”Mrs. Hope. Weve been expecting you. Here, have some water. ”

”Where am i? ”

”Don be too scrupulous about it. Whats more important, you are save now. ”

I didn know who they are nor tried to trust them. They took me to this place after confronted by the Apex Predator. From the outside it looked like an old shack, but when i walked in, theres an elevator to the underground.

”Listen, whatever you want from me, i don have it, ” i said.

”Calm down. Im Kyle, im assigned to accompany you. Well fly to the HQ in two hours. Change your clothes, we have spare in that closet. ”

”What if i don want to? ”

”Ill ask the ugliest man we have to put it for you, ” he glowered. ”Don waste your time, Defiant Little Lady. ”

I looked at him with contempt. I didn have a choice after all. At least they didn try to kill me. I put the spare clothes on. A camo T-shirt and trousers. He deliberately didn tell me if the spare clothes were man size. Its buggy. I felt naked in this. Luckily i found a belt to cinched these over sized clothes. This was embarrassing.

They didn say anything when they saw me. Instead, they offered me some food.

”Don give me that face. ”

”What if you poisoned my food? ” i said.

Kyle put a glass of water on the table. ”You
e already dead long ago if i want to. ”

We took off when the sun about to submerged into the horizon. As the helicopter flied, a drop of tear rolled up my cheek. Invariably dripped like a cut opened vein. My throat feels tight as if it squished by a press machine.

Kyle looked at me, but say nothing.

It felt unreal. Just a week ago i was just a normal person. Well maybe not so normal, but at least i felt happy as if everything will always gonna be fine, but look at where i am now.

”Mrs. Hope, well arrive in five minutes. ”

I nodded. I didn feel like to say anything.

”You have to change your clothes when you get there. You look funny. ”

What is this? Is he tried to provoked me?

”You looked like a homeless zombie from Kensington Ave. The only different is you
e sober and beautiful. ”

”Excuse me? ”

”Listen, Mrs. Hope. I understand what youve been through, but cheer up. You are save now. Don look outside with that mindless empty stare like Joe Biden on his Teleprompter. ”

”Joe Biden? Why would you bring a dead person from one hundred years ago into our conversation? ”

”Exactly. ”

I don understand.

Not long after we landed on a spectacle looking building. It looked immense and distinct with its neo futuristic architecture design. I didn know where am i at the moment, but i could assure this place was highly secured. Armed guards almost everywhere. Some just lingered around the gates and watchtowers.

A woman escorted me to infirmary. I told her im fine, but she insisted to treated the scratch on my elbow and knee. How did she know about my knee? Did Kyle informed her before we got here? Shes truly a caring woman. After a quick treatment she took me to another room. The atmosphere changed drastically. Almost like from bad to worse. A scary looking man just sat there as if hed been expecting me. His intense stare made my knees tremble. Let alone the burn scar on his left face.

”Thank you Adeline, you can leave. Now, Mrs. Hope, please take a seat. ”

”Where am i? Uhmm I, im sorry. With all respect, Sir, i, uhmm. ”

”Cemetery Wind headquarter. Im Thomas Henderson, the managing director of this place. ”

”I, i, i uhmm, its truly disconcerting. I, i really don understand why am i here and what is this place and uhmm, i, ive never heard about your organization and uhmm. ”

”Worry nothing Mrs. Hope. We are on the good side. ”

”B, but, uhmm, could you elaborate more? With all respect, Sir, i, i didn mean to, uhmm. ”

”We are just like Apex Predator. The only different is, we are serving a different bos. ”

”So, uhmm, Cemetery Wind is a private military organization? Like, mercenary army? I, i just assume, im maybe wrong, b, but i don mean to, uhmm. ”

”Mrs. Hope, i understand youve been through a lot this week. Just for your record, we don have a plan to kill you. Yet. ”

A sudden great turmoil in my chest almost pumped my soul out of my body. What did he mean by, yet? As i thought, i was literally running from a snakes hive into the lions den.

”We are working for the World Health Organization, Mrs. Hope. I believe this answer would dissipate your doubt and dismay. ”

Why would a prestige high class world organization such as WHO hired this mercenary army? Whats the purpose?

”Uhmm, okay, what do you want from me? ”

”The truth. ”

”And by truth you mean? ”

”Tell me everything you know about the Novaya Zemlya incident. ”

I froze on my chair like a broken door knob. I didn want to remember anything that happened on that night. In fact, i was haunted by it. Somehow, a sudden compulsion spasm an urge in me to fight the inner terror.

”Fine, ill tell you everything. ”


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