Friday, April 11, 2014

New Custom Texture Sets!

Have you checked out the two new texture sets that are now in my Mini-Sets Texture Shop?  They are great for photo art creation - incorporating French text and some with a unique scalloped vignette.  I've applied a few of them to photos so you can get an idea of the effects possible using them:

 pdpa Heirloom Vignette texture from the pdpa Potpourri de Paris Texture Set.

Heirloom Vignette texture from Potpourri de Paris Texture Set, blended in Luminosity at 60% opacity.

bz photograph of bouquet of white roses

 Heirloom Vignette texture from Potpourri de Paris Texture Set - blended in Hard Light 70% opacity.

Blended in Screen at 85% opacity.

 photograph sharpened (some background brushed with black)

Gold Scalloped Vignette texture from Designer Preferred Texture Set, blended Screen -75% opacity.

 Je Chante Ma Foi texture from the Potpourri de Paris Texture Set, blended in Screen at 70% opacity.

 Written In The Sky texture from the Potpourri de Paris Texture Set, blended Hard Light -65% opacity.

 To The Bone texture from the Designer Preferred Texture Set, blended in Hard Light at 85% opacity.

 Linen Patch texture from the Potpourri de Paris Texture Set, blended in Screen at 80% opacity.

As you see most of my photographs blended best with these textures using either Screen Blend Mode or Hard Light Blend Mode.  The one exception was the first flower/texture image where I used Luminosity Blend Mode.

Do check out these textures - I know you will love them!


  1. I *do* love them, Bonnie! Grabbed myself the Designer Preferred Set a couple of days ago - can't wait to start playing!

  2. Very pretty work Bonnie. I really like the Hydrangea blooms, especially the one with the Potpourri de Paris texture.


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