“GYAYAAAAAA” Aurora woke up with a start as the loud noise penetrated the thin walls. She hated this place and the way her body was heating up at hearing those voices of pleasure.

It did not help her that Ritas decent-sized burst was rubbing against her arm. It felt good but also wrong. And it was not the only part the female was rubbing against Aurora.

But Aurora tuned it out of her mind since she did not want to think about it. She did not want to get aroused in here since she had no means of relief.

Having tasted the pleasure of sex, Aurora could not help but imagine her wifes hand on her body, her fingers inside Aurora as she was teased mercilessly. Clove had a way with sex which left Aurora wanting more.

“M-MORE” The voice penetrated Auroras fantasy and brought her back to the present. She had not realized that her hand had inched closer to her lower half in the meantime and Aurora felt mortified.

Had she truly been about to play with herself when she had Rita in the bed with her? Would it have counted as cheating on her wife? Even when Aurora did not have a wife right now?

“Hmmm” Ritas unconscious body shifted before Aurora, her hands venturing over Auroras body, causing Aurora to freeze. Ritas hands were close to her pussy and if Aurora moved, they would make contact.

The situation was not one Aurora had expected to find herself when she had first lept in the bed.

There had been only one bed in the room but Aurora had not thought much of it. She was sure that Rita was not attracted to her like that and Aurora already had a wife so sleeping together should not have been a big problem.

Of course, she had not accounted for her body to feel heated up as she heard those indecent voices. Nor could she had accounted for Ritas weird sleeping habits.

And now Ritas hands were moving once again. Aurora had to muffle her pleasure-filled noise as they brushed against her pussy lips. How the younger had not woken up, Aurora was not even sure at this point.

But she knew she could no longer take it. Aurora had to get away from Rita and this bed. She had to take care of herself before she made a mess of the bedsheets and have to answer uncomfortable questions in the morning.

She tried to push herself off of the bed, but it caused Ritas hold to tighten and her body pressed against Auroras even harder. It was all too much and Aurora gasped in horror as she realized that her new body was sensitive.

It was responding to the voices around her, feeding off of the pleasure-filled noise. She was sure she did not have this problem before so it must have something to do with her goddess powers.

The thought finally gave her enough power to push herself away from Rita and caused her to fall to the ground.

“Wha-Are you alright?” Rita asked, finally waking up. The noises of pleasure and loud banging had not been enough to wake her up but Auroras fall had been?

Had it not been for Auroras knowledge of Rita from her past life and her character, she would have believed that the other was doing this on purpose to harass her.

“Nothing. I wanted to go to the bathroom. You can go back to sleep” Aurora replied, wishing for the other to miss the needy tone her voice had.

And somehow, it worked since Rita just turned around and went back to sleep. Aurora was not sure how the other managed to tone all these voices and feelings out but she was thankful for it.

She hurriedly entered the bathroom, closing the door after her and pulling up a muffing charm. She did not want to be heard when she tended to herself.

And her hand finally came down to trace her lower half. It had been soaked wet and so sensitive to even her touch. It had to be something her goddess powers did.

Aurora had been someone who had been hard to please. Her one hand had done nothing for her in her past life and many nights have even ended for her without release. She usually focused on Cloves pleasure and her dull sensitivity did not help the matter.

But now she felt extremely sensitive as she fingered her lower lip open. She felt the cool and hot feeling of passion touch her magic as her mind flooded with pleasure not her own.

It almost felt like she was channeling others magic through her body and it made her body even wetter.

Aurora did not venture her fingers too deep in herself, choosing to focus on her clit for now. And her body instantly felt a shock go through it as soon as she did. It was powerful and Aurora did not even realize that she had released it till she brought her hand in front of her mouth.

It had been soaked wet with a shiny substance that did not look like a human release. It had a golden tint and honey-like hue that made it look almost divine.

And as Aurora brought her hand closer to her face, she got a whiff of strong magic from her hand that caused her to almost gag at the strength.

It felt like molten magic used to restore mana. It was a high-grade abyss substance that could potentially save someones life and had sold for a lot on the black market.

Coincidentally, her release felt like that to her and Aurora finally felt the implications of this draw over her.

She was no longer human and it took an orgasm to realize this fact.

She quickly washed the evidence of her play away, not wanting anyone to find out what had happened here. She would think about it all when she had more situational awareness.

For now, she would try to force herself to sleep through the horny magic around her and the pleasure-filled feeling she was getting from this place, and tomorrow she would leave. She was not sure she would be able to live in this place long-term.

The morning came too early for her and Aurora did not feel even a little rested. Rita looked fresh when she came out of her shower but her refreshed face felt mocking to Aurora.

And then Rex had to audacity to open the door with a dang, causing Auroras headache to get worse and she finally snapped.

Rex received a pillow to his face for his efforts and Aurora felt her mood lifting.

‘Serves him right

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