Thursday, April 3, 2014

Photo Art Friday, April 4th - 5th

It's time for the April, 2014 edition of Photo Art Friday!

You are invited to link-up any photograph that you have transformed into a piece of art with your editing.

Every month we have an optional theme or challenge that you can follow if you choose. For April the optional theme is "Quirky Selfie".

We are going to continue the voting for our favourite piece of photo art again this month. The option to vote will begin on Saturday, April 5th at 6:00 p.m. EST.  The voting button will remain available until Sunday, April 6th at 6:00 p.m. EST.  That allows 24 hours in which you can return, review the submissions and vote for the one that is your favourite.

When the voting is complete, In-Linkz will have rearranged the images revealing the one that received the most votes and the 'runners-up'.  Most of us will not receive votes and will appear in a random order after the vote-getters.

The artist who receives the most FAV votes will be able to select one set from three texture sets designed as prizes for the PAF FAV.  View the three texture sets from which the 'winner' may select one, here.

Once the voting period begins you will not be able to link up your art.  That means that you will have from Thursday, April 3rd at 10:00 a.m. EST to Saturday, April 5th at 6:00 p.m. EST to post your photo art. That's the better part of 3 days in which you can link up.

A photograph taken in a gallery window.  A metal sculpture of a pear looks like it is a part of a ring on my finger.  I converted the image to black & white, sharpened it, and added poster edges and a border.  A panel in the image was used to add some 'quirky' text.

The next Photo Art Friday will be May 2nd - 3rd.    

The optional theme for May will be


A couple of great new texture sets have been added to the Mini-Sets Texture Shop.  A post featuring some of them will appear next week.


  1. Whew, even though you reminded us, time really got away from me. But, I did it! haha I'm not sure I would have noticed the pear on your finger had you not mentioned it, great detail!

  2. Yes, a good picture, excellent composition through the window of the gallery !

  3. Love what you did with your selfie and the cool looking word strip on the side was a great idea.

    I have to say this one was "tough" for me. I'm not even sure I like what I ended up with but I at least gave it a try. Need to practice more on selfie's.

  4. I can't believe it's been a month! This year is just streaking by - seems we say that every year. I had fun with this one, Bonnie, thanks for the prompt! And I'm lovin' those two mini texture sets I bought - they seem to be my go-to textures lately! See you tomorrow for the voting process :) {so fun!}

  5. Seems that a lot of us are rather averse to taking selfies ... and yet look what we are seeing!!!! I think the quirky selfies linked-up are just SO creative. I'm just blown away. You guys are amazing!

  6. Thank you very much Bonnie, a monthly treat!

  7. You were very artsy and allusive with your selfie, Bonnie. Makes me want to see more which is what a good piece of art is supposed to do. You set a wonderful example that, sadly, I didn't follow. Love it :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Inspiring as always, Bonnie, and thank you for that new texture earlier in the week. I used your "Strands of Sunshine" on my Quirky Selfie green feet version and love the way it looks. You are an amazing mentor and hostess and I commend you for visiting and encouraging each and every artist who links up here.

  9. thank you for the opportunity to participate in your wonderful meme. thank you too for stopping by my blog today. hope you have a happy weekend~

  10. Love the creativity of your selfie art. I'm still working on going outside the comfort of my little box. Every month I'm sure I'm going to struggle with taking more liberties with my creative gears. But, I'll have fun trying. Thanks for hosting.

  11. lol, loved the fun in your image. :)

    And, thanks for the nice comment on my work. :)

  12. I really like that newspaper feel of your picture - very ghostly, too.

  13. A half Bonnie is better and nothing. Lovely. Ha de gott.

  14. Thank you for allowing us to get a little more creative each month! I love your artwork and sincerely hope you are feeling better..

  15. I love all the layers in your art portrait! It is so wispy and light. Very inspiring. Thank you again for making this challenge and visiting my blog, too:) Have a super day!


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