He glared at her, and she obediently picked up the sponge without uttering a word.

She returned the sponge and soap to their original positions.

Once she had done that, she turned around to leave, but yet again, he stopped her.

”Sit in the room and wait for me. ” He instructed her, and she nodded before making her way out.

She closed the door and walked toward the bed.

She sat down on it, and the urge to shout in aggravation overwhelmed her.

Just what sort of man was this?

Out of all the patients of hers that she has taken care of, he was the worst.

The most vexing, shocking, and impolite!

For some reason, she now feels like all of her admiration and crushes on him, before she met him have just flown out of the window.

He was a completely different person than what social media portrays him to be.

I mean, no one even knows that this man is blind.

She didn even know, and thats why she was flabbergasted when Delarcy mentioned that that was his condition.

He was literally a perfect god in the eyes of everyone.

An extremely hot, beautiful, and wealthy one at that.

She shook her head, unable to believe that she was thinking of that man right now.

A soft, skeptical cackle fled her mouth, and she turned her head when the door pushed open.

Her gaze fell on Valerio, who was wrapped in a white robe and white underwear, with his dark hair dripping water onto the white floor.

She gulped and quickly stood up from the bed, knowing what her next task was.

She arrived in front of him and grabbed him by the arm.

She led him towards the chair at the table and turned the nearest switch on.

She grabbed a hold of the hair dryer and unhurriedly began to dry his hair.

”Your hair is very soft. ” she suddenly commented, but Valerio, on the other hand, ignored her with his gaze fixed on the mirror.

He used to sit right in this spot, staring at this mirror. At himself and a woman behind him who always had a blooming smile on her face as she brushed his hair just like Everly was doing.

But people we know tend to change into people we don know.

To think that the same woman, a woman he loved with everything he had, his whole heart, his entire existence, would betray him and put him in this situation.

Its quite pitiful.

A sudden, unexpected rage rose within him, and angrily, he slapped Everlys hands away.

”Enough!! ”

He growled at her, and Everly, who was perplexed as to why he did so, looked at him.

”I am not done brushing your hair, Mr. Avalanzo… ”

”Don bother about it. Just pick out my clothes. ” He cut her off, and although she wanted to know why he suddenly acted that way, she decided to suppress her curiosity.

She pushed the door to his dressing room open and stared at the huge interior filled with rolls of clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

It was as if this was a male section in a clothing mall.

”Wow…. ” She walked further in, and her hands grabbed onto the white shirt and pants she saw.

If she is not wrong, white was definitely Valerios favorite color.

She could tell this by the sets of white clothing overwhelming the few items of colored clothing in the room.

She stepped out of the room and came to a halt when she noticed he had brushed his hair by himself and packed it into a messy bun.

”Hmmm… He did it almost perfectly. ”

A slight look of surprise formed on her face, and she strolled over to him.

”Here, touch it. ” She gave the clothing to him, and Valerio touched it to feel its texture.

”What color is it? ” He inquired.

”White. I figured white is your favorite color, so I picked out ones in that color. ” She responded with a warm smile on her face.

A bit appalled, Valerio crumpled his brows, puzzled as to why she was already noticing such insignificant details.

He spread his arms, and Everly took his robe off.

Her lashes fluttered, and a grimace emerged on her face on seeing the long scar that spread across his back.

Oh, my god. She exclaimed in her mind, not sure what could have caused such a huge scar on his back.

She lifted her trembling hand to touch it, a bit afraid that it would hurt.

”Does it hurt? ” She inquired in a concerned voice, and Valerio glanced at her from the corner of his eyes.

”What do you think? ” He questioned back in a neutral voice, and Everly withdrew her hand.

”I guess it must hurt. Am sorry. ” She apologized with pure sincerity in her voice and Valerios eyes immediately flashed with an unknown glint.

”What are you sorry for? Did you do that to me? ” He asked, very annoyed by the fact that she was the type to say sorry unnecessarily.

Unsure of what to say as a reply, Everly stayed quiet.

She helped him into his shirt, then proceeded to help him wear his pants.

Once she was done, she proceeded down the stairs to get his lunch.

His lunch was exactly at 2 p.m, and dinner was at 6 p.m.

She returned with it and dropped it on the table close to the sofa where Valerio was seated.

”Are you ready to eat? ” She asked, and Valerio shifted his gaze to her.

”Its my lunchtime, no? ” He arched his brow at her as though looking at a stupid person, and Everly immediately shut her eyes to suppress her annoyance.

Gosh! Why can he just say yes or no? She cursed in her heart, and Valerio vehemently narrowed his eyes at her.

”I told you to watch what you think when you are around me. It could cost you your life. ” He abruptly warned, and immediately reminded that he could read her thoughts, Everlys expression fell.

”Apologies. ” She quickly apologized and moved to sit close to him with the tray of food placed on her lap.

She scooped up a full spoon of rice and brought it to his mouth.

”Ahhhhhhh. ” She made such a silly sound to him and stunned to the core, Valerios eyes flashed in confusion.

”What did you just do? What was that for? Do I look like a child to you? ” He questioned with an obvious hint of anger in his tone and Everlys heart rushed to her throat.


Her eyes blinked furiously, and she stuttered, unable to say anything.

”Get out! ” He ordered in a frigid voice.

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