A Disciples Fate

Chapter 5: A Trip to The Circus

the Rogue Disicple reaches the floor head first. Sky catches his fall. The Rogue is unconscious.

Kuragami is amazed at Skys strength. Sky puts his hand out facing the unconscious enemy.

”Forbidden Technique: Air Suffocation. ”

The technique makes it so air is removed from the lungs, leading to death.

”There we go. Well done Sasaki for distracting him. Theres three more hiding. You might aswell come out guys. ”

Pure silence.

”Kuragami freeze that bush over there. ”

”No. ”

”What do you mean no? ”

”I mean Im gonna freeze everything. ”

He crouches down with one hand on the floor.

”Ice Technique: Artic Eruption. ”

The ground starts rumbling. Kuragamis aura is spread all around the place. Kuragami smiles, then shouts.

The whole place around them is frozen, trees, bushes, everything. The three hiding Rogue Disciples are now easily noticeable. They
e frozen in Kuragamis ice.

”It took one attack to stop three rogues. Maybe we really should keep an eye on him.. ”

”Did you say something? ”

”Oh no. Well done though. ”

Kuragami smiles.

Sasaki finishes off the frozen Rogue Disciples with his sword.

”You see guys, Im the top Shorai. Me Kuragami Nozomi. ”

Cherry mimics Kuragami in a stupid voice.

”Ill burn the next Rogue we see. ”

”Lets just carry on to the circus. ”

They all carry on walking to the circus.

”Hey guys remember the song we learnt when we were kids. ”

”Kuragami, don . ”

Homura, Sasaki and Cherry all face palm in unison.

e travelling across the land, we
e travelling with all our friends! ”

Sky laughs and finishes off the song.

”Across the mountains up and down, well stay together till the end! ”

Cherry looks at the two not singing.

”We might as well. ”

She then starts to join in.

”And even if we
e in danger, well be together well be prepared! ”

Now all of them are singing.

”And as I sing my favourite song, you will join in I recommend! ”

They all start singing the rest of the song. It seems that the whole team start to build a connection with one another.

”You Shorai sure are funny. Anyways I think now is a good chance to tell you guys that we are going back to where we came from. ”

Cherry bites through her lollipop.

”How long have you known? ”

”The whole time. ”

The team freezes and stares at Sky.

”Whats the matter guys. We can just turn around. ”

They all start shouting at him.

”You could have just told us way before! ”

”What was the point of telling us later on?! ”

”Sky I swear Im going to cut you up right now!

”Freeze to death Sky!FREEZE! ”

Sky starts laughing uncontrollably.

”You guys really are funny. ”

Sky carries on laughing. They all turn around.

In the circus, theres a bunch of performers delivering news to their boss, Raffles.

”Good news boss, they got attacked by some of our fighters and now they
e walking away. But it doesn make sense as they easily defeated them. ”

e probably gonna come back. And it seems as they
e strong. What rank are they? ”

e just Shorai. ”

”So you
e telling me that my men got beat by mere Shorai! We need to monitor everyone coming in and out of our area. Its time to test our strong fighters before we send them to Hells Arena . ”

”Ok boss Ill get them ready. ”

Kuragami sees something ahead. He runs ahead.

”Hey Sky, is that it? Raffles Circus? ”

”Yeah. Now guys, they
e gonna be expecting us. We need to be on our guard. ”

”Hey Homura, lets just run straight in and attack every bad guy we see. ”

Homura nods. They both start running to the entrance with their auras raised.

”Wait guys I have a pla- ”

e already gone Sky. Sasaki you might aswell go with them to make sure they
e ok.

”Fine. ”

Sasaki starts running ahead.

”Cherry, I want you to stay with me. Observe everything. ”

”Umm. Ok. ”

Theres a lot of enemies infront of them.

”Kuragami, you take left Ill take right. ”

”Alright. ”

Homura puts his hand up and starts charging his aura.

”Fire Technique: Fire Bird. ”

He creates a large fire bird at the palm of his hand. He throws it at the enemies in front of him with maximum force. The large fire bird impacts with all the enemies creating a flame eruption around the place.

Theres smoke all around Homuras area.

”All the enemies on my side are done. What about yo- ”

Homura is left shocked. All he sees is Kuragami standing in front of a bunch of cold air. Theres no enemies in sight.

Both the cold air and smoke are parallel to each other, but its obvious that the cold air is more grand.

”All done. ”

Kuragami lets off a big smile. Sasaki finally catches up to them.

”It seems like you guys didn need my help after all. ”

”You see Cherry. ”

”See what? ”

”Exactly. Just keep a close eye on all three of them. Especially Kuragami. ”

Cherry is puzzled. She doesn know what Sky is looking for.

”Bring out the big guys. ”

100 more enemies with stronger aura than before appear. And theres more. Three 10 foot giants appear. Their aura is significantly more powerful than the others. Kuragami looks petrified.

”Their aura is, scary. Ive never felt aura like this so close to me before. ”

All 3 of the giants aura are projected to the team. Sasaki is startled. He grips his sword in his sword holder and raises his aura.

His aura is being overpowered by the 3 giants aura, but you can still feel Sasakis aura lingering. The three giants just stare at him. All signs of Sasakis fear disappears. Hes ready to fight the 3 giants.

The giant in the middle charges up a punch.

”Wild Wol- ”

”Kuragami, Sasaki, Cherry, Homura. Lets retreat for now. I know where to go. We weren even suppose to go here first. Come follow me. ”

Sasaki lowers his aura. They all run and follow Sky.

The giant punches the ground. The punch generated shockwaves in the ground causing a mini earthquake. The ground starts to rumble and cracks turn visible.

Sky makes the team fly with his wind so they don get effected by the attack. They all look down flapping their arms.

”Woah we
e flying. ”

”Don worry Sasaki, we will get the opportunity to fight them later. ”

”Ill cut them up the next time we meet. ”

Sky leads them to a town, Furendori town.

”We will stay here for a bit. We need to look for an old man named Solomon. ”

Kuragami walks up to Sky.

”Those giants, infact everyone at that circus, I felt something weird in their aura. It was as if they didn want to attack us. But at the same time, it felt like they wouldve gladly killed us. ”

Sky and the others look at him like hes stupid.

”Nevermind then. ”

”Don worry Kuragami. We will see if your instinct is right. ”

”Its not instinct. ”

”The old man works at a motel. Its most likely that motel right there since its the only motel. ”

They all go in and sees a person behind the desk. Kuragami straight away points at them.

”Hey Old Man! Whats happening at Raffles Circus? ”

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