A Noble Goal

The Blood Moon

Looking out the window, the city at night lit up beautifully, yet Reginald couldn feel at peace.

Looking down at his sketchbook, he kept feeling as if theres something he needed to do.

He took off his black spectacles on the wooden table, leaning further back in his chair.

He recalled what was spoken today by the headmaster at his school and frowned.

He looked down at his hands, narrowing his eyes in concatenation.

Sweat slowly formed at the corner of his head before a small flame appeared in the middle of his palm.

”Ugh! ” He fell back on his chair, ”Everyone has some powerful evolutionary powers! ” His arms dropped at his side, ”Whats the point of having such a cool power when I can barely light a fire in my hand. ”

Looking at his spectacles, he felt like breaking it. He took it and pressed a small button on the side.


A sound was heard, as light came out of the spectacles, slowly covering his whole body.

He turned and looked in the mirror, ”Whats the point o

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