Monday, March 31, 2014

Is your photo art ready?

Hi Everyone!

Just popping in to remind you that it is almost time for April's edition of Photo Art Friday.

The doors to our virtual gallery always open early on the Thursday and will stay open for three days.

You can share any photograph that you have edited into a piece of photo art.  We also have a optional theme each month and for April the optional theme is "Quirky Selfie".

If you are just discovering Photo Art Friday and would like to join in, you can read the guidelines for participation here.  Don't be shy ... we're a friendly, welcoming bunch!!

It's been a while since I have offered a texture freebie, so here's a new one for you.  As with many of my textures, it is not a generic selection that will enhance any photograph. This texture is really designed more to help you make art from your photographs. You will have to find the right photo to match it with - but when you get the match right you will be thrilled with the result. Experiment with various blending modes/opacities and you will get some unexpected surprises!  Enjoy.

no longer available

In spite of getting a flu shot this year, I have been 'felled' by a nasty flu bug.  Have been in bed for 8 days now with chills, fever, aching bones, wicked sore throat (like razor blades in my throat!) and now a bad cough that interrupts sleep.  Just working on this post has made me feel out of breath and clammy.  I was really counting on the flu shot to protect me ... but guess it can't offer protection from all strains of the flu.  A culture of my throat revealed it was not strep throat or a bacterial infection so could not get any help from antibiotics.  Anyway, the worst is over - thank goodness.  Hope you have been able to avoid getting a flu this year.

Looking forward to seeing you and your photo art creations later this week!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

... and the Photo Art Fav is ...

Hi all you amazing photo artists!!!  

You really out did yourself with the submissions for the March edition of Photo Art Friday!  Incredible photo editing work!

Did you vote for your favorite image?  The image that received the most "FAV" votes was entitled "Painted Velvet" by "teragram". Congratulations!  (Teragram, please send me an email telling me which of the Texture Prize Sets (#1, #2 or #3) you would like to receive.  You can view the choice of Texture Prize Sets here.)

You can see in the PAF post that InLinkz has reordered the images according to most votes received. Several of us received no votes, so the last half of the re-ordered grouping really means nothing. Don't worry if your image appears near the end.  All images in the last half of the grouping received no votes. So we're in great company if we find ourselves there!

I really should send a prize set to each one of you - you all certainly deserve a prize for such amazing work - but that would defeat the purpose of our new voting option. So please accept my virtual applause and my "BRAVO!"

I am also requesting an "Encore!" on the first Friday in April. The optional theme for April is "Quirky Selfie". It is a very flexible theme. Your selfie can be your shadow or your hand holding flowers, etc., etc., ...  Be as creative as you like. You can read more about April's theme here.

NOTE:  A few people notified me that, contrary to the information I wrote in the post, they could not link up on Saturday or Sunday. My bad.  :(   I made an assumption that later arrivals would still be able to link-up their images even once the voting began. Apparently not.  

I've never used the voting option for InLinkz before, so there was a little learning curve. I'm sure there were others who were thwarted in their attempt to link-up and who left disappointed - and said nothing. I apologize to each of you.

If you came to Photo Art Friday with the intention of linking up and were unable to do so, please email me to let me know at bonnie dot zieman at gmail dot com. I'd like to apologize personally.

I promise to be very clear in April about the duration of the link-up and then separately the duration of the voting. The last thing I want is for people to spend time creating a beautiful piece of art and then not be able to submit it. Again ... so sorry.

Have a wonderful week!

Just a reminder that all texture sets in both of my shops are discounted by 25% for the entire month of March. Take a peek here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Photo Art Friday, March 7th to 9th

Welcome to Photo Art Friday!

This virtual gallery is for anyone who wishes to showcase their digital photo art in a friendly forum. We always have an optional theme and the one for March is "Abstract Flower(s)".  If you have another piece of photo-art you are wanting to showcase, you are always welcome to do so!

Even though the Inlinkz link-up button will activate, at the bottom of this post, Thursday, March 6th at 11:00 EST I am putting up this post early (Wednesday) so that you can familiarize yourself with some of the details about the new voting option.

However, before we proceed with our virtual photo art showcase, allow me to tell you that all texture sets in my shops are discounted by 25% for the rest of the month of March! The discount is automatically applied to your total purchase. No discount code needed.

Even though my ad images say the sale begins March 7th, it is already in effect as of March 5th!

For the first time in the history of Photo Art Friday, you are being invited to cast a vote for the submission that most caught your attention - your Photo Art Fav.

'Favorite' does not mean you vote for the one you think is the 'best' (if there even is any 'best'), but for the one that most grabbed your attention, that made you smile, that tickled your fancy.

The submission that receives the most 'fav' votes will receive a mini-mini set of two of my textures. You can read about it all here.

May I suggest we vote for some one else's photo art and not our own?  Of course, you are free to do as you wish.  The votes are anonymous.

There is an option where Inlinkz will show how many votes each thumbnail is getting during the voting period.  I have chosen to disable that option.  I'm concerned about how those who do not receive any votes in a particular month may feel if the vote tallies are visible under the thumbnail.  If you would prefer to have that option enabled, let me know in the comments and if there are enough of you, I will reconsider doing so for next month's edition of PAF.

Since you get to see my photo art in this post, I do not link up.  This means you cannot vote for me. I consider your comments my 'vote' and I don't really need any textures anyway!  ;)

Here's my piece of abstract flower photo art:

 One of my textures applied to a section of a bouquet of flowers.  Love the light in it!

The next edition of Photo Art Friday will be April 4th to 6th.

The optional theme for April will be:

Quirky Selfie

Selfie:  a photo you take of yourself

Quirky:  unconventional, playful, unusual, bizarre, unorthodox, surprising, peculiar, strange, different

Sooooo ... the word "quirky" gives you a lot of leeway.  Your 'quirky selfie' can reveal as much (within reason!), or as little of yourself as you choose and it does not necessarily have to include your face.

If you fiercely guard your anonymity, you can camouflage your selfie to your heart's content. Let's just have a little fun.  You have a month to ruminate about this and experiment with your version of quirky selfie ART. I can't wait to see the creative, artsy 'portraits' you come up with!!!

I think we should trademark the term "Quirky Selfie" just for use on Photo Art Friday!!!  :-)

If you take a few selfies soon, you will have a lot of time to play with them in your editing program. Save your edits and you will have a few to choose from when it is time to link up next month.  Other quirky ideas will surely occur during the month.  I bet I'm going to be able to hear some of your giggling across the miles!  :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Heads Up!

Hi Everyone!

Just a reminder that the March edition of Photo Art Friday is just a few days away!  Officially it begins Friday, March 7th - but we always open the gallery doors on Thursdays for our 'early birds'. So, if you want, you can link up your piece of photo art on Thursday, March 6th!

Did you read my last post announcing that we will each be able to cast one vote for our favorite piece of photo art for the month?  If not, you can read the post here. You will read that there is a prize choice for the image that receives the most fav votes.

If you like to have a challenge or theme for creating a piece of photo art, the theme for March is:


For a little motivation -- thought I would give you a few examples of abstract flower photo art that I have pulled from my archives:

This piece of photo art began with a torn, ragged delphinium blossom set on a stone bird bath.  The image was manipulated in Photoshop using Filters to distort it.  A slightly abstract piece.

The same edited photograph has been treated with Levels in Photoshop and one of my textures has been added and blended in Soft Light. The flower is now definitely more abstract.

Same photo with the same texture added, but now blended in Color Burn blend mode. More abstraction and more intensity.

If you have been waiting for a discount before purchasing some mini-sets textures, the wait is nearly over.  All textures will be discounted by 25% from March 7th to March 31st.

A new 'page', "Paintings(tab is under my header) has been created to showcase my paintings. I hope you will stroll/scroll through the paintings and, if you have time, leave me some feedback in the comment section. Do take a peek!

So, dear friends, hope you are preparing a piece of digital art made from one of your photographs to share with us later this week.  I'll keep an eye out for you!  :)  

Perhaps you will win a couple of my textures if the other participants vote for your image as the one that most attracted them for this edition!