”I want to have a new plush bunny, so I can make my mom happy again! ” Uroya said.

The goddess of the swamp let out a haughty laugh, her spider pets scurrying around her feet. ”You humans are always so predictable, ” she said, her voice dripping with disdain. ”But very well, I shall grant your wish. It is the least I can do for the messenger of the gods. ”

She raised her hand, a bright green light emanating from her fingertips. Uroya watched in awe as the light swirled and pulsed, filling the cave with its glow. The giant spider pets stopped their movement, their eyes fixed on the goddess as she cast her magic.

”By the power of the swamp, I grant your wish, ” the goddess said, her voice echoing through the cave.

Uroya waited expectantly, but nothing seemed to happen. She looked down at her bunny companion, who shrugged in confusion.

”Is something supposed to happen? ” Uroya asked the goddess.

The goddess let out a sigh of frustration. ”You humans are always so impatient. Sometimes the magic takes a while to take effect. Just wait and see. ”

Uroya nodded, trying to be patient as she looked around the cave. She noticed a ripped off hand holding a sword, lying next to a corpse on the ground. She couldn help but feel a sense of fear and disgust at the sight.

She turned to the goddess, her voice shaking as she spoke. ”Can I leave now? This place is scary and I don want to be here anymore. ”

The goddess let out a sigh of annoyance. ”Very well, but remember that you can only come here once. Choose your wish wisely next time. ”

Uroya nodded, grateful to be leaving the cave and the swamp behind. She and the bunny made their way back through the misty swamp, their wings beating hard as they flew over the murky waters.

As they neared the village, Uroya felt a weight lift off of her shoulders. She was relieved to be back in the safety.

But as they landed in the clearing, Uroya noticed something strange. A brand new plush bunny toy was sitting on the ground next to her destroyed one. She looked at the bunny companion by her side in shock.

”Did the magic work? ” she asked in disbelief.

The bunny nodded, a smile spreading across his face. ”It seems the goddess of the swamp has granted your wish after all. And who knows, maybe one day youll find the courage to visit her again and make another wish. ”

Uroya smiled, her heart filled with gratitude and hope. She knew that she would always remember this adventure and the magic that had touched her life. And with her new bunny toy by her side, she felt ready to take on whatever challenges came her way.

Uroya ran as fast as she could, her heart pounding with excitement and anticipation. She couldn wait to show her mother her new plush bunny toy, the one that the goddess of the swamp had granted her wish for. She could already imagine her mothers warm embrace and the look of joy on her face.

But as Uroya turned the corner onto her street, she was met with a sight that froze her in her tracks. There was a gallows tree in the middle of the street, and her mother was standing on a small table beneath it, her hands tied behind her back. A group of guards surrounded her, their weapons drawn and ready.

In the center of the group was the leader of the group of little boys who had destroyed Uroyas bunny toy, his father by his side. He was shouting and pointing at Uroyas mother, accusing her of being a witch and hiding a demon bunny.

Uroyas heart raced with fear and desperation as she watched the scene unfold. She couldn believe what was happening. She had always thought her mother was just a simple seamstress, not a witch.

She looked around at the faces of the people in the crowd, their expressions ranging from disgust to fear. No one seemed to believe her mothers pleas of innocence.

As the guards tried to catch the bunny, it broke free and flew towards the forest. Uroyas mother stepped up onto the table, her eyes locked on Uroya as she shouted and cried for her to run. Uroya threw her plush bunny.

But Uroya couldn move, her feet rooted to the ground as she watched in horror as the guards kicked the table out from under her mother. She fell through the air, the rope around her neck tightening as she plummeted towards the ground.

The sound of her mothers body hitting the ground was like a punch to Uroyas gut. She was broken, her world crumbling around her as she ran to her mothers side and hugged her lifeless corpse.

The people of the village slowly began to disperse, leaving Uroya alone with her mothers body. She swore to herself that she would have her revenge on the boy who had caused all of this, and set off into the forest to find the bunny messenger of the gods.

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