There was once a story Ma used to tell me when I was very young. A boy, born with a unique talent. A talent that changed the whole world. With eyes bright as gold, and hair dark as night. Hands that sparks a flame with a flick of his finger, flames strong enough to burn without touch. No origin, he just appeared out of nowhere during the journey of the sainteness. A child who soon after became known as the dark hero. The dark shadow to bring in the light of the sainteness. Him and the sainteness brought peace among the world that used to crawl in the darkness of monsters.

It was a normal and ordinary childrens book, a story Ma came up with. No where close to the reality of the world, the dark cruel world that we were brought into. With demons who take the form of humans, and do anything they could for money and luxury. They always take from the weak, anything they can find that is worth money, and pointless things that only bring more dust in the room. The dark hero wouldn be able to defeat these monsters like in the books. One wrong move and your life will be doomed. The nobility lives in luxury, while the commoners live with whatever they were fortunate to gather.

Ma always believed that one day, peace will fill the world, tossing out all bad. She placed so much hope in believing something everyone knows that will never happen, even though she knew it was pointless but held on. I guess she wanted to put her faith in something so her life didn seem like nothing was worth living for. Up until her last breaths. Her last words still echo in my mind, ”My little warrior, soon… I believe peace will come. ” Oh how much I wish to believe her words.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. ”Shit… ” I curse to myself. 15 copper coins. With this much coins, Ill have to be lucky enough to even get a loaf of bread. Those bastards didn even bother giving me the full payment for the quest. Tch… should I start thinking of being a knight like uncle said to do? I mean… they do get paid well. I stopped. Maybe I should, it would make it much easier for me to eat and sleep. I might even get to taste some wine. Nah… Id rather get paid 15 coppers a month than fight for a noble. Those greedy demons don deserve to be protected. It would be better if they all just died, maybe then Mas wish would come true. A peaceful world… Hah! I wish.

Its been 7 years now since Mas death. I can remember much about Ma but she had beautiful red hair and dark brown eyes. She always looked at the positive of any situation. I loved and hated that part of her. I stare into the distance trying to catch a glimpse of any near city. ”Soon… ” I chuckle recalling my mothers last words, ”What a load of bullshit. ” I slide the coins back into my small bag and continued walking along the trail.

I should stop by uncles tavern while I am at it. Would go for a swing of some of uncles awesome booze right now. Mmmm… nothings better than clearing your head with some awesome booze! Maybe if I persuade him just a little hell let me drink some for free! Awesome, I should go look and see if he has any missions posted up too.

Beautiful… I thought while admiring the tavern that I have known for many years now. Look at that. Still the same since I last saw Uncles lovely tavern. The tavern is covered with vines hanging from the room. Some windows were broken, and you could hear loud cheers coming from inside. It feels a little peaceful right now standing outside of the tavern. No guards yelling, no nobility flashing and bragging to others about their riches, and also there are people who I can have a normal conversation with some occasional brawls but cares as long as its fun! I grin. I sucked up as much air as I could. And raised my right leg and stood in formation. Time to make my grand entrance!

BANG! I bust down the door with my magnificent kick, letting it slam the wall. ”IM BACK BITCHES! ” I scream to the whole tavern standing proudly. Some people in the tavern laughed while others just groaned in annoyance. Hehe. I didn wake up choosing violence for nothing!

”DUDE! Can you stop kicking the door down every time you visit. ” the old geezer on the right yelled at me. Geez… so mean.

”Is this how they greet a friend after not seeing them for a whole month. ” I pout. Glaring at Frank. Frank is a big muscular tanned man. I think he is in his mid thirties or so.

”Yeah, if that friend is a huge idiot like you. ” he snorts.

”Hey I am not a idiot! ” I barked back.

”Yeah yeah keep saying that kid. ”

”I am not a kid either! ” I yelled. Why does everyone keep calling me a kid here. I am one more year until my twenties.

I stomp past everyone and plopped myself on top of one of the stools near the bar.

I watch Uncle make different servings for all of his customers. He was an old fella, around his 60 with his normal plain white shirt and leather vest. Uncle had fair skin with silver hair, surprisingly the hair on his head is still intact with his head unlike a lot of the old men here. Bald annoying drunkards. He kept his hair in a neat bun so he could be kept ”presentable ” he says. He would always scold me for how dirty and unpresentable I looked but honestly I didn care much. I mean who would if the only thing they thought of was to fill their stomach enough so they won die?

”Andrew, been awhile how have you been? ” uncle asks. Shaking his magical bottle that makes the best beverages around!

”Couldn be any better since I got to see you today uncle! Can I get the usual please! ” I happily say with a grin.

”Andrew, can you even afford it? ” he says

”Cmon uncle, why ask something you already know the answer to? ” I say

”What is your excuse this time? ” Uncle sighed

”Dear sweat uncle, I have done many things to help you. Remember that one time I helped patch the roof for you? ”

His eyes narrow in considerat

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