A Disciples Fate

Chapter 4: Dream Team

: Frozen Seas. ”

He releases his aura to the Tsunami and freezes it.

”That was close. ”

”Is that all you got Kuragami? Ice Technique: Ice Shurikens. ”

A barrage of ice shurikens start materialising from the frozen Tsunami. They rapidly fly towards Kuragami.

”Fine if you don want me to go easy on you, it will be your funeral. ”

Kuragami dodges all of the shurikens with ease.

”Impossible. ”

He jumps up high in the air and lands on the frozen tsunami. He looks down at Katara then smiles.

”Im gonna show you why Im the strongest Ice Disciple Shorai. ”

He jumps down to Katara, they are now both face to face. He attempts to punch Katara with his right arm and as she is about to block with her left arm, he intentionally misses. He is aiming for the floor on the right of her. He puts his right arm to the floor and twists his whole body to where he is doing a handstand. But instead of doing a handstand, he is charging up a kick that will break Kataras block. He is charging up aura in his right leg to amplify the kick. The kick is too fast for her to react so her left arm and Kuragamis right leg makes contact. She screams and gets pushed back till she hits a tree.

”Im not done yet. ”

Katara is stunned from her impact with the tree and is left with no time to react to anymore attacks. Kuragami gets back up on two legs. He crouches down and puts his right hand to the floor.

”Piercing Iceberg. ”

A bunch of piercing ice comes out for the floor directed at Katara. Katara can move as she got heavily injured from Kuragamis kick. Then in a trice, three people come out of nowhere In front of Katara. All six hands are on the floor and they all shout in unison.

”Water Technique: Steaming Vapor. ”

A bunch of burning water comes out hitting Kuragamis Ice. A bunch of smoke appears as a result to the clash. But Kuragamis move only slowed down. It hasn stopped and now its directed at all free of them.

”Pakku Varrick, get out the way Ill get Katara! ”

They both nod and run out the way. Yakone wraps Kataras arm around his neck and carries her out the way. The Iceberg collides with all the trees and stops. It creates an outburst of aura leading to Katara and Yakone falling.

The explosion dissapears. Yakone runs up to Kuragami and grabs him by his scarf. He seems furious.

”What the hell do you think you were doing? Katara couldve been badly hurt! ”

Katara looks at both of them worried. So does Pakku and Varrick.

”Well answer me! ”

Kuragami smiles menacingly.

”Its what she wanted. I was going to go easy on her but she told me not to. ”

”She couldve been hurt real bad. Do you know that? And your smiling about it? ”

”Its not my problem. I knew this would happen thats why I was gonna go easy on her. She tells me not to and Im in the wrong? Tell me how that makes sense Yakone. ”

Yakone doesn know what to say. He feels confused but hes still angry.

”Thats what I thought. Now get off me. ”

”Or what? ”

”Or Ill leave you bleeding on my ice. ”


Katara shouts at the top of her lungs. Yakone lets go off him in shock.

”How can you say that Kuragami? Yakone was only trying to tell you that you went too far. ”

”You know what, I never asked you four to come along and help me. You got what you wanted and now your complaining. Why don you go back to your parents and cry to them about how Kuragami was being mean to you today. Does that sound good to you? Sadly I can complain to anyone about you guys since both of my parents are dead! ”

They were all dumbstruck with regret. Yakone starts walking away. He turns around and looks at Kuragami.

”Good luck Kuragami, you will need it. ”

He starts walking off again and the other three follow. Katara looks back at Kuragami with upset. She can see any signs of regret on his face so she carries on walking and moves on.

”You guys are the ones that need luck. ”

Kuragami starts training by himself again.

Its dark outside. Kuragamis falls to the floor sweating heavily. He is gasping for breath.

”Thats enough for today, I should get back to Sayo. ”

He stands up then starts walking home back to Sayo.

Kuragami opens the door.

”Sayo Im home. ”

She is cooking dinner for Kuragami. It seems to be a big feast.

”Welcome home. ”

”Hey is there a letter about the teams? ”

Sayo stops cooking for a second.

”Kuragami. The teams won be announced till a couple days past. The Kashikoi want to deal with the situation your brothers in first. ”

Kuragami starts to get worried. He feels that Sayo is worried too.

”Are they going to strip him off his Kizoku role? Just because of Dads death? ”

Sayo has no answer to that.

”So they are then. ”

”Well we don know for sure. Maybe he- ”

Kuragami starts running upstairs into his room. He jumps in the bed and covers his face with the pillow.

A couple days go past. Its finally the day where the teams get announced. All the Shorai will get a letter sent home. The letter contains their team of 4. Although they have a team of 4, Shorai are always going to have a Nakaba or above on their team to play the role of the team captain.

Kuragami wakes up all excited. For the past days hes been training his ass off, making sure that he is ready for his first mission. He is thrilled to find out whos on his team and is ready to fight alongside them.

”So todays the day. Where my team is finally going to be announced. ”

Someone knocks on their door. Its the post man. Sayo opens it. She receives a single letter. Its for Kuragami. Kuragami runs downstairs and sees the letter in Sayos hand. He snatches it and opens it straight away.

”Sayo its finally time to see whos in my team. ”

She smiles.

”Homura Endou. Of course. Sasaki Bushida. So me and Sasaki are gonna be on the same team after all. ”

He smiles and gets more excited that he will fight alongside both Homura and Sasaki.

”And Lastly, Cherry Chibana? Who the hell is that? ”

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