Photo Art Friday

Welcome to Photo ART Friday where you can showcase photographs that you consider a piece of 'art'.

Whether you are just beginning to experiment with creating art from your photo images, or whether you are more experienced, you are welcome here

It is inspiring to see where the more experienced among us have taken their work, and it is also exciting to discover and encourage those just beginning to use their photographs as a canvas on which they create art.

This meme is a friendly showcase of creativity and inspiration for anyone wanting to, or already creating art, with their photos.

"So what qualifies an image as art?", you might ask.  At Photo Art Friday we will use the criteria established by American artist, Jackson Pollack.  He said:

"Is it really art? 
 Your opinion is the only one that matters."

                   ~Jackson Pollack

I have often felt quite inspired by the work of Jackson Pollack.  It's not that it speaks to me in some profound way.  It's simply that if his work of splashing paint on a surface qualifies as art, some of my artistic endeavors may qualify too!  Yes, he had to know where and how to 'splatter' and 'splash' and how to marry the colors he chose, etc. etc. ... I am not disputing that he was a great artist.  I am simply using his work and his thoughts about what makes art to make the point that at Photo Art Friday, each one of us decides for ourself if our image is art.

So let me reiterate, here at Photo Art Friday, if YOU believe you have created a little piece of art, YOURS is the only opinion that matters.  

Links to Photo Art Friday can include:

*  any photograph  -  straight from your camera or processed in a photo-editing program  - landscape, still life, portrait, macro, abstract, composite, mosaic, textured, grunge, industrial, urban, digitalized, wildlife, painterly, collage, etc., etc., etc. -  that you feel looks like art - that you would want to frame and display in your home, for example...
No links will ever be judged or challenged on their artistic viability. 


1.  This is a showcase for artistic work created from photographs.  Unfortunately it is not a showcase where oil, acrylic or mixed-media artists can simply take photographs of their artwork and display them here.  We are looking to showcase PHOTO art only.  Your photo should be your canvas.
2.  Family-friendly content only, please.

3.  Post and link only your own digital photo art to avoid copyright infringements. 

 4.  One link, per week, per digital photographer/artist/editor please.

 5.  To participate you must link back here from your post so that others can discover, join in, and enjoy Photo Art Friday too.  Adding the Photo Art Friday link button in your post is a great way to do that.

The Photo Art Friday post will be published early - Thursday.  You can link up until Sunday at 7:00 p.m. EST.  That gives you almost four days in which you can share one of your favorite photo art selections.

How To Participate:

* Prepare your photo art image and include it in a blog post, mentioning somewhere in the post that you are linking the image with Photo Art Friday.

* Include an actual link to Photo Art Friday  in your post.

* Publish your post.

* Copy your newly published post's url (not just your blog's url) and paste it into the inLinkz box that will be up on this blog the first Thursday of every month at approximately 11:00 p.m. EST, and  follow the prompts that will appear on your screen.  Your selected image will then appear (as a link back to your post) in the list of all the photo art presented  for the week.

* 'Participating' for each of us will hopefully include visiting some of the others who have showcased their art, and leaving a comment (as your time allows). 

Prepare to be inspired! 
Prepare to receive comments! 
Above all, prepare to have fun!