Aberdeen The Chosen Alpha


Three brothers and their wives lived together in perfect harmony. They looked out for one another. They were their own pack. Until one chaotic day that changed it all. Elijah; the eldest of the brothers, caught his wife in bed with the youngest of the brothers; Eno. He got furious and almost wanted to rip out the heart of his youngest brother until Eythor; the middle brother intervened.

”Brother please, forgive him for he knows not what he has done ” Eythor said.

”Hes a grown man! ” Elijah retorted shoving his hands deeper into Enos body.

”Elijah please, I beg of you. Spare his life ” Elijahs wife; Novelia pleaded.

”Kill him! He has no right to live after what he has done ” Shaylae; Enos wife declared.

”Elijah, if you have any compassion in you, please I beg you…have mercy…please ” Eythor pleaded.

”Im…sorry, brother ” Eno said as he struggled to speak.

Elijah took a moment to decide whether he would kill his brother or not. Eythor watched him keenly and so did Noviela. Elijah slowly took his hands out of Enos body then he quickly shoved them back in and removed his heart.

”No! ” Eythor and Noviela chorused. Noviela broke down in tears. Mina; Eythors wife watched in shock. Shaylae smiled in fulfilment seeing Enos heart in Elijahs hands.

”You monster! You killed him! ” Eythor shouted as he went over to Enos lifeless body.

”I would have happened again ” Elijah said in his defence.

”A word is enough for the wise ” Eythor retorted.

”Our brother was never wise ” Elijah replied.

”That serves him right Eythor. Noviela deserves to die as well, don you think Elijah? ” Shaylae suggested with an evil grin.

”Don be silly Shaylae, the girl lives. Don treat her badly just cause shes the youngest of us all ” Mina demanded.

”Everything you asked…everything! I did everything you asked without complaints. I was your perfect wife, I was your perfect toy, I was your perfect maid, your perfect listener, you gave me wounds, scars, sores and what did I do? I put on a facade. I left my home, my family, because of you. I have sacrificed a lot because of you and yet you killed your own brother because of me ” Noviela retorted hitting Elijah on his chest over and over again. Elijah caught her both hands and held them up in the air.

”Yes, I slept with your brother and I will always love him a thousand more than I have ever loved you. Just so you know, this is not the first time Eno and I have slept together ” She continued looking straight into Elijahs eyes.

”Noviela, stop ” Eythor demanded.

”Weve done it multiple times under your nose, Elijah. Do you know why I never stopped going to him, because I love him and he loved me! He treats me with respect, he adores me! You
e just a good-for-nothing bastard, nothing less! ” Noviela confessed in anger. Elijahs eyes turned red and he

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