Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 167 167: The new destination

Despite the night market being a place filled with deception and ruled by the wealthy, it did have its nice spots. If you knew how to make use of the information network in the night market, you could do a lot.

For example, ensnarl big fished to come and hook them to come and seek you out. That was why Aurora was not particularly worried about being found in the brothel once the night arrived.

Her exploits were most likely going to be treated like rumors rather than truths.

“Are you sure we dont need to worry about being found in here? I can snap the owners neck and get away discreetly if you want me to.”

Natashas offer was tempting. It would be nice to not be bothered for another while Aurora planned.

But she also could not stay in the shadows forever. The more she tried to hide, the her stance would become obvious.

And the more weirdos Aurora would attract to herself and her company. It was better to cut the edge off before things progressed to that degree.

“No need. You can let those people in here. They will keep their mouth shut if they know what is good for them.”

The nice thing about having too much magic flowing through her was that Aurora did not need to fear being betrayed. The monsters in the night market recognized strength.

And Aurora was strong. She was the earthly creature in this abyss baring the overlookers. That was also why she had not been stopped when she had barged into the brothel when it had been about to close yesterday.

‘The owner knew I was strong. He wanted to test me and thats why he did not warn Natasha to get out.

Aurora was pissed off but she also understood that reeling her temper was a necessity..

The rooms door was knocked with a hesitant bang. The person on the other side of the door was nervous and for the right reasons.

“E-Excuse me? Is anyone in there?”

Aurora signaled for Rita to knock the servant out. As much as Aurora wanted to announce her presence, she did not want someone to barge in on her unannounced.

For now, all that needed to escape this brothel were rumors and nothing else. A vague description of her looks would be enough to get peoples mouths going.

Rita did her assigned job excellently. The female servant on the other side of the door was knocked out in seconds and was laid on the bed.

“Lets go and visit the owner. He needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut.”

Rita had an unholy grin on her face at the mention of violence. She seemed to be getting more and more unhinged as the days progressed.

But it was surprising to see Natasha in her new role. She had adapted to the outlanders technology seamlessly enough to make use of it without pain.

“Should I clear out the way to the boss room? I can just kill everyone in my way.”

Ritas proposal sounded tempting, but it was scrapped away as soon as it was out of Ritas mouth.

“Dont kill people needlessly. We need these people to do more work for us.”

“But we have more than enough people under our belt already. That old man we caught before is still out there gathering information.”

Rita sounded disappointed. Her face fell at Auroras words but Aurora was not willing to give in to Ritas unethical demands.

“Rita, we spend most of our newly acquired assets back to the surface. We only have so many people down here. Besides, a rumor that started in a brothel had a different feeling to it. People are more willing to gossip from an unethical source than an official source,”

Aurora was not aware Natasha had such knowledge about how the deeper floors worked. But Natasha was not wrong in saying this.

People were more likely to believe things they heard in their intimate times than one that was spread in the pubs.

Besides, since the source of news originated from the brothels, it was only right to use this place as the origin of such rumors.

“Rita, just keep a lookout to make sure no one comes out way. It doesnt matter if they see us or not.”

“Alright. I understand what you want me to do.”

Had she wanted to, Aurora could have left the brothel without being seen. If she did that, then no one would have ever been able to find what she did.


‘I have been running this brothel for almost a century now but Ive never seen a case like this before. How did that girls manage to survive a day in the brothel? There had to be a reason behind their survival that I am missing. I need to see them for myself to confirm my suspicions.”

The owner of the brothel was sitting on the chain, his eyes unmoving as he looked at the screen in front of him.

The redhead girl was doing an amazing job at taking care of all the servants the boss had to send their way.

But he still could not see anything out of the ordinary about the redhead. She was just someone better than most at fighting.

The black-haired girl behind her was faring no better. She was using some weird tech to support herself, but there was nothing special about her.

But the one in the middle. She was looking directly at the owner in the eyes through his hidden camera. It should have been impossible for her to be able to guess where the camera was located, but she still was able to spot it easily enough.

“She cant possibly be seeing me? It must be a fluke that she is looking in my direction.”

The owner tried to console himself over that fact but his breath fell short the more he tried to assure himself.

Those golden eyes were looking more and more intense as time passed by. Even when they changed directions to focus on anything other than his camera, the intensity of those eyes still felt stiffening.

The boss was so lost in his thoughts that he even missed the knocking sound on his door.

By the time he realized someone was outside his door, it had been knocked down and familiar faces were looking back at him.

“Ouch! Punching your door down hurt. Now, how are you going to compensate me for it?”

It was the redhead that had single-handedly managed to knock his door down. Her arm was still stretched in the punishing motion and the boss was frozen in his seat due to the intensity of the aura that the redhaired girl emitted.

“C-Compensation? You destroyed my property and you ask for compensation. Guard-“

“Dont bother calling them. Ive made sure they wont be able to respond. Now, sit down because our leader wants to have a few words with you.”

The black-haired girl cut the boss off before he could call for help. Her voice did not sound like it was kidding.

‘Did these fragile-looking girls manage to render me protection-less? What should I do now?

The owner of the brothel cursed himself for landing this bad luck. He did not know what he did to be in this situation but he knew that there was no coming out of it.

These girls knew they had the upper hand and they were not afraid to let him know.

“What do you want from me? Money? Connections? My life?”

“Keep your cheap life to yourself. We just want to talk with you.”

The redheads insult came out seconds after the owner had purposed his questions. By her tone, it did not sound like they were his enemies.

Rather, the redhead made it sound like she was offering him something that he might want to take.

“Rita, thats enough. We still need him to cooperate so we shouldnt make his job any harder.”

The one who spoke was the blue-haired female whom the owner had pointed out as the leader.

Beautiful would be the wrong words to describe the bleu-haired beauty. It would be more accurate to say that she was eternal but not in an earthly way.

Her aura screamed power and dominance. It made the owner want to submit to her and to do anything to please her.

Even if he had never seen her before, he could recognize the tell-tale signs of the overlookers aura on her.

The owner of the brothel was a mere monster from the middle realms. He had enough intelligence but not enough power.

As such, he did not want to get in the way of an overlooker and lose his life and his property.

“My lady, what can I do for you? I would be happy to help you out with anything you want me to.”

If you cannot beat them, then join them. That was what the owner thought as he saw the glowing female.

There was no one better to join hands with than an overlooker after all.

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