Thursday, February 6, 2014

Photo Art Friday, February 7 - 9

Hi there all you photo artists!  Time to pull out a piece of photo art you would like to share with the world and link it up here at Photo Art Friday.  Yes, it's Thursday but we always open the doors early to our virtual gallery of photo art.

If you are new here, you can post any piece of photo ART you choose, or you can follow the optional theme which for February is GRAPHIC/GEOMETRIC/ANGULAR.  I posted some examples of what I think fits with that theme in my last two posts.

Here are a few more:

A composite made from copyright free images from web, one of my own photos, a few of my textures and some manipulation in PS and RadLab.  Note the geometric texture in the background and around the edges.  Don't ask me what it means!  :)

An abstract image created with a photo of trees on our land, a photo of a fence, a couple of my textures and some manipulation in PS.

This image is pulled out of my archives and was probably made about the same time as the three images that have graced my header for the past couple of years.  The original image is a macro photograph of a part of a Blue Knight Delphinium flower.  It was manipulated in PSE where a Filter>Distort>Wave adjustment was made.  It looks like I applied one of my craquelure textures before the adjustment as well.

Here I applied a sort of geometric overlay that I made, to a photo of an old garden buddha.  I used the Difference blend mode which turned the overlay from yellow to blue. You can see the original photo and the overlay below.

 SOC photo and bz overlay

Our next monthly Photo Art Friday will take place on Friday, March 7th. I will post a reminder several days before.

The optional theme for the March edition of PAF is:


(You can always pull any photograph from your archives if you do not have flowers available to photograph at this time.) 

NOTE:  A regular participant, Monica, from Nature Footstep blog is starting a new group on Facebook for photo artists to meet and share their artistry.  If you are interested in joining you can check it out here:!/groups/naturefootstep/


  1. Really love the second to last photo art, I'm so drawn to abstract these days...the colors and patterns and textures- all so great!

  2. love the first one. I don´t know why but somehow it reminded me of my grandmother. A pleasing thought. :)

    thanks for adding my link. :)

  3. I am awed by these, Bonnie. I so enJOYed reading the HOW of what you did, too. It always feels a little magical and curious to digitally fiddle. I have enJOYed your lovely textures and such, playing with them each day when I make art for my Gratitude blog. it is astonishing to see what happens if???? thank you for continuing to host this PAF. I have had my happiest sharing moments here. your encouragement has opened the World to me and I am so grateful!!

  4. There are so many ways you can approach this prompt and you covered several of them. My computer isn't working right and so I am unable to see all of the third, but like tha part that I can see. I will come back later and see if blogger has resolved the issue. All of your prompts are so challenging and bring the best out in all of us. So glad you stuck with it even though I know your real love is in your studio. Great angular art, Bonnie and thank you again and again for hosting this Meme ... it is the favorite of many.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Your edits are all so beautiful, but I absolutely love the purple one! Gorgeous. :)

  6. Love your examples. this was a challenge for me, but I learned some new stuff!!!
    Thanks for hosting!!!

  7. the Buddha with the overlay is lovely, it reminds me a bit of Klimt

  8. Great series of pieces, Bonnie! I love the overlay you used on the Buddha.

  9. Hi Bonnie, beautiful artwork! So good to be back..

  10. Bonnie you do such wonderful "abstract" work. I like all your pieces. My favorite is the blue toned Buddha piece with the geometric pattern overlay. - It was fun getting back into PAF. Great theme for next month too.

  11. I really find my eye being capture with 1 and 3 -- you are so inspiring.. Thanks for this challenge..

  12. Lovely abstracts, Bonnie. I especially like the colors and composition of the third one.

  13. i always enjoy seeing what you do with your photo play and have been forgetful of Photo Art Fridays.
    i'm pleased to be able to participate this month.
    thank you for hosting.


  14. Wonderful artwork , excellent image composition and textures. I love the Buddha !


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