Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 188 188: A new project starts

“Rita, are you sure we are going in the right direction? I cannot help but feel like you got us lost in here.”

“Of course not. See, we are moving in the right direction. And we can just knock over a wall or two if we ever find ourselves in a pinch.”

The pair ran through the forest in a hurry. Ritas arms carried Natasha in them while the dwarf was held in Natashas grip.

The poor creature looked terrified for its life and one could even see the spirit of life disappearing from its every with every second that passed.

“We are going to die. You are going to get us all killed. Why dont you leave me here and die on your own?”

The dwarf had never seen a more suicidal pair of idiots in his life. The red-haired and black-haired humans were charging right into the heart of the forest, ignoring all the other creatures eying them.

Could they not tell that they were painting themselves as the prime targets?

Not to mention, the black-haired girl still had the seed of corruption about to burst out of her. She was the biggest danger out there.

The redhead had somehow managed to surpass the corruption but that seal would not last for long.

“Rita, time is up. Turn around so that I can blast those fools away.”

“Roger that, mam.”

The dwarf cried out as the redhead took an abrupt turn. The momentum of that turn caused the dwarf to feel sick but the black-haired human seemed to be alright.

No, she seemed better than alright. Her mouth was already chanting the spell needed to save their group.

“Fuck you,” ice spread out of Natashas stretched hand. It stopped all the attacks heading the trio.

But the magic did not stop there. It managed to reach its attackers and pierce them formless parties in the heart.

“Natasha, you are going overboard. Your body cannot handle this much magic.”

Rita sounded worried but her heart was pounding in fear and explanation. It had been such a rush to face their fears.

But despite everything, Rita knew they could not spend too much time and power against these small enemies. Natasha was being worn off and her completion was ash-white. Her magic was also irregularly flaring and the corrupted taint was spreading.

“I can handle this much. My magic can hold on for even longer.”

The ice was holding in against the onslaught of attacks the trio was facing but it would not hold on forever.

“I know you are confident in your power but maybe we should get going. Chop, chop, get moving soon. And by soon, I mean now!”

The dwarf cried out, his eyes filled with tears. It was the only person confident enough to voice their opinion.

“Shut up. The only useless person does not get to make demands from me.”

Rita snapped back, her temper flaring at the unnecessary egging she was hearing.

Not only was the dwarf being unnecessarily noisy, but it was also causing Natasha to loosen her grip on its small body. And since Natasha had to arrange herself to keep a tight grip on the dwarf, her body was shaking as well.

If this continued, then Rita would be forced to stop and reconsider her options.

.ᴄO,m “You! Stop it or else.”

And Rita was not the only one who was losing her temper. Natasha also lost whatever grip she had on her temper and snapped out.

Her hand tightened around the dwarf and it dragged a squeak out of the dwarf.

“I am settling down now. Please forgive me.”

The dwarf sounded scared and it finally settled down. But this clownery gave their attackers enough time to catch up with them.

Natasha tried to fire her magic but she stopped. Any more than this would cause her corruption to flare.

And they did not have time to get this corruption under control this time.

“Time to help out the needy. Hey hothead, jump up with all your might if you want to live.”

Help arrived at the most unexpected time and in the form of the most unexpected person.

Rita got seconds before she heard Avas words and before she felt her body flowing into the air.

“Shit, holy. Give me. A warning before pulling something like this next time.”

Rita felt her trip on Natasha loosened but she caught the black-haired princess at the last second.

Avas magic swept the area beneath the trio. It was like a hard and fast fire, consuming everything in its way but the owner of the said flames did not seem to care for the cries she heard.

Ava was floating in the air and for a second, Ritas eyes met Avas on an equal footing.

“Your dumbfounded face is so much better than your biting tongue. I think I prefer you in this expression, hothead.”

Avas words taunted Rita as she felt gravity finally take a hold of her and her precious baggage. By the time she reached the ground, it was nothing more than a torched surface.

The only thing that remained of the bodies that had tried to get a hold of Rita and Natasha were the ashes.

Ava made her way down as well, her body not even boasting a single scratch. Her amused smile seemed especially unfamiliar on her face.

“You? When did you come here? More importantly, how long were you keeping an eye out for us? Could you not have helped us earlier?”

Ritas questions escaped her mouth one after the other. Her temper was thin and volatile but she could not help herself from asking all that.

She was sure that Ava could have helped them way before she showed herself. If she had done that then Natasha would not have to use her magic and fight these monsters off.

“Hey, calm down. I arrived here just in time to save you. Do not take your anger and frustration out on me. I did the best I could under these circumstances.”

Natasha gritted her teeth but she could not find a point in having a verbal spar with Ava.

“Ava, did you see Aurora anywhere? We got separated and now we are trying to find her.” Natasha took charge of the situation once she realized that Rita was not going to be any help to her.

The younger did understand where Rita was coming from when she made her accusations. Ava just gave off a feeling of distrust but Natasha was not someone who judged others based on a first impression.

Natasha was willing to give Ava the benefit of doubt. (Even if her presence in the current scenario did sound suspicious.)

“Aurora? I know where she is but we cannot help her right now. It will be better for us if we leave this forest before it explodes.”

Ava skirted around the topic, her voice mysterious. Her decision to not give Natasha a clear answer irked her curiosity but it was the dwarf that caught the message Ava was trying to give them.


The dwarf loud cry pierced the forest. The small voice was suddenly loud enough to cause the sleeping beasts to wake up.

“You fool. Why cant you use your head once in your life? Are you trying to get us all killed with you?”

“I dont want to die. Please save meeeeee”

Rita took the dwarf out of Natashas hand when she let the younger leave her arms. She shook the dwarf to make him come to his senses but it was not going to help the situation.

“Alright, you both can stop fighting now. Firstly, we should get out of this forest. The rest, I will tell you later.”

Rita frowned, not trusting Avas words. But she also knew that Aurora trusted Ava. So Rita also decided to follow Ava, for now, her personal feelings taking a backseat in this department.

“By the way, what are you even doing here? Is it alright for you to be here? Wont the overlooker of these floors take notice of you?” Natashas words caused a small smile to appear on Avas face.

She did not look concerned at all.

“Oh, me? Nah, itll be alright in the end. You just focus on yourself and I will take care of myself for now. Besides, I have the overlookers blessings to be here right now. I doubt she would cause any problems for me.”

Ava sounded confident so Natasha let the topic fall. But it did not fade away from her mind.

In the end, there was nothing Natasha or anyone else could do but follow after Ava. The overlooker took them outside the forest just in time for it to explode out.

The magical combustion was too much that it eradicate the whole forest, reducing it to the ashes.

“Right in time, Now, its all up to you Aurora. Hope you come back alive to us.”

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