“Hey, let me go. Im not interested in whatever you guys are planning to do. Hey, watch where you are touching me” Aurora watched in amusement. Rita sounded annoyed but her expression was layered with laughter.

Being held captive without any malicious motive must be a first for the poor girl. Still, it was a new experience that would help her grow.

“Is she enjoying this? Why are all of you so weird? Is everyone in your academy going to be like that?” The kid asked. The kid looked interested in Ritas circumstances but chose to keep his distance.

Aurora could spot the longing in his eyes. From what she had observed so far, people were not too close or friendly with the golden-eyed kid. They were respectful but still chose to keep their distance.

He was similar to Rita in that way. Aurora could not help but feel that they would be great friends once they became acquainted.

“Im back with your young master. Can you let my companion go now?” Aurora asked. As much as Rita was enjoying herself, things had to end.

The deadline for the academys setup was creeping closer every second.

No one moved to follow Auroras command. All eyes turned toward the golden-eyed youth at Auroras side. Thankfully, he decided to be helpful and agree with Aurora.

“Let her go. Theyre not our enemies. The old man decided to form an alliance with them in opposing the Abyss Tower.” The people around did not look impressed with those words. Rather, they looked like they did not believe in Aurora.

“Master Damian, are you sure about this? What if-” the kid stopped those words before they could be uttered.

“Thats what the old man decided and what the goddess wishes for. We are not in any position to go against their wishes” the surrounding fell quiet at those words.

Aurora could summarise a few things. No one had any idea what to think about this emerging situation. While they all wanted to fight against the oppression of the Abyss Tower, no one was convinced that they could win.

Aurora chose to keep quiet. Speaking up right now would not help the situation turn a new leaf. The fear and uncertainty brewing in the air was choking as well. But only Aurora could feel it.

“Its all going to work out. Aurora is strong and we have a plan.” Rita, bless her, broke the ice. That optimism was heartwarming and needed as well.

The situational shock had caused the onlookers guard to weaken and Rita managed to escape their hold. She waddled toward Auroras side and gently took her arm.

And she was not the only one who had awareness of the situation at hand. The golden eyes youth – Damian took charge of the situation.

“The alliance has already been decided upon. Nothing you say would change it. In a week, the academy project to oppose the Abyss Tower will start. Our job would be to lay down the foundation. Its our only chance to oppose the tower. So well take this chance” Damian was a strong speaker.

His voice did not crake. It did not show his inexperience.

It only made him shine brighter in front of his people. It was strong enough to make you forget that Damians age was not even in double digits.

Aurora would have taken Damian for a confident young man at first glance. But she could feel his nervousness and hesitation. He was not as calm internally as he appeared to be.

“So, I see that you have it all handled here. Its time to take my leave now” Aurora nodded toward the young leader. The pinched expression on the kids face tugged at Auroras heart but she decided to be strong.

Ritas insisting hand on her arm helped Aurora keep grounded. It reminded her that she had things to do outside of the Rocx valley and she only had a week left with her.

“By the way, how are you going to get the paperwork passed within a week? Doesnt it take years to have it passed through the council?” Damian asked.

He was right. If Aurora had decided to set the academy up by normal means, it would have taken her years worth of time.

“Lets just say that I have a few tricks up my sleeve. As soon as the permission is granted, Ill take my leave to finalize my staff. Im hoping to recruit at least three more members in the initial raster” Aurora was certain about the first two. They would have no problem with her.

But her third choice was a bit of a toss-up. It could go either way and that worried her.

But before all that, she had to wait for the good news. The news about her request being accepted by the council.


“Chairman, what are you looking at? Why dont you put it down and fight me? Its been a long time since we fought.” Quinces blue eyes widened as he was tossed aside.

It was rare for him to see his father in a bad mood. But the current mood his father was in surpassed badly.

He looked pissed off and that did not sound fun.

“Those old geezers are trying to make fun of me. How dare they give the required permission to set up an academy against the Abyss Tower? Healthy competition? What kind of trickery is that?” The poor paper had holes in it due to the elders tight grip.

Quince could tell that his father was trying to keep himself in check but the magic was leaking out of him like an uncontrolled fountain. It made Quince feel lightheaded with the overdosed exposure.

He did not want to think what this could be making the other people on the floor feel. His father was the most powerful person in the tower currently. Everyone else was out in the abyss.

No one would be able to stop him if he went on a rampage.

“Father, please calm down. Think of our people” Quince called. Things were spiraling out of control faster than he could keep track of.

He picked up the fallen paper his father had thrown away in a fit of rage. He felt curious to see what had enraged his father so much.

‘The high council grants Lady Aurora the right to start up a Magic academy under sanctioned Law 14, section 2.

The first inspection would be carried out within two months and would be informed by a formal letter.

Approver – Minerva

Quince could not help but gasp at the audacity. Abyss Towers challengers were nothing new but he

could see what had enraged his father so much.

The sign at the end did not belong to a noble but a goddess. It was more than approval to set up the academy.

The goddesss approval made this new academy a threat. It was a huge deal and could not be allowed to be made public.

“Quince, well be delaying your groups Abyssal descent for now. You need to find out everything you can about this new academy. And find Rita as well. We cant lose the support of her mother now” Quince could do nothing but nod in agreement.

His father was in a mood. He would not listen to anyone but himself.

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