Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 185 185: Easing it out - part 2

It did not take long for the kiss to get heated up. One second Rita and Natasha were trying to go slow, the next second Rita exerted pressure against Natashas lips.

It was quite a desperate kiss where both sides gave as good as it came. There was no pressure of being good for the other.

It was hard and fast sucking, both partied trying to overpower the other. The outside presence disappeared from around the pair.

Rita finally won the tongue battle, her tongue coming out to lick Natashas lips. Her grip on the black-haired girl forced her to open her mouth.

Natasha was being utterly dominated and she knew that as well. Rita was giving her no chance to back out of this arrangement.

“R-Rita, you need to slow down. You are not in your right headspace.”

Natasha complained but she did not hold herself back either. Her lips chased Ritas tongue and her tongue came out to lick across Ritas face as well.

“You are complaining too much. I can see that you want me to. Isnt the pressure inside you too much? You can let it go with me. Trust me to take your rage.”

Rita knew that her time with Natasha would be different than with Aurora.

With Aurora, there was a clear involvement of feelings that gave Rita butterflies at every touch. But that was not the case with Natasha.

Rita liked the younger one but she was not in love with her. It was all about physical pleasure.

And it seemed to be the case with Natasha as well. Rita could tell that her reactions were not as fueled as they were with Aurora.

But they both could not deny the physical attraction they felt for each other. Their bodies were compatible and the awkwardness of thefirst time was not there.

“Maybe its because we have seen each other naked and fucked-out before but fucking you is easier than I thought it would be.”

Rita confessed, her mind losing itself to the pleasure she was feeling. She could tell that Natasha was feeling the pleasure as well.

The icy princess was red in the face and her breath was labored. She was as far gone as Rita had seen her with Aurora.

“B-Bastard. W-Weve done sexual stuff before. You taught me about this all.”

“Oh yea, I did do that. You have gotten so much better than the last time.”

Ritas mind was only working at half its capacity and it showed. She could not even remember what she had done and had not done with Natasha before.

Their lips met in another filthy kiss, their saliva connecting their mouth when the pair separated.

“Youve got a nice pair of breasts. Can I play with them?”

Ritas question was more like a confirmation of her actions. Her hands came down to play with Natasha anyway and her hands tried covering those large breasts but could not.

Ritas hands were hot against Natashas skin and she could feel them against her. It was a weird sensation she wanted more of.

‘This feels good. I want more.

Natashas brain was shutting off its ability to be able to think. It was all about sex for now and Natasha decided to lose herself in that pleasure.

There was a throbbing in her lower half, her pussy gushing out liquid to make penetration easier.

Natasha tried to rub her things to hide this fact but it did not escape Natashas notice. The female gave out a wide smile at Natashas pitiful attempt.

“You got wet for me? Let me see that.”

Natasha tried to hold her thighs closer but Ritas superior strength provided to be too much for her. Rita easily managed to separate her thighs and see her wet and leaking pussy.

Natasha felt exposed with Ritas gaze on her but she did not try to hide. Rita had a grip around her thighs that was impossible to break.

“Let me see. You are still a virgin here, right? Aurora fucked you but she did not break your hymn. Should I take your virginity right now?”

Natasha went red at Ritas words. She was not used to hearing such vulgar words during sex.

While Aurora did get down and dirty with her words sometimes, it was not to the point where Natasha felt hot and bothered.

But Rita was downright filthy with her words. She seemed to have no filter.

“Dont you want to get pounded deep in your belly? Ive seen you look at Auroras face when we fuck. Did you think about being in her place? Getting yourself pounded into the mattress?”

“W-What are you saying? I stare at Aurora because I like her face, not because I imagine getting fucked.”

They both knew Natasha was lying through her teeth. She had stared at Ritas cock quite a bit during sexy times and it was impossible to hide that.

However, admitting it out loud did not sit well with Natasha. It felt like she was betraying Aurora by admitting this fact.

“Let yourself go. I know you want me as well. See, you are gushing so much.”

Rita seemed to have no problem in regards to that at all. She seemed to be enjoying her time with Natasha to the max.

Her cock was erect, her breast nipped standing erect as well. Rita was turned on and she was not trying to hide this from Natasha.

“Natasha, why dont you stretch yourself out? Put up a show for me.”

“H-Huh? Why should I? Isnt this your idea in the first place? You should be the one helping me out.”

Natasha felt mortified when she spoke those words. Her words of denial she had prepared did not come out of her mouth.

Only words of encouragement came out when Natasha opened her mouth and her red face went scarlet.

“Oh! Are you finally being truthful with me? It is nice to see you not hide away now. Dont worry. Since you decided to ask for help, I will help you out.”

Natasha wanted to hide her face but her hand was stopped by Rita before it could reach her face.

She was completely exposed and Ritas hand hovered right above her wet pussy. It was so embarrassing but Natasha had no way to stop herself from responding.

Ritas touch on her pussy felt different than Auroras. It was rough and electrifying in a way Natasha was not ready to face.

Her mouth broke out into a moan as soon as her insides felt the invasive touch. Ritas fingers were rough and tracing.

paɴ,ᴅᴀ-,cm They were also longer than Aurora and reached deeper. They made Natashas belly flutter due to nervousness.

The first one was a tight fit, but the second one was even worse. For some reason, Natashas body was not stretched out at all.

“Why are you so tight? You just had a round with Aurora before and she stretched you out.”

Rita complained as she tried to loosen Natasha even more. Natashas tightness would make things difficult for Ritas cock.

Natasha was not like Aurora. She did not loosen up easily and it took considerable effort on Ritas part to get her wet and ready.

But Rita was still worried so she decided to make Natashas pussy even wetter.

If her fingers wont do, then her mouth would have to.

“Natasha, ever touched a cock? Well, you are about to touch one now.”

“Rita, what are you saying? I dont need to…”

But Natasha was pulled into Ritas lap and her hands were led toward a hard and firm stick in Ritas lap.

“I need you to take care of this while I take care of your pussy. My mouth will be quite pussy with you so do a good job.”

Natashas face looked reluctant but Rita knew she was interested. Her hesitant hands were already coming out to play with Natashas hardness and they were rubbing against her with enthusiasm.

It was not until Natasha gave a hesitant lick against Ritas hardness did she realize how just interested Natasha was in her penis.

The black-haired female could try to deny all she wanted but her body was betraying her now. Her mouth was trying to suck Rita out and that enthusiasm was well-appreciated.

As for Rita? She did not have any problem opening Rita up with her tongue. The taste was not as good as Aurora but it was bearable.

Plus, every time Rita licked past Natashas clit, it caused the females breath to hitch and moan around her cock.

It was a cycle of constant pleasure but it was not enough to make Rita come.

‘Being with Aurora has spoiled me. I cannot come from this alone. I need to be inside this tightness.

Rita knew she needed to go slow with Natasha but her cock seemed to not be getting this message. It was throbbing to get let wild and Natasha seemed to agree as well.

Her body was leaking even more and her pussy was finally stretched enough for Rita to comfortably enter her.

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