A Noble Goal

Not a fairytale

Lightning struck the ground, followed not long later by a thunder that

The rain started to get lighter, but the lightning isn stopping.

In a lit up cave, a young man that looked around 20 sat opposite a campfire. The fire shining his blue-grayish eyes, as his black hair still alittle wet from the rain.

He sneezed, shivering in what little clothes covering his body.

His eyes moved on its own, as he turned to look at the cave entrance.


”Hm? ” A teenage girl stood there, noticing his gaze. The little light from the fire shone on her, showing her wearing a field jacket that looked like it was used in a war, some parts of it torn and old, with a pair of military grey pants. She is wearing a long jacket that almost reached her knee.

Both of them heard the sound, and they just stated at each other.

”Hey little kid, ” She slowly walked in, which he slowly back away, turning his nails sharper, ”Say, did you had a strange dream not long ago? ”

His eyes widened a little, but his head still lowered and stared at her.

”If I want you dead, ” She tilted her head a little with a small grin, ”You would have already died. ”

His arm lowered a little, as his back met the caves wall.

She took off her jacket, ”Example. ”

His eyes widened, ”Fuck. ” His body curled up, and he realised the jacket on him, he looked back up and saw she sat on the ground.

”You are not too bad for a fifteen year old. ” She said, as he felt something dripping from his chin.

He touched his chin, and felt a little pain.

She cut me? Since when? He looked at his hand covered in blood.

”Maybe its just that your sense of danger has increased. ” She shrugged, ”You are clearly too weak to be an ally of mine. ” She started muttering to herself, and he got confused as time passed.

He slowly sat down, watching her talk to herself. Unknowingly, he started to doze off, before falling asleep.

She noticed it, and also closed her eyes.

She opened her eyes again, and saw herself back in the foggy space.

Hm? She saw an almost transparent line that she didn notice before, looking around, she realised that the other three were further than before. Another two have a thin line connected to the two before.

She looked down and saw one line more obvious than the others, and was connected to one of the figures from far away.

She tried moving her arm, and grabbed one of the opaque lines.

Wirt, who was looking at the city slowly going to sleep, suddenly heard.


His vision became blurry, as he found himself back in the foggy world.

He felt a pull on his chest, and looked down. His gaze followed the string, and saw a figure pulling the string.

Who is this? He tried his best to recall who he had met before, many names appeared and disappeared.

Her eyes widened, Is it-.

Her? He narrowed his eyes,

Shes alive, Hes alive, Both of them thought.

Without any words, both of them guessed the others identity.

She clutched the line, and tried to pull it.

Yet nothing happened.

He chuckled in his mind, This damn world.

She woke up, and looked at the rain outside thats coming to a stop, ”Hes alive. ” Her fingers dug into the soil, before stopping. She glanced and looked at the boy sleeping soundly.

She grabbed a handful of soil, and walked outside. Throwing it down on the ground, she walked further from the cave.

She looked up at the trees, and climbed up one of them.

When she reached the top, she saw the sun slowly rising.

She glanced and saw a figure sitting on another tree not far from her, the figure wasn there before.

”Who are you? ” She asked, her black eyes seemed to start changing colour.

”Say, wanna fight to the death? ” The figure chuckled, ”It doesn matter if one of the chosen ones died, right? ”

Her eyes narrowed, ”How do you know? ” The sound of something tearing could be heard, as she slowly stood up from the tree branch.

”Oo? Going full power from the start? ” The figure also slowly stood up, balancing on the branch, ”Are you certain you won kill me? ”

Her eyes changed back to black, as she gritted her teeth, Thats right, I don even know who this person is. She glanced at the sun thats rising, Damn it, not now.

The figure noticed her gaze, and looked at the sun rising.

”Ah, the sun. What did (error) say again? Demons get stronger when the sun sets. While angels get stronger when the sun rises. Now, its the time for humans to wake up, ” They glanced at the cave, ”Oh, its the other half. ”

”Other half? ” She muttered, as the figure pulled down the hood, ”Y-you! ” She stuttered, ”Are you using her face? Or, no…. But I saw you die! ”

The figure was Rin, as she yawned, ”Ive been up all night running here, I ought to go sleep now. ”

”Stop right there! ” Her eyes changed colour, ”Who are you? Impersonating a dead person. ” She glared, light slowly gathering by her hand.

”(Error), ” She looked at her, ”Lets have a proper chat one day. ”

”(Error)! ” Light flashed around them, shining as bright as the sun, lightning struck down.

”Dumbass. ” Rin muttered while closing her eyes, as a thunder roared not long after, Ive told you not to speak of that name.

When the light dimmed down, a loud shout echoed in the cave.

He woke up, breathing heavily. Clutching the jacket close to him, feeling the warmth of it.

= ”(error)? No, hes now called Sanosuke. He shall be made to be the most helpful. ” A man in white coat said, while holding a phone.

”Sanosuke? Thats interesting, very well. ” Another man beside him said, ”Now, lets proceed with the experiments. ”

”Of course, Sir Yao. ” The scientist kept the phone, ”Ive finished recording the necessary information. ”

”How has he grown? ” Sir Yao asked, ”Some of the subjects had died. While many slowly have the strength to rebel. ”

”We will make sure hes loyal before giving him his powers. Just like his sister. ”

The whole time when they were talking, Sanosuke heard the whole thing as he curled up into a ball.

”He seems to be awake, Sir Yao. ” Sanosukes eyes widened, as his body started trembling.=

”Hey hey hey, ” He heard a soft voice, ”You are safe, safe here. ”

He slowly opened his eyes, and saw the teenage girl injured. Half her face is bloody, with the rest covered in soot, ”You
e safe her-. ” Before she could finish, she collapsed on the ground beside him.

He gasped as he saw her back with a bloody hole, while her leg looked broken.

He quickly removed the jacket and covered her, and saw two big holes at the back.

Can she heal? He panicked, Shes gonna die!

”Hey. ” He jumped up, turning to see Rin standing behind him, ”Thats a nasty wound. ”

”Who are you? ” He turned around, nails turning sharper as he let out a low growl.

”I can heal her, she will die if she doesn get treatment now. ” Rin simply said, as Sanosuke looked hesitant.

”You know, magic? ” He had heard magic existed, but hadn seen it before.

”Kid, if we keep talking. Even my master can save her. ” She raised a brow, ”Are you gonna let me save her or not? ”

Sanosuke looked down, before slowly stepping to the side.

Rin slowly walked forward while yawning, ”Im gonna go into hibernation after this. ” She squatted down, and took a deep breath.

Sanosuke suddenly jumped away, using one arm like a shield in front of him as he felt his hairs standing.

”Ha! What a sharp sense kid. ” Rin commented, as wind started picking up in the cave, ”Or maybe its just natural instinct? ”

The wind seemed to gather around her right sleeve, as she slowly lifted up the sleeve that became an arm despite it seeming to contain nothing.

= ”Just kill me! ”

”No! Your soul is unstable! It will break! You will die! ”


( Text unable to be viewed )

( Text unable to be viewed )

” I hope we meet in the next life, s(error). ” =

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