Nothing hurts more than being betrayed by someone you loved.Thats how Reyna felt when she found her fathers betrayal.

From being a literal Reyna, she chose to live a simple life with her auntie Vanessa. She couldn bear to see her parents in such a living set up.

Reyna went through trials to achieve what she planned. Until this Filipino-Japanese, Kanji Fujisawa was added in the picture.

Kanji became her University Sponsor at Whiz Franklin University. A prestigious university that Reyna could not afford.

She was forced to do what Kanji asked her to do because she could benefit from it.

She doesn want to fall in love with Kanji because she knows he already loves someone else.

As the days passed that they were together, Reyna couldn help herself and accidentally fell in love with him.

T I W N E S 9 6

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