Beginning with the Photo Art Friday on March 7th, I will activate the vote button allowing us each one vote to pick a favorite piece of photo art for the month.

Then ... to make it even a little more interesting, whoever receives the most "favorite" votes will receive a little "prize".  That person will be invited to choose one small set of my textures from the three small sets I have prepared exclusively for this purpose.

Check out the three sets of textures from which the one who receives the most favorite votes will be able to select one set for getting the most "favorite" votes:

The "favorite" pieces of photo art for the month will be made visible by a re-ordering of the thumbnails after the voting is complete. The one with the most "favs" can email me telling me which of the three texture sets they would like to receive as a prize and I will send it off to them.

The piece of photo art you vote for does not have to be the one you think is edited the best, nor the one that looks the most 'professional', nor the 'prettiest' - it just has to be the one that caught your attention the most for that month  - your fav.

All pieces of photo art, not just those who follow the monthly theme challenge, are eligible to receive your votes. 

If over a period of time, once one person has received the favorite award three times and has all three texture set prizes, they will have to understand that the piece of photo art that received the second most votes will be eligible to select a prize.  We have to spread the 'fav' love around, right?

For this FAV vote to work, it will require that you come back each month between Saturday, 18:00 EST and Sunday, 18:00 EST to vote.

Once the voting is complete, Inlinkz will re-order the thumbnails putting those who received the most votes at the beginning of the list.

I'll give you a couple of months warning before I end this PAF FAV vote version of Photo Art Friday  - but let's try it for the next several months.

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