A Wishing Shadow

Episode 1: It Won\'t be Long Like Last Time (5)

I returned to the hospital and I found a nurse. I asked her, ”Hey, do you know where her room is? ”

”Oh my! What just happened? ” She hurriedly approached us, worriedly.

”I found her fainted. Do you know her name? ”

”Her name is Masako Arie. ”

”Masako Arie? So thats her current name. ” I noted.

”Her room is A21. ” The nurse pointed the way.

”Thank you. ” I nodded and walked away.

”Glad to help. ” She smiled sweetly.

I walked based on her direction and it wasn long before I found it.

”A21, this is it. ” I opened the door slowly, ”Excuse me. ”

I opened it not too wide, it was enough for me to slip into the room. The room was bigger than mine. Whoever staying here must be an important person.

In front of the sofa, around six meters away from it, was a hospital bed. An elder was sleeping on it rather comfortably.

The room had a black long sofa, not far from the exit. I went to the sofa and carefully lay her down.

After that, I walked to the exit when suddenly something grabbed my sleeve. I was halted.

”Is there something you want? ” I slowly turned my head. She was holding my sleeve as tight as possible, afraid of letting go, afraid that she might not see me anymore.

”Don leave me, brother. ” Her eyes were teary.

”Youve realized. ” My expression was flat. I already know she realized it. Shes my twin sister, after all.

”My day self hasn . ”

”Day self? ” I wore a bewildered expression.

”Masako gave life to her subconscious, or what she always called me, her night self. ”

”Something like that is possible? ” I frowned.

”I don know myself. ” She shook her head and added, ”She gave life to me so that I do the things she couldn do in the daytime. ”

So convenient, I commented in my mind.

”So, what do you want from me? ” I sat on the sofa, just next to her.

”Im her subconscious, what I want right now is to be with you as long as possible. Besides, youve abandoned me, the least you can do is this. ”

”Don say that Ive abandoned you, I simply give you a better life. ”

”I don want it, I rather have a hard life with you, brother. ”

”What an ungrateful child you are. ” I smiled helplessly. I wasn mad at all. I had no right, after all. Then I added, ”Even so, Im happy. However, I cannot let you live with me. I can get you involved in my problems or your life will be in danger. ”

”So what? I can protect myself. ”

”Its still no. ” I firmed my voice.

”Why? Do you have no trust in me? ”

”Yes, I do not ”

She growled at me like a dog, ”Then, how can I get your trust? ”

I stared at her eyes for a few seconds straight. Her eyes were flickering with determination. Her expression was solemn.

Knowing her, no words, either beautiful or slick enough to trick her to back down.

”Sigh, fine. ” I let out a long breath.

”Yes! ” She clenched her fist with so much enthusiasm that it caused the corners of my lips to curve upward.

But still, it slowly faded away when I knew the danger. She could lose her life.

”Its not a game, you know, ” I reminded her.

”I know, Im just excited that we can be together again. ”

”Why are you so happy? Normal siblings would rather separate from their siblings because of how annoying they are. ”

”But that doesn apply to us. I really, really like you, brother. ”

”As a brother, yes? ”

”Of course. What do you think I like you as?… Oh my god, no, ew, just, no. ” She shook her hands in disgust and it seemed that she was about to puke at any moment.

”Thats good. ” I nodded, ”Now then. ” I shifted my eyes to the door.

”You can stop eavesdropping. ”

After my words were complete silence.

”I know you
e there. Its useless to stay hidden even though youve been spotted. ”

Like the last time, only silence. But, it lasted shortly before the door knob turned

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