He ordered her, and Everly instantly went quiet.

It was like there was this authority in his voice that would cause you to instantly become submissive once he spoke.

Her eyes flickered vigorously, and she looked up at his face, now realizing how tall he was.

Her height was around his shoulder, and not just that, he was quite muscular, indicating just how petite she was near him.

She breathed heavily, feeling suffocated, and watched as his hands slowly moved to her face.

Her eyes broadened the moment he touched her face and went still once he grabbed onto her nose.

Valerio shut his eyes and gripped her jaw next.

It was as though he was trying to discern her features.

His fingers grazed her lips, and Everly, who couldn understand what was going on or what he was doing all that for, stood still, her heart pounding heavily.

Once he was done touching her face, he moved to her hair and grabbed it, then proceeded to check its length.

His brows scrunched in a bit of surprise on feeling the length of her hair stop at her butt, and he stepped back, done with what he was doing.

”What is your eye color? ” He suddenly asked.

”Uh…um…emerald green. ” She replied in confusion, and instantly, as though by magic, Everlys image appeared in his head, showing exactly how she looks.

No one knows if its an ability of his or not, but once he determines ones features, he could define exactly how you look as though he was viewing you.

e beautiful. ” He complimented her out of nowhere and caught off guard by it, Everly frantically blinked her eyes at him.

”Um… I thought you can - ” She immediately bit her lower lip, knowing very well that she is not meant to speak about his condition.

”Thank you. ” She appreciated it and secretly let out a soft breath. ”Is there anything I can do for you? ”

She inquired, making sure that her sentence did not exceed ten words.

”Yes. ” He replied and walked away towards the bathroom door.

”Give me a bath. ” He said, and Everly went dormant, as if shot, trying to process his words.

B-bath him? Was she supposed to do that?

She wondered, unable to believe how many times this man has astounded her with his words.

”Is that not part of your job? ” She immediately jerked in fear as Valerio questioned her as if he had read her mind.

What the? Did I say that out loud, or can he hear what Im thin-

”Yes, I can. ” He satisfied her curiosity before she could even think fully. ”So be careful of the things you think about around me. ”

He warned, and not bothering to ask how that was possible; Everly nodded slightly, having had enough shock in a single day.

”Yes, Sir Avalanzo. ” She replied and walked towards him.

”Should I take your clothes off? ” She asked, heavily hoping that he would say no, but her heart dropped to her stomach when his reply came out positive.

She was only used to looking after old people in this way, not young, very hot, gorgeous men.

A grimace formed on her face, and she unbuttoned his suit.

She took his tie off and began to unbutton his shirt.

Once she took his shirt off, deep astonishment flashed in her eyes the instant her gaze fell on his body.

His entire upper body was filled with tattoos that reached his neck.

With her jaw dropped, she slowly raised her head to look at him.

”Oh, my words! ” She exclaimed under her breath and quickly averted her gaze from his face when she spotted a frown appearing on his face.

She looked at his pants and bit her lower lip, waiting for him to tell her, ”No, don . ”

But the desire to cry overwhelmed her when she heard nothing from him.

”S-should I take your pants off too? ” She asked in a very small voice, and Valerio bent his head to look at her.

He arched his brow at her, and knowing the words behind that look, she immediately proceeded to unbuckle his belt.

I can expect worse, can I?

She thought in her heart, and Valerio, who obviously heard it, narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

She took his belt off and moved to unzip his pants, but unexpectedly, Valerio grabbed onto her wrist and lowered his head to look at her.

”Fill the tub. ”

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