Sunday, May 25, 2014

news ... and a studio visit ...

Hi Friends,

Just popping in to announce that I have decided to put Photo Art Friday on a little hiatus for a few months.  

It has been hard to attract and keep participants when PAF is only a monthly affair.  As participation has dwindled, so has my energy ...  seems what I thought was bronchitis, that started the first week in March, is actually walking pneumonia.  Almost three months along and I'm still having coughing spasms, am really weak, tired and lacking energy.  

So thought I would take a bit of a break for the summer, beginning now (there will be no Photo Art Friday in June). Hope you understand.  I'll still post now and then - especially when I have free textures for you.

For all of you who have been die-hard participants over the months and years, I thank you so much for your submissions.  You truly are an amazing and inspiring group of digital, photo artists!!!  Do keep your eye out for PAF to return in the Fall.

On another note, I've had a few requests for another visit to my art studio.  I'm afraid it has not been a very busy or productive studio of late.  These photos of  it were taken a few weeks ago. 

In case you have not visited the studio with me before, it takes up 1/2 of our large garage.  The garage has a couple of windows and is painted white so it is nice and bright.  It also has a large sink, which works well for the water required to paint and for cleaning up. There is an long "L"-shape, waist-high workbench which allows me to work on a few paintings at the same time, two standing easels, and two large tables for tools and paints, and for allowing paintings to dry.  Come on in and take a peak!

This is the part of the "L"-shape workbench which is under a window.  You can see some of my paints, gels and glazes, and the little TV for the times when I feel the need for some background noise.  The blue flower piece is a little painting for a special waiter in one of our favourite restaurants.  The one to its right is an abstract landscape in progress.

The landscape in progress you just viewed is one in a series, like this one, of woodland scenes.  I will soon add a turquoise glaze to this one in the series, to enrich the colours and add depth.

This painting is almost finished.  I like to leave each painting up where I can view them for a while and decide whether or not they are complete.  This one is even more richly textured than what the photograph reveals. I've always thought of it as more beige and off-white than black, but this photo seems to make the black areas stand out more.  I wish I were a better photographer.  The photos I take of my paintings always disappoint me!  :-/

I've been trying my hand at some quirky pop art.  I'm the only one in my family who sees any merit in them! Oh well, they are good for a giggle - while painting them and when showing them!  :)

My family likes the more contemporary or traditional abstract paintings, like the blue one on the left here.

The one on the left was done with "crackle paste" which makes all kinds of cracks in the base layer of paint or structure paste.  It's a bit difficult to see the cracks with this photograph.

This is a mixed-media piece using a printed digital image. The image contains some of my textures and it is now married with a painted background and some stenciling.  I am not happy with it at all at this point. It will end up being painted over.  It stands there patiently awaiting my decision about its life expectancy.

I think I did this painting about the same time as we were doing the "quirky selfies" for Photo Art Friday. Wonder if there was any connection?  Have no idea what I will do with it!  It's ripe for interpretation and I have to admit that viewing it always makes me smile.

Another quirky piece where a New York Times crossword puzzle forms the head and the clues to the puzzle are slightly visible in the lower left-hand corner.  One could actually fill in the crossword ... but I think that decision should be left to its future owner.  My son says the image looks like a drunken hockey goalie.  :-/

And so ends our tour for today.  I'll take you around again when I have new pieces to show.  Until then be well!


  1. I understand you. Hope you get better.
    My disease has no cure. We will wait and see what happens.

  2. Oh, Bonnie, I'm so sorry you're still feeling unwell. I'm sad you're taking the summer off PAF, but I'm sure it's the best thing for your health, and that is what is most important!

    I love your paintings! Really.

    My favorite is the black/white/beige creation - really incredible!, and the drunken hockey goalie ;)

    Thank you for the tour! I pray that you are feeling better very soon, and I hope to hear from you over the summer, whether or not you have free textures :)

  3. so to hear that you're not feeling well. Take all the time you need to restore yourself to health and enjoy the summer. I like the crackle effect picture.

  4. Feel better Bonnie! Walking pneumonia sounds horrendous! Hugs, Linda

  5. Bonnie- so sorry to hear you are unwell. I understand how feeling weak and lacking energy can derail so much of our day to day life. I will send positive energy your way for healing and a return of health for you! Love seeing all of your work and the studio! Be well, friend!

  6. Your work is all so wonderful, Bonnie. Please take care of yourself, I just got over pneumonia and take it from me, i f you don't rest and take good care, it will take you down. Enjoy your summer!

  7. Dear Bonnie, take care of yourself, rest and paint with no blogging commitments. Of course I will miss PAF, It was your meme that brought me out of my shell, with grateful thanks, and prayers that you will be well soon. Thanks for the tour of your wonderful paintings, Miriam x

  8. Totally understand. Just had the cold (no pneumonia) for the whole month of March so can have empathy for how you must feel. Offering prayers for swift healing for you. Enjoy your Summer once you feel much better. :) You will be missed.

  9. I do understand! Take care of yourself now.
    I'm so impressed by your art!

  10. Take good care of yourself and enjoy the summer! I suggest you make rest and recovery your only real obligation. I'm particularly taken with your finished landscape piece and the abstract black and while painting you've shown here. Wonderful to see how your exploration and development of your painterly instincts are unfolding. Bon ├ęte, Bonnie!

  11. First I am so sorry that you've been ill. The most important thing is to take care of yourself and get back to feeling 100% again. I'm sad about missing out on PAF, it seemed to me that plenty were doing the monthly meme. I enjoyed it very much. Every week was hard for me but twice a month might work out better when you feel up to hosting again. Some interesting stuff in your studio. What's funny is that my favorite was actually the white photo that your son said looked like a "drunken hockey" player. I found it very clever.

  12. I enjoyed seeing your wonderful art!
    Take care!

  13. Take care, Bonnie,- that is the only thing that is important!
    About PAF I don't know what happened... I thought ones a month was super, but I forgot every time. Maybe twice a month is good idea, as Ida says?!
    Thanks for having a look in your studio,- some really nice works here, and I especially LOVE the piece in picture 3!

  14. Love your art work bonnie! Especially love this woodland scene. Want to know that you are feeling better.... hOping antibiotics and a new approach has helped. Let me know... Thinking about you

  15. then, looking forward to your comeback. :) Take care.

  16. And just when I found you! Well, I'll catch up by reading all the past ones! Be well!

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