Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 181 181: Making poor decisions

‘This is scary. This is so scary. I never knew humans could be this dangerous. I cannot tell what this female is thinning.

The dwarf had seen a lot of foolish humans during his time in the abyss. This was also not the first time it had to help humans on orders of the overlookers.

Lady Zoe had asked the dwarf to lead a lot of foolish humans to their death, and so had the other overlookers. The dwarf was just one of the minions used to sate the evergrowing hunger of Lake Variety.

And human blood was the best food to sate that hunger.

‘I was suspicious when the upper floors overlocker asked me to lead the travelers. She hated getting involved with people so I knew these people would be dangerous.

But the dwarf had never felt this fear in its life before. The female that was holding him captive had an unusual aura.

‘She feels like the abyss. I am scared to even go against her word. The dwarf had done its best to not show its fear this far.

But when faced with a lion, there was only so much a mouse could do.

“What are you thinking in that tiny head of yours? Are you thinking of different ways to betray us?”

The lady with blue hair asked. Even her casual tone sent shivers down the dwarfs back. No matter how much it wanted to look away, it could not.

“O-Of course not. I am a capable guide and I will follow the instructions given to me by the overlooker.”

The dwarf had to make the scary lady let her guard down. She must not suspect its involvement with what was going to come up next.

A lot of people had died while trying to reach Lake Variety and it was because of the combined efforts of the monsters on the way.

The dwarf knew that most beasts and monsters that were found around Lake Variety were not natural. They were too intelligent and strong for their surroundings.

Even Lake Variety gave a feeling like it did not belong on this floor. Most people who came to these parts were unprepared to face such challenges and that caused them to die.

But somehow, the dwarf had a feeling that it would not be the case with these people. Despite their weak-looking body and sealed powers, the dwarf could not help but fear their power.

“Beyond this point, you will enter the enchanted forest. Lake Variety lies in the center of the forest. This is as far as I can take you so good luck.”

The dwarf needed to get away from these people. The attack of other monsters would begin soon and they would not spare the dwarf if it was caught with these humans.

It was an iron-clad rule to not accompany the humans inside. This was one every guide needed to follow.

Naturally, it meant that the dwarf had to follow it as well. But it did not get a chance to make its exit.

Not before he was caught by that scary lady and tossed over to the taller red-head.

“Who said you were dismissed? You are our guide so you will also accompany us inside the forest. Dont worry, we will let you go once we come out of the forest.”

“I cannot. That is against the rules” the dwarf begged before he could explain his reasons. The scary blue-haired lady was glaring at him with golden eyes. It made the dwarfs heart skip a beat in fear.

He did not know why, but the ladys face looked eerily similar to someone else at this moment. But the dwarf could not figure out who he was thinking about.

“Oh? I was not aware that I was giving you a choice in this matter. This was not an opinion but a declaration from my side. Rita, make sure you hold on to him tight. Things are about to get messy now.”

The dwarf held his breath as the female entered the forest. His two companions watched this happen silently.

The dwarf was worried and surprised to see the blue-haired ladys two companions watch her enter. Humans were compassionate creatures so the dwarf had been sure that they would care about their companions life.

“Are you not going to stop her? That lady is going to get attacked soon.”

The dwarf had no reason to give out the forests secrets. But it felt afraid for its life. It had a feeling that it would die if it did not open its mouth.

“Do you really think so? Personally, I cannot see Aurora losing a fight in her current state. Right, Natasha?”

The red-haired lady seemed to not be worried at all. On the contrary, she looked confident to see her companion walk to her death.

“Aurora will be alright. I can sense the level of monsters that are waiting for her but they dont seem to be anything we have not encountered before.”

H-How could this female say that? The dwarf could tell from the residue of the abyss on them that this floor was the deepest they had ever been.

It was unlikely for them to know what the monsters of the lower floors were really like and how strong they were.

‘What gives them this much confidence? But no, I cannot wait around to think about this. I need to get out of here before these psychos manage to get me killed.

The dwarf had this last thought before it made a decision.

‘I will need to disinfect my hand later.

The dwarf made the final decision and bit down on the redheads hand.


p-ᴀ-ɴ-ᴅ-ᴀ-ɴ-0-ᴠ-ᴇ-ʟ、ᴄ(ᴏᴍ) “MI~NER~VA~. Do you have some time for me? I need to ask you something~”

The voice echoed through the towers hallways but no one tried to look at the speaker. The guards knew they had to keep their mouths shut or their heads would be separated from their bodies.

The guards even tried to divert their eyes away from the familiar scene of Lady Minerva walking down the towers hallways while Lady Mei followed behind her like a lost puppy.

It would have been a highly-amusing scene if not for the recent high tensions that were sweeping the tower.

“Lady Mei, please behave yourself. No matter how many times you ask, I cannot grant your request to visit the Rocx academy as an investigatory. The representative has already been decided and we cannot interfere.”

Lady Minerva did not even falter when she spoke those words. Her voice was calm and neutral, a testament to how many times she had repeated those words.

The guards that heard this news were not surprised either. This was a routine affair for the past few days for them.

“But Mi~ner~va~, how can we trust thisRocx academy? Besides, I am sure they will be happy to receive a goddess of my standing. Dont you think it is a perfect opportunity to get their trust?”

Minerva didnt even give Lady Meis words a second glance. Lady Mei was right when she said that sending a goddess would be a good way to establish relationships.

At the same time, it would also send a message to the Rocx academy to not underestimate the tower and to tell them not to get cocky.

The only problem was that none of the major divinity present in the tower was suited for this job. That was why someone from the outside had to be deployed.

“Awwww, thats not fair. You deny me but you approved sending Lady Voile even when everyone knows what her relationship with the headmaster of Rocs academy is?”

“Trust me. I did not want to approve of Lady Voile either, but I had no other choice. She was volunteered by Lady Asami of all people and Lord Karan approved her as well. Not to mention, Charles also suggested sending her.”

The more Minerva thought over this topic, the more her head ached. In retrospect, there was no connection between the three parties that had anonymously decided to back the same person.

No, it would be better to say that these three fractions hated each other.

“Asami? Did she decide to get involved? I thought she said she wanted nothing to do with the politics and the tower after Lady Claras death. Has she finally calmed down?”

“She did say that and I dont know why she decided to get involved now of all times. So for now, keep out of this matter Mei or you will find yourself in a pinched situation.”

Lady Mei had no other choice but to back down. Minerva saw it quite clearly and she did feel sorry for what Lady Mei was going through.

But this was for the better and Lady Mei needed to understand that she had to choose her battles. Gods were not all-knowing and immortal.

And it was only through facing such situations did one understand where they stood in life.

When it came to the battle between higher powers, pride and power were no longer a factor to decide who would win. It was just a bonus to the equation.

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