Aberdeen The Chosen Alpha


reached, a line has been crossed and there is no turning back. It represents finality…the end of your reign. What goes around comes around Lucius ” Idryssa declared.


”The girl is truly what she says she is ” Klay admitted.

”Which is why we must do whatever it takes to keep that prophecy from coming true. That witch said it begins with the childs birth, so it means the child hasn been born yet. Therefore any male child born between now and three months from now should be killed, is that understood? ” Lucius declared.

”Very well friend ” Klay said.


Lyra was a Crescent wolf. She lived with her younger sister Cersei. Cersei looked out for her sister whenever she crossed the territorial waters that divided the Crescents from the Arcturus to meet her lover; Cassian. After Klays declaration that day, she still decided to go visit him.

”Sister you heard what Klay said, it will be your head on a silver platter and not Cassians ” Cersei said trying to convince her sister not to leave.

”This visit is important…he has to…he has to know that Im carrying his baby ” Lyra said. Her words put Cersei in shock.

”This is bad. Where will you stay because that baby will not survive here? They will sniff him out ” Cersei asked.

”Cassian will know what to do ” Lyra hoped. She left to meet Cassian at their spot where they normally met. When she got there, he was already waiting for her.

”My love ” Lyra cried out as she jumped unto his arms. He hugged her tightly then slowly rose her head up and laid a light kiss on her lips.

”I have missed you so much my love ” Cassian confessed full of excitement.

”Theres a problem Cassian… Im having our baby ”

”Thats not possible… I made sure that… ” Cassian stutterd in disbelief.

”Its the truth Cassian. I can give birth to the baby there ” Lyra said pointing towards the direction of the Crescent wolves territory.

”You have to do something or else they are going to kill I and the baby ” Lyra begged. Cassian thought for a short while then finally came up with a decision.

”Come with me ” Cassian said.

”What? ” Lyra asked confused.

”You and the baby will live with me. Ill make sure no harm comes to any of you ” Cassian assured.

”But your people, will they not kill me if they find out who I am? ” Lyra asked.

”Youll be in hiding till the baby is born, then youll go back and Ill take care of our little one… I never wanted this life for us Lyra, this life were we would have to hide our love from our people ”

”Its not your fault my love. I understand the sacrifices we have to make, and Im willing to fight till my last breath to protect our baby ”

”Let us go ” Cassian said as he held Lyra by the waist and led her to his home. Little did they know that they were being watched by one of Cassians men; Garven who had discreetly followed him as he meet his secret lover. He was furious that Cassian would treat the enemy as such. The Arcturus wolves were very accepting but they bad zero tolerance for the Crescents except during cases of a young or a pregnant Crescent wolf and since Cassians mate was pregnant, Garven decided to leave without causing a scene.

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