Aberdeen The Chosen Alpha


d ” Crescentia said letting out a howl. Soon, some of the warriors of the pack gathered and she commanded them to take Idryssa away. She cried out to her mother but her mother was rendered completely helpless. She was taken to Lucius.

”And who do we have here? ” Lucius asked with a sneer.

”The young girl is a fortune teller ” Crescentia said. Her words made Lucius laugh hard.

”I know how this may sound but you need to listen to her ” Crescentia begged.

”This better be good ” Lucius said hopefully.

”Speak! ” Crescentia ordered and Idryssa did.

”War, blood, death, sorrow, betrayal, brothers turning against one another. All these will happen for the prophecy to come true ” Idryssa said and immediately, Lucius was already interested.

”A child will be born, the prophecy begins with his birth. The aftermath of his birth and death will bring rise to a new world where the three divided packs will live together as one ” Idryssa continued.

”He will have the blood of the three packs running through his veins. If this is so, then it must mean that we have a traitor amongst us ” Crescentia declared.

”Young child, if you are what you say you are then you must know the name of this…saviour ” Lucius said as he rose her chin up towards his face and stared into her eyes.

”Hes the chosen alpha, thats all I know ” Idryssa lied and Lucius could tell that she did. He got angry and slowly, he brought out his claws and penetrated them into Idryssas face.

”Tell me his name ” Lucius ordered soothingly as blood dripped from her face down his hands.

”I don know! ” Idryssa retorted then he let her go. She began healing then Lucius spoke.

”The thing I love about kids is that they always have a loud mouth even though they have so much to lose. Klay! Get me someone this girl loves ” Lucius ordered and immediately Klay set out to get her mother.

”Lucius ” Crescentia called out doubtful but all Lucius did was just smile.

”Don you dare hurt my mother! ” Idryssa screamed angrily.

”Tell me his name! ” Lucius asked angrily.

”I already told you, I don know! ” Idryssa retorted.

Minutes later Klay brought in Falynn; Idryssas mother. He threw her on the floor. She faced Lucius trembling with fear. She looked at her daughter in despair. There was anguish in Idryssas eyes as she saw Lucius treat her mother like she was nothing.

”Lucius, let her go! ” Idryssa demanded.

”For the last time tell me his name or I won hesitate to slit your dear mothers throat with my claws! ” Lucius threatened. Idryssa was hesitant to speak his name. She knew that if she did, Lucius would find him and kill him. He began counting in descending order from five.

e quite a hard nut to crack for a fifteen-year-old ” Crescentia said.

Lucius got to two then Idryssa spoke.

”Aberdeen!… He shall be called Aberdeen ” Idryssa rushed. Lucius stared into her eyes to make sure she wasn lying. When he confirmed she wasn , he threw her mother to her feet. They both hugged each other gracefully. Falynn held Idryssas face up and cautioned her.

”I told you to stop all this seer nonsense ” she said.

”Im sorry mum, I should have listened to you ” Idryssa said apologetically. As they conversed, Lucius quietly ordered Klay to take out Falynn.

”Are you okay, did these men do anything… ” Falynn asked but was interrupted by a sword Klay used to pierce deep into her heart. Idryssa was shocked by what had just happened.

”No!! ” She screamed in disbelief. She had her dead mother laying down on her arms and her frail dress soaked in her mothers blood. She rocked her mother as she wept so bitterly.

”You will all suffer! Aberdeen will be born! The prophecy will be fulfilled! ” Idryssa declared in anger.

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