The weirdo grins and faces me so I could see his face clearly. My eyes widened in surprise. For a rich alcoholic weirdo this guy actually doesnʻt look as shitty as the others. He had a slight tanned skin with long black hair that draped down past his shoulders. He had sharp blue eyes, the eyes that seem opposite from others. Unlike others, his eyes were more mysterious and filled with secrets. Not the good type to be friends with.

”Is my face attractive enough to even attract men too? ” he chuckles.

I snort. ”Whod be attracted to you when they already have a face like mine! ”

He chuckles, ”I like you. Whats your name kid? ”

Hah! Aunty taught me better than to give people my name without something to receive back. ”Two coins please, ” I say with a smile. He raises his brow. With two coins I can at least buy 2 bottles of rum for myself.

”Two coins? ”

”Yup! ” I say, I wonder if hell actually give me the two coins.

He burst out laughing, I think I see a tear forming in his eyes. ”You know what, since I like you I will give you four coins. ” Woohoo boys we hit the jackpot today! Four coins and a bottle of wine.

”Deal! ” I exclaimed.

Shaking the mans hands with a huge grin on my face. ”So kid, tell me whats your name. ”

”Buddy~ ” Frank slurred as he stumbled next to me. Only now he decides to show up?

I rolled my eyes. ”You asshole, who said who was an idiot now? ” I grumbled.

”Oh cmon, ” he giggles. He drapes his hands on my shoulders.

”Oh my god and you call me a child! ” I exclaimed, ”you
e practically in your thirties now and you
e giggling like a twelve year old! ”

”Awww but Im still your buddy right~ ” he slurs.

”You— ” I exclaimed.

”Boys, no fighting in the tavern. I still need to fix repairs from the last fight. ” Aunty says as she places another round of beers on the table next to us. ”Unless you guys found a way to pay for those broken windows over there. ” She looked at us both with a menacing smile.

”No maam! ” Both me and Frank say in unison.

”Good, now continue on. ” She smiles as she goes back to the kitchen.

After Auntys warning I tried to look back for that weird stalker but he vanished. Dammit! That drunk asshole made me miss a once in a lifetime deal. I glare at the drunk asshole, who right now is acting like a complete idiot dancing on top of the tables. I roll my eyes, at least play some music while you
e dancing! Who dances without any music!

As I sit and watch as other drunkards join the drunken asshole. I feel a hand tap my shoulder. It was uncle.

”Kid, you close to that weird guy earlier? ” Uncle asks.

”Which one? ” I ask, ”the guy dancing on the table or the weird stalker? ”

Uncle glares at me. Oh… hes serious about this one. Uncle does have a soft side, but when he feels threatened in any way he does get very scary. I sigh.

”No, not really. ” I explained, ”just happened to start talking out of nowhere. You know the usual. ”

”Andrew, don talk to that man. ” He states, ”that guy seems too suspicious for my taste. ”

I roll my eyes. Like Id ever see that weirdo anyway. ”Okay I get it uncle. But you should get back to working now. Don want any angry customers! ” I chuckle.

”HEADS! ” someone shouts. A chair comes flying this way and I instinctively dodged it. The chair crashes into a nearby table instead of me. Well, thats my cue to run before I also get involved. I sit up from my chair and dart for the open window. Hehe… who needs doors when you have an open window.

I dodge all the flying chairs and mugs, man I wish I could stay but I would hate to clean up after these guys after. I jump out of the open window and into a bush. Urgh— I should really practice on my escapes. I brush off the branches and leaves from my shirt. I stare at the night sky, one of the best times to actually travel!

”Well time to head off now! ” I cheered as I start making my way east.

In the far distance I can here aunt screaming her head about the broken window. Welp, im in for a good lecture when I visit again.

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