A Disciples Fate

Chapter 1: The Blood Disciple War

hem. Not for now, but for the future.

In a hut far away from the battle field, a baby is born.

”So hes finally born?. ”

A mysterious lady is with the family. There is no clear view of her face.

”Isn he beautiful darling? ”

”Yes, this is the best thing that has ever happened to our people. The best thing that has ever happend to us. ”

The couple are filled with high spirits.

”So what will you name him? ”

”His name will be Kiseki. Kiseki Chisei. He will take your surname darling. ”

The dad smiles.

The mysterious lady takes a good look at the baby. She pulls out a book.

”This baby will be the one to stop this ongoing war. Either that or he will become a danger to the world. But still, its a risk we have to take. ”

The two parents look at each other both looking worried.

”Are you sure this will work. Will he be in any danger in the future? ”

The lady has a worried look on her face.

”Your child won be able to do it by himself. He will have help in the future, allies he will meet by fate. ”

”But who alive could possibly help him? ”

The lady smiles.

”You won have to worry about who, just know that one person will help your son restore peace to the Disciple World. Now I must go. ”

”Where could you possibly go at this time? ”

”I have a war to end. ”

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