Friday, April 18, 2014

New Textures With Blend Examples

Popping in to share the new texture sets that have been added to my two shops.  Two of the sets are ideal to use as backgrounds in photo art composite creations.  They can be found, of course, in the Background Textures Shop.

Four new sets have been added to the Mini-Sets Texture Shop.  Each set has at least one texture that looks like beautiful stained glass.  Below you will see a few examples of just what these textures can do.

A screen shot showing photograph of an orange tiger lily that has been transformed to black and white (background leaves and flowers were erased).  New texture Stained Glass 3 from the pdpa Designer Deco Texture Set is applied to edited photograph.

Photo and texture blended in Color Burn at 100% opacity.  No further edits applied ... yet.

 Blended in Screen at 60% opacity.  Two stylets from Rad Lab and Poster Edges were also added.

New texture Stained Glass 1 from pdpa Designer Deco IV Texture Set.

Blended in Multiply at 100% opacity.  No further edits ... yet there are many possibilities, just want to stick to showing what you can get using only Blend Modes.  Where there is further editing, I tell you what it is.

 Blended in Darker Color at 100% opacity.  No further edits.

 Blended in Screen blend mode at 100% opacity.   Using a mask to remove texture from flower would be my next step here.

 Blended in Difference at 100% opacity.  No further edits applied ... yet.  A levels adjustment could bring in more light and I might even try sharpening.

Blended in Exclusion at 100% opacity.  No further edits ... yet.  An application of the filter Poster Edges could help camouflage the areas of the blend that are cloudy.

Blended in Luminosity Blend Mode at 75% opacity.  I love trying Luminosity blend mode when I am applying textures.  Sometimes you get something really surprising and lovely.

New texture Stained Glass Sky from the pdpa Designer Deco IV Texture Set

Texture and white cosmos photograph blended in Difference at 80% opacity.  Poster Edges added and 2 stylets from Rad Lab were added to add more light and warmth.

 Blended in Difference at 90% opacity with no further manipulations ... yet.  :)

Same photo and texture blended in Luminosity at 75% opacity with Poster Edges as finishing touch.

Screen shot of application of new version of a previous texture, now called Asian Delight from the pdpa Graphic Design Background Set.  The bowl in the photograph is blue and is sitting on a green banana leaf that came with a big bouquet of flowers.  The two were blended in Difference at 90% opacity.  A levels adjustment was applied to bring in a bit of light.

 I really like this piece and will play with it a bit more in the future.

Thank you for looking at the above examples of what can accomplished using a few of the new textures I have created for you.

Back soon with some encouragement and ideas for the May edition of Photo Art Friday on May 4th/5th. The optional theme for May is "collage".  Why not begin to work on it now and then when PAF arrives you will simply have to link up.  Since we are still voting for our favourite piece each month, you have a chance to win a two-texture-set prize. Please join us!


  1. Bonnie, these are fabulous! I'm going to have to go shopping again! Have a blessed weekend, my friend!

  2. Hi! Nice post! Thank you for using Japanese picture.

  3. oh my goodness, Bonnie, how BEautimous and amazing!!!

  4. Hi Bonnie, thanks for stopping by. Really great and informative toot! And love the outcomes. Haven't been using textures lately, but you're inspiring me to jump back in! Maybe soon...

  5. I loved the info!!!!
    I loved the pictures!
    Thank you!!!


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