Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 192 192: Temporary solutions

The blob was a challenging opponent to fight. It was resistant to any magical attacks and it resisted any force Aurora used.

Frankly, Auroras existing tools would not allow her to escape the blob. She was limited to hunting prey. Aurora would have a way out of her predicament if she could locate the core of the blob monster.

“However, saying that is simple. For me to truly complete some tasks, I need space and time.”

The main problem with fighting the blob was its rapid durability and regeneration abilities. Aurora was cutting at the slimy arms but her knife seemed to just pass the blob without damaging it.

The only way Aurora could think of dealing with the blob was to freeze it in place and then search the body.

‘But I will need someone else to hold this monster down. I wont be able to maintain my concentration once I begin my search.

This was the biggest predicament Aurora had. She had the power but none of the control to maintain her ice spell.

‘This is what happens when I rush into things. I wish I took more time out of my schedule to practice magic.

This thought was one that everyone had at least once in their lives. Aurora was no different since she could not get away from it.

But even then, her regret was a little different from normal peoples. She was in a life or death situation currently.

“Stand still, why dont you? You are so annoying that it hurts to deal with you.”

Auroras words were not making much sense currently but she just wanted to curse at the monster. The forest was as good as gone already so it did not matter what else they did right now.

Aurora hacked at the blob and waved her way through a complicated mesh of trees. She wanted to buy some time to get the blob slowed down but things did not happen as she had envisioned.

Instead of slowing down, the blob managed to move its body parts and move through the space.

‘I can see it. The soul capsule is inside that blob. But how do I get it out?

Aurora would need to dip her hands into the blob to get the capsule out but she had no idea if that was even safe or not.

The blob was not acidic but it was brimming with power. For all she knew, Aurora might be able to separate its body parts again and escape her clutches.

‘I seriously need someone to come and keep that monster down. Just as Aurora had that thought, she felt the surrounding temperature getting lower.

Auroras luck finally turned around and magic surged around her. The ice broke through the waters surface and began climbing all over the blob.

The blob fought against the magical shackles that were trying to hold it down but it could not break past the icy on its lower half.

“Hurry up and do what you need to. I will try to keep the monster down.”

Natashas voice was like a calming balm to Aurora. The familiar magic surged as Natasha fought to keep the monster down.

Aurora had no time to spare Natasha any glance. She was curious about Natashas ability to wield magic but Aurora knew this was a conversation for another time.

Just immobilizing the blobs lower half did not mean that Aurora was out of danger. The blob could still fight and it tried to hit Aurora using its upper body.

“Dont even try.”

As soon as the upper parts of the blob tried to move to cut off Auroras path, someone froze them. The magic felt Natashas but it was not her who cast that spell.

“Oi, hurry up and go. Indirect spells like these would not last long but I will try to make your way easier.”

Ritas words were followed by a few more shots. As she has said, the spell freezing the blobs upper body did not last long.

Aurora could tell that she had mere seconds to react even with Rita and Natashas help. They were lucky that the magic they were using was cast on the environment around the blob and not the blob itself.

“Keep it held for a few more seconds. I will end it in one strike.”

Since magic would not work on the blob, all Aurora could count on was a force. She had to concentrate and rise her physical level up to strike at the soul capsule.

Auroras felt coldness grip her arm as she covered it with a thick layer of ice. She would not be able to stop once she begin her assault.

“Ava, you cannot help us, right? So watch our back.”

Aurora had felt the out lookers presence behind as. But unlike the others, the snake did not help them out.

Frankly, Aurora did not think she would need Avas help anymore but it was better to be safe than sorry in this scenario.

“Im sorry for being useless but my hands are bound right now.”

Ava did sound sorry but Aurora could not take her words at the face value. But she did not want to look at the silver-haired female either.

‘I guess I dont want my hopes and trust to be broken right now. Aurora realized that this scenario was a part of Avas plan all along.

The outlooker had led them here knowing what kind of dangers they would land themselves into.

“Aurora, pay attention to the enemy in front of you. Dont let your mind wander all over the place.”

Aurora gulped her nervousness down and she finally extended her hand toward the light blob in front of her.

It took one second for Auroras hand to sink into that blob and for her to grasp the soul capsule.

Images of golden hair and blue eyes flashed behind Auroras eyes and the familiar face of Lady Clara stood in front of her.

‘If you do this then I will disappear. Are you sure you will be able to bear seeing me disappear?

“Bold words for a phantom to say to me. I fell in love with Clove, not Lady Clara, and the one Im doing this for is also her. So I dont mind saying goodbye here.”

Auroras words were meant only for herself and the phantom in front of her. To most, her words might sound hurtful but the phantom only smiled at her words.

It seemed like the phantom expected to hear Aurora say all that.

‘See, I knew you were stubborn and I am glad that you did not change even after what I did to your soul. Ahhhh, Im so envious of my fragment that managed to get you to love her.

So that was it. That was the confirmation Aurora needed to prove her theory.

Ever since the start, Aurora had a feeling that her connection with Clove was unnatural but she had never dwelled on it.

Things likestar-crossed orfated were the concepts that Clove dwelled upon. For Aurora, living in the present moment and falling in love with someone were acts she did of her free will.

‘Besides, I dont think what I feel for Clove is the same as before. Time and distance do change a lot of things. And so does the company. I have new people around me now, people I want to cherish.

Aurora felt the power of the soul becoming more and more recessive. It was hiding away in the capsule and she had a feeling that she would not see Lady Clara again for some time now.

‘So that is one thing taken care of. I need to take care of the other problem now.

The other problem referred to Natasha and Rita who had managed to crawl their way into this forest despite Aurora telling them not to.

Aurora had half a mind to tear the pair a new one but her words died down in her throat as soon as her eyes met Ritas teary ones.

The redhead sat in front of Aurora, her arms cradling a sleeping body in them. But Aurora could feel the fading aura of the black-haired girl and she knew what that meant for her.

“A-Aurora, this was not supposed to happen. W-What should we do now? Natasha is not waking up.”

Ritas words were filled with disbelief. It seemed like she was facing death for the first time.

‘She is facing death for the first time. It is times like these that reminded me how young they all are. Am I really in the right here to drag these kids into my trouble? No, what am I even thinking right now? I need to save Natasha first.

“Hurry up and give her here. Let me have a look at her to see what we can do.” Aurora had hope in her heart. She wanted to really do something to save Natasha but her heart sank as soon as her hands made contact with the icy princess.

Natashas body was icy cold and unfeeling. And there was corruption brewing under her skin.

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