Aurora swiped the taste with her tongue but it was not enough. Aurora needed more of that familiar taste and feel. Her body felt hungry for more.

“Hurry up. I know you can do better than this. You are thirsty for me, right? Then suck.”

Auroras tongue finally breached Cloves pussy as she felt her head being pushed harder and harder.

Aurora tried to pull away but the hold Clove had on her head stopped her short. Aurora could not pull away from Clove.

“Dont try anything funny. Just service me. I can see that your body needs this.”

Aurora couldnt find it in herself to protest.

Not when Clove had her hands all over Auroras body and stripped her of her clothes. It felt cool and pleasing to Aurora and she did not want to pull back.

Aurora sucked and picked the pussy in front of her. She even paid special attention to the Cloves clit which had been neglected all this time.

The stimulation must be getting to Clove as well because her back arched before her body found her release.

Aurora felt her face get wet with the liquid being squirted out.

“W-Was I good?”

Aurora would not have asked this question under normal circumstances but she had a vibrator inside her right now.

A vibrator that was rubbing against her walls and all around. It was stimulating Aurora from the inside but it was not enough for Aurora to find release.

It was just prolonged sweet torture she wanted to be over already.

“Dont worry baby. You were fantastic. And thats why Im going to help you out. Come here and bring the cock that you want to get fucked with. The box is sitting at your side.”

Aurora had not even realized that the box of toys was lying at her side. But as soon as she realized that, she picked up the tool she wanted to get fucked with.

This was not Auroras first time being fucked with a fake cock and one might think that it would pale in comparison to a real one.

But these toys were magical. Aurora had no idea where Clove had gotten them from and she never dared to ask either.

“Now Aurora, come here and sit at my cock. Ill take care of the rest.”

Aurora felt her mouth go dry as she watched Clove in that familiar sitting pose.

Cloves legs were spread wide while her pussy had a thick rod coming out of it. The fake-cock Aurora has chosen was a two-way thing. It could stimulate both of their pussies at the same time.

Aurora did not take long to crawl over Cloves lap and sink on the fake-cock.

The texture and thickness felt just like a real cock. Aurora held back her moans but her body seemed to have an idea of its own.

“Wow, look at you. I just fucked you this morning and now youre behaving so hungry again. How can I let you out looking like that?”

Aurora felt her lips being pulled back into a kiss. She knew it was Clove who had the upper hand right now so she let herself go.

Her hips were moving at a fast enough pace to feel the burn later.

“Is it good? You dont say much at this time so I-I cant guess h-how you f-fell. Fuck, its good”

Aurora was sure that Clove was beginning to feel the pleasure burning away at her nerves. The only time her partner stuttered was when she was overwhelmed.

Aurora wanted to be proud to be able to reduce her partner to this state but her current situation did not look any better than Cloves.

Their magic was flowing all over and Aurora felt it connect with her core. The energy that rushed inside her belonged to the abyss.

What had happened before was happening again. Something was trying to connect with her and gain access to her core.

“Dont think so much. You just need to feel for now.”

Aurora knew that the magic was bad news. The abyss was trying to gain control over her.

So she fought back with what awareness she had. The pleasure she felt only made things worse for her but Aurora refused to give in.

“A-Aurora, Im about to c-come. Lets c-come together.”

Auroras throat let out a pleasurable scream as Clove tilted her hips up. The exchange of energies was making Auroras powers go out of control.

“Everything is alright. You just need to relax.”

Aurora felt her energy go out of control one second and the next everything was alright. Things seemed to have calmed down.

Auroras body fell to the floor dazed and tired. But she had no intention of picking herself up.

“Youre still so lazy. I guess its up to me to clean us up.”

Cloves familiar hands picked Aurora up. They felt so strong and comforting to Aurora. She wanted to stay in them forever.

“Sleep for now. Tomorrow will be a better day for us.”

Aurora closed her eyes and felt the darkness take her. Everything she was currently going through felt like a dream to Aurora.

The more time Aurora spent inside this illusion, the less she wanted to go back. She had not realized just how big a trap this trial was.

‘I hope Natasha finds out what theMystic Pearl is soon. I cant take any more of this.

The last thing Aurora remembered was replying to Natashas relief-filling message.

[Natasha: My maids found out the location of theMystic Pearl. It is being guarded by Quince.]


It took far too long for Natasha to fall asleep alone. The energy of the abyss was making things difficult for her.

Natasha had never been someone who feared the unknown but being alone in this trial was taking its mental toll.

“My Lady. Would you like to have some medicine to fall asleep?”

“No need. Did you find out the information we are looking for?”

Natasha did not dare let her guard down in front of her maids. They might seem like loyal subjects but they were itching to kill her.

Natasha had no idea how her mind knew all this but she did not dare doubt herself.

It was better to be safe than to be sorry right now.

“My lady. We did launch an investigation regarding theMystic Pearl. From our investigation, one of the towers team has the said team.”

“Which team is it?”

“W-Well, the one that saved us.”

Of course, it was. Natasha should not be surprised at any coincidence that happened right now.

She was not someone who had studied magic or the abyss extensively but even she knew that this place had a will of its own. It did what it wanted to.

And any spell that was cast using the abyss magic was special.

“What are the chances that we can steal thisMystic Pearl from the tower team?”

Natasha knew she should not take action on her own but she wanted to try. She had a golden opportunity to help Aurora and Rita out.

“Not very likely. It is being guarded heavily by Lord Quince. Going against him is not something I would advise my lady to do.”

Natasha had no intention of going against Quince either.

Rita had asked her to vary of Quince. He was someone who commanded respect. But there was something about him that put people on the edge.

Not to mention, he was the successor of the tower. Any problem created with him will drag the tower into this mess.

And Natasha was old enough to know that this was not a good idea on her part. She had to think about the Northern Republic even if this was a trial.

“Leave it be. And leave me alone as well. I want to sleep now.”

Natasha waited until she could not feel her maids presence. Only then did she open her system and gathered the courage to send a message.

Rita had taught her how to use the system for basic communication but Natasha still felt worried about messing up.

[Natasha: My maids found out the location of theMystic Pearl. It is being guarded by Quince.]

Natasha gulped her nervousness down when no reply came in the first five minutes. She was getting a feeling that she did something wrong in sending the message.

[Aurora: Understood. I will try to get him to speak. You sit back and relax now.]

Natasha felt her body go slack when she read the message Aurora had sent. She was not sure why but she felt like things would be alright now.

Aurora just gave off that feeling that she would take care of everything.

When Natasha finally fell asleep, it was with a sigh of relief.


Of course, not everyone was this lucky at night. And Rita was one of those whos night was getting worse and worse by the second.

“Quince, what are you doing this late at night? Dont you have work or something?”

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