Thursday, July 31, 2014

Checking In ...

Hi my lovelies!

Could not let the month of July slide by without connecting with you!  Hope each and every one of you is well and enjoying your summer (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, that is).

I continue to be consumed by painting (and taking tutorials on various styles of painting and specific techniques), with occasional forays into the garden to 'dead-head' and weed.  My husband just happens to be an excellent 'weeder' so he does most of the grunt work for me (thank you!).

Here are a few photographs of flowers on the gallery, deck and various flower beds:

Every year I have several pots full of various herbs and nasturtiums and one with an assortment of greens for salads.  It's such a treat to open the door and pick whatever I need.

Gorgeous hydrangea bushes dot our woodland garden.  They seem to be able to tolerate the shade.

These hydrangea bushes produce glorious apple green blossoms that turn to white as the summer progresses.

After I complete several paintings, I take photographs of them (visible on the left) and then have to perform a few edits (straightening, cropping, adding light, etc.).  This allows me to create a professional portfolio of paintings and to post decent images of them on Saatchi and Etsy where I sell some of them.

As you see, I have two computer screens which makes the work very easy.  I organize a lot of my photographs in Picasa (left) and then drag them over into Photoshop for editing. When set up properly, you can drag any images or documents from one screen to the other.  I love it!

This book is grabbing my attention right now.  If you are dealing with any chronic health challenges I would really recommend it.  Very interesting research is highlighted and it contains many practical suggestions about consciously incorporating the placebo effect into a get-well regimen. 

Update:  Speaking of health issues, after having walking pneumonia and bronchitis in the Spring I had coughing spasms that dragged on into May and June.  After visiting two different ENT specialists (ear, nose, throat) the second one said the coughing had nothing to do with the previous bronchitis, but was probably caused by "hidden acid reflux".  Huh?  I had experienced no heartburn .... but it turns out my cough was being caused by my stomach!  A prescription for acid reflux medication has ended the coughing spasms.  Go figure!  So glad to have finally solved that aggravating and tiring mystery. Once I finish the above book, I intend to try out the suggestions to stop the production of acid in my system and to eliminate the pain in my back.  Fingers crossed!  :)

 Cleome overtake one of our large flower beds every year.  But we don't mind they are such show-stoppers!

 One lone echinacea perennial trying to make a statement among the cleome.

 I leave you with this beauty.  Forget it's name at the moment.  Can anyone help me?

I'll be back soon with some photos of my latest paintings and with some new texture sets.  See you then!


  1. I don't know the purple flower, although the foliage looks familiar...just not in my flower bed! Happy that you found an answer to the coughing mystery...yes, the human body is strange! Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos. My lime hydrangea is just now ready to blossom. The early one that started out white is turning pink. So glad I've found a spray that keeps the deer from eating them in the spring. I'd like to visit your Etsy shop, so will go browsing.

  2. Your garden and containers are beautiful. We have a "Limelight" hydrangea and it's beautiful. Love yours!!

  3. My goodness, busy lady ... you certainly have recovered. So glad to see you so active with your art and your magnificent garden (wish my husband was a good weeder). Acid reflux, I had the same thing years back and without any heartburn. I also had the cough which improved greatly when I resolved the GERD. Sleeping with your head elevated helps as well because it stops the stomach acids from being able to flow up into your throat. Your book looks interesting ... I keep thinking I don't have any chronic illnesses, but actually, I do ... I have asthma and guess what it cause me to cough a lot. It is a pain ... I think I am keeping Ricola cough drops in business. Using a double screen ... boy you are into it big time. I have enough trouble managing my one screen ... think two would be a little overwhelming, but with all you do, I can see how it is a big help. Well, Lady, good to hear from you again. Glad you are feeling well and love that you are so into your art ... and selling it.:) I will take a stroll over to see your Etsy Shop as well. Stay well and I'll look forward to your next post ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Beautiful, Beautiful flowers!! Your purple one is Physostegia virginiana... Obedient Plant. Jealous of your weeding hubby ;) I have to do all my own weeding...

  5. Omy…your flowers are gorgeous! Glad to hear your health issues are improving. I had the same cough and a pulmonary specialist put me on Nexium for reflux causing the cough! Strangest thing as I have never had stomach issues or reflux but it did stop that dreaded cough. Your art class sound wonderful and I can't wait to see what you have created! What is the name of your Etsy Shop?

  6. So glad to see your name pop up in my inbox! and so glad you are feeling better :) Your garden is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings!

  7. What beautiful's so good to "see" you again, Bonnie. :)

    Thank you for mentioning that book - I'm dealing with some major back/rib pain issues and will definitely look into reading this! I'm glad your mystery cough was fixed. Have a great weekend~~

  8. Thank you for your comments! Delightful to hear from you. Interesting how others who read this blog experienced a cough from GERD. My wish is that all of us who are experiencing physical ailments find a source of, or way to relief.

  9. I have been thinking of you a LOT, Bonnie, and it's such a treat to see you in my Feedly!! Glad you are better from "all that" and that your gardens are blooming. it is very hot lately here in AZ, but that is how it is. I think often of your winter and am immediately humbled.

    Life goes on here and I have learned to embrace and even BEgin to enJOY cancer. had radiation in June and started chemo last week. feeling it, in many curious ways, yet my Spirits are really good. I think this is why I have chosen to embrace it. amazing how everything else falls into place when I can BE in acceptance.

    the book looks interesting. thanks for sharing it and for sharing your BEautimous flowerings.

  10. Bonnie, I had the same coughing spasms caused by hidden acid reflux. Now i am good.

  11. what a joy to see your garden and read that you are feeling better. my stitching, photography and blogging have been eclipsed by my garden this year but i'm very much enjoying it.
    i've just this week been from the dr. and diagnosed with barrett's syndrome . . . sort of an acid reflux situation gone very wrong. anyway, lots of biopsies and now waiting for results to know just how serious my situation is. i've been feeling pretty scared and depressed about my health so the book is definitely on my list.


  12. Oh your garden is so lovely and peaceful! I am so glad you are feeling better and are so inspired! Thanks so much for checking in:) Have a happy day!~kim


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