Everything In Auroras body told her not to turn around but the host body still did.

If Aurora had been able to, she was sure she would be shaking at the feeling of the familiar magic behind her.

“Lady Zoe, it is nice to see you again. Now, please give me the medicine you promised me.”

Aurora felt her hand rising and something falling in her hand. The feeling of abyss Aurora got from the shard was overwhelming.

“I managed to smuggle this out of the abyss with great difficulty. Make sure you take it with great discretion. My Lady would have my head if she knew I gave you this pill.”

“After all, Lady Clara hates the tower to death. She will kill you as well if she knew you took this pill.”

Aurora felt a shudder go down her spine at the name. Just what kind of trouble had this foolish girl gotten herself into.

Out of the seven major gods, Lady Clara was a name people had erased from their memories. She was an omen of ill-will for this world and everything holy.

After all, out of all the gods and goddesses, Lady Clara was the only one who had sided with the abyss in the first war.

She had personally led the forces against the other divinity and human race but had been defeated in the end.

In the end, her soul had been shattered into pieces but she had survived till this date. No one knew where the once-dominant goddess was.

“You said that Lady Clara is weak now. But rest assured. Once I have that divine seat in the cabinet, I will help you look for her soul fragment.”

“Of course, you will. You will have no other choice but to do so.”

Zoe had a sinister look on her face. Aurora was sure that the look promised pain and death to anyone who bothered to look at it.

How this foolish and naive girl had managed to miss that look was beyond Auroras understanding.

“I should go back now. My test will start in the evening and I have a lot of preparations to do.”

“Oh wait. I had something else I needed to hand over to you as well. Here, catch this.”

Aurora caught the small jewel Zor threw her way with ease. It was a small topaz gem with clear shine and a really bright color.

It was a classic beauty if Aurora had ever seen one.

But despite all that, Aurora wanted nothing more than to throw this piece of gem as far away as she could.

There was an aura of magic around it so strong that it was making Auroras senses hurt. Anyone with even a thread of magic or divinity should be able to sense this with ease.

“What is this?”

Natashas curious voice told Aurora that she had not sensed the aura coming out of the gem at all. Such a strong seal and Natasha brushed it off like that? It did not sit well with Aurora.

“That? Just a gift for you. It has sealed magic inside it and if you use it during your trial, you are sure to get your seat in the towers cabinet.”

Zoes smile promised trouble. It was the kind of smile parents warned their children about.

“Alright, I get it. I will use it if I need to.”

Natasha, like the fool she was proving herself to be, took the gem and placed it on her necklace.

Aurora could feel the barest amount of energy enter inside the body she had been occupying but it felt different than divine energy.

It was a mixture of darkness and magic Aurora had never felt before. But one thing was for certain.

This power was not something a goddess should come in contact with. It could corrupt someone with ease and make them go out of control.

Generally, this was not a worry for the divinity since this kind of power required permission to enter someones body to cause harm.

As long as the person did not allow this energy access inside them, there was no worry that it would ever go out of control.

But Aurora could easily make out what happened next just from having occupied this body for a few hours.

Tired of Natashas foolishness, Aurora decided to have a look around the country she was in.

This Northern Republic was different from the one Aurora had seen in this future. The current setting was backward and had a lack of technology. The winter snow had not started to fall yet.

“The nobility cannot be allowed to continue ruling us like this. If we do not do something, then we will die from starvation.”

“The rising taxes is not something I can keep up with. At this rate, I will need to look for ways to get out of the country.”

“The queen refuses to listen to our worries. Shes too worried about the tower and her daughter. I heard that the daughter doesnt have any magic because of her unknown father.”

“Dont they care about us? If that daughter is incompetent then the queen should just have another one. Then she could listen to us.”

“Are you foolish? Dont you know that the royal family is cursed to only have one child? That wicked goddess Clara cursed the tower and the royal family. Now the fate of this country is bound by the royal blood.”

“Then what should we do? Will we all die because of that incompetent heir? What will happen when our queen dies?”

“Our queen wont die. Shes a minor goddess and divinity doesnt die. Our queen still looks so young.”

“You fools. Gods cannot be killed but they can still die. Our queen might look young but shes already 500 years old. The cycle of change will soon begin for our country.”

Aurora heard all those words and could not help but marvel at the cruelty of those worlds.

But the fear her body felt was real. The feeling of disappointment was also real inside Natashas heart.

If these words were something the girl often heard, then it was no wonder that she was desperate to search out the wrong side for help.

“I must succeed. I must get a seat at the tower cabinet before my mother dies. I have to do it or this country will fall.”

The desperate words of the little girl seemed more like a wish than confidence. And this single wish would change the course of the winds of the Northern Republic forever.

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