie! Your art parties are always so fun, and your textures are fabulous! I love working with them. Thank you for your generosity! It's so refreshing to be honest with ourselves, isn't it? Here's to an intentional, non-resistant 2014!

  10. Happy New Year! Great post. I love the effect of the new texture, and I love your portrait pieces. What a wonderful start to the new year!

  11. Happy New Year, Bonnie. Wow, these are just truly creative and special. Thanks for the lovely texture.

  12. resistance takes the good out of intentions so good luck with banishing the idle procrastinator. Nice to be back in the pixeldust gallery for the start of 2014 - Happy New Year. p.s. do like that linen texture - goes well with the wine vignette

  13. Happy New Year. I like your texturer and your creatives images. Ha de gott

  14. I love your focus word and how it's the opposite of last year's...I, too, am an expert at resisting the mundane. Your processing is lovely, as are all of your self-portraits! Happy New Year, Bonnie - it's great to be participating in PAF for 2014. :)

  15. I can relate to so much of what you share! As I 'learn from trees' this year (no, I'm not joking!) one of the things I think about is blooming where I'm planted. Doing, in my present space what needs to be done and ... well ... just getting it done simply, swiftly and well. Love your determined non-resistance! Going to add that word to my journal!!

  16. non-resistance is an excellent word choice. I think you are right that often times more energy goes into resisting than just letting things turn out they will anyways.

  17. Thank you very much , lovely compositions !

  18. Happy New Year to you Bonnie and thanks for keeping PAF alive and going. From your art this time I favor the last one with only your facial features.

    Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my entry. It is much appreciated. :)

  19. Thank you for the new texture!! What a fabulous find this blog is. I came through a link from another blog and was so pleased to see I could buy MORE textures :) I now have 5 of your very cool textures sitting in your very own folder on my E drive. I'll be back for more since I'm addicted to texture! word for 2014 is authenticity...I've spent too many years trying to be anyone but myself :) In the New Year I plan to 'shoot my eye' out with so many photos that I'll never be able to use all of the textures in my folders. Photography has been my go to artistic outlet but I never thought I would ever want to make my living at I realize it's the one thing that makes my soul sing!! I'll be back up to link again!

    1. Great - I'll keep an eye out for you, Cat! If you like textures you can pick up a few free ones by scrolling through my previous posts. (There is a point where they are no longer available for download but you should be able to pick up about ten that way.)

  20. super idea using yourself as an example of the word you pick for the year..The many processing you did on each image gives me ideas to try and master..I like the last photo of your self image..I like color.. I picked motivation...I want it to be a habit so I can change bad habits into good --wink!

  21. Thank you for the texture Bonnie it is beautiful, I went back and used it on my mistletoe abstract. I'll link up soon. I love your post, my word in 2013 was Learn and it really helped me with this habit of procrastinating. The problem is, for me anyway, there is so much wonderful inspiration 'out there' so many things I want to try, there are not enough hours in the day!! How did I ever fit in going to work ;) I am so thrilled that I managed to be able to hang something in your wonderful gallery this month. I love your portrait and the new working on it, it has inspired me to work again on something similar I started last year.

  22. Happy new year to you, Bonnie and thank you for the lovely new texture.

  23. Love joining up here and being inspired by each individual artist. The authenticity and vulnerability shared is so refreshing. Your collage is my favourite, I think, but I really enjoy the use of colour in the final image. Looking forward to another great year of participation in PAF. Blessings to you and your loved ones in the New Year.

  24. Happy New Year! What wonderful and evocative selfies you've created! I love the overlaid each one quite a unique feeling.

  25. Happy new year to everyone! Thank you again dear Bonnie for your fantastic texture!
    I added my link to Flickr this time. I will post a picture with my word of the year on my blog a bit later. I just felt I couldn`t do it yet; I had to post a pic of our cat in heaven first.

  26. Just found your site by following Inspired By June and she mentioned she uses your textures. I do make my own sometimes, but enjoy others also. Thank you so much for the free texture and the offer to purchase the smaller sets. I took advantage of that offer and purchased the Old World Charm and the Notes de Provence. Can't wait to use them on my photo blog. They are so lovely and what a great price. You will find my order under Patricia Bird and I use Peabea my psyeudanym or just a better way than using my initials on the internet ~smiles~.

    I'm going now to check out your Photo Art Friday.

    Again, thanks for the free texture. :)

  27. I like your self-portraits, Bonnie. Thanks for the lovely new texture.
    Happy New Year!

  28. I think non-resistance might be one of the words implied in my pieces for this PAF, too... your thoughts around it are so spot-on! Love that self-portrait, no mater what you do with it! So direct, and daring the viewer to resist... ;)

    Thanks for the texture and the inspiration! And a very Happy, non-resistant, new year to you!

  29. I love your ghostly like portrait. Very mysterious and cryptic.

  30. I love your ghostly like portrait. Very mysterious and cryptic.

  31. I love your ghostly like portrait. Very mysterious and cryptic.

  32. I love your ghostly like portrait. Very mysterious and cryptic.

  33. I love your ghostly like portrait. Very mysterious and cryptic.


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