Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PAF Alert and a Free Texture

Hi Everyone!  Hope this note finds you well.

The May edition of Photo Art Friday is only about a week away - May 2nd/3rd. Where does time go?!!!

The optional theme for the May edition of PAF is COLLAGE.  There are so many ways to make a digital collage - thought I would give you a few examples to spark your imagination for YOUR contribution to PAF, if you choose to follow the theme.

This is the most basic form of a digital collage - with different photographs displayed in rows. It does require some 'shuffling' around of the photos to produce an appealing arrangement.

Here is a collage where one photograph edited with a variety of different textures and manipulations are placed together, helter-skelter, to produce a collage. This kind of collage requires you to place and size each image in the position you want it to appear.

A collage similar to the one above, but where I have used the main edited photograph as the background and then took cropped pieces of that same image and placed them on top.

A digital collage where the black background takes up one third of the image and is then used to feature a poem that I like.

This collage is composed of only two photos - one of tree branches and a macro of pink petals.  In Photoshop I placed the petals on top of the branches to produce a pretty semi-abstract effect. Here the collage process is morphing into a composite more than a collection of photos. Collage is more a collection of photos placed side by side, where a composite is about using the different photos to compose (composite) a new piece entirely.

This is a collage/composite that you saw recently on this blog.  The digital components are a texture, a photo of leaves, and a photo of a bouquet of flowers.  Don't forget that you can use textures as a component in your collages.

Here is a piece of photo art where I digitally 'collaged' (the French word for 'glue' is 'colle') many different images together to form a new image. The components are:  brushes, buddha, butterfly, flower, moon, bells - all placed on one of my backgrounds. This is a collaged composite!  :)

Another example of a composite where I use my own photos of buildings, singer, and photos from the web of a soldier crouching in grass, a man walking on sidewalk - all placed on textured background. (When you include images you find on the web in your collage work, do make sure that they are in the public domain and that you are not infringing on copyright.) These last two forms of collage or composite require more work and ability to use masks to remove unwanted parts of the various components.

Of course, I'm sure many of you can think of even more creative ways to make a collage.  But for those of us who are new to the process, this gives a few examples of what can be done for the theme 'collage'.  AND you have a whole week to experiment with it!  Remember, you have to be patient with yourself and your editing program!

Perhaps a new texture would help you get started with a collage.  Here is a free texture that could easily be used as a background if you choose to create a composite piece of artwork for the May 2nd/3rd edition of Photo Art Friday.  Enjoy!

To download your free copy of pdpa Musique texture, simply smile and click HERE.  :)  

See you next week!


  1. Oh thank you Bonnie for the new texture, it's great! And I don't think you missed a thing with the collage examples, I can't think of any...oh, so many choices! See ya next week. :)

  2. Thanks Kim. I'll be looking for you! :)

  3. Thanks for the reminder, this always sneaks up on me! Great examples, most I would have never even thought of - and thank you for the texture, Bonnie - lovely, as always! See you next week!

  4. Bonnie I just love all of your examples on this! I have never done too much with collages before, so this is really a challenge in fun. Sadly, i will not e able to link up on this again until June as we are going to be out of town for the first two weeks in may up in the pacific northwest when we get back I am going to do some trying out of this technique. best to you!

  5. Thank you for the exciting new texture! I can'tr wait to play:) Your collages are SO gorgeous.
    Have a super weekend!

  6. wow, you have done a wonderful job with all of these. :) The green one reminds me of rainforest. I´t my favorite :)


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